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Carino Massage: A Private Sanctuary Studio In WeHo

May 12, 2017

  ca·ri·ño – m. ~ (esmero) extreme care/meticulousness, attention,
caricia) caress, (afecto) affection, (amor) love, tenderness.

I just tried a wonderful therapist called Cariño Massage by Johnny Ray. Ray is more than an experienced technician with over 25 years behind him. He’s a true healer. He tunes in and becomes one with what your body is aching and crying for. It was a deeply healing and relaxing experience from the moment I walked into this delightful warm, candle lit studio. It really was  a whole-being, therapeutic vacation. I suggest you go for at least a 90 minute massage, my hour massage felt like just the warm up – I wanted more!

Cariño Massage brings massage out of the day spa and into an exclusive “massage-only” space, making it an accessible part of your healthy life ritual. Modern massage techniques combined with Ancient Mayan practices makes Cariño Massage a place to heal your body and center your mind.

Schedule Now

Cariño Massage
8350 Melrose Ave, Suite 9
West Hollywood, CA 90069323.782.0585


Meet the creator of the “Cariño” technique ~ Johnny Ray Nelson, CMT of 20 years

In the two decades since Johnny Ray first obtained his massage certification, he has studied a wide range of therapeutic techniques that serve as the foundation for his signature style called the “Cariño Massage.” These techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, Reflexology, Thai, Pre/Post-Natal, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology and Integrated Breathing. He mastered these techniques through the many hours he has spent working with chiropractors, physical therapists, geriatric therapists, and at exclusive spas in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

The birth of the “Cariño Massage” stems from a terrifying incident in 2003 when an airplane crashed into Johnny Ray’s apartment building in Hollywood. A three-story fall from his apartment left Johnny with life-threatening injuries, among them a broken back that required immediate surgery.

Professionally, physically, and financially devastated by the accident, and told by physicians in Los Angeles that he would never be able to practice massage again, Johnny Ray sought low-cost rehabilitation in his family’s home country of El Salvador.

In El Salvador Johnny Ray’s path to recovery was facilitated by a blind healer who used Ancient Mayan and Papil Indian traditions and beliefs for healing, centering, and realigning the body. These Ancient principles forever altered Johnny Ray’s approach and attitude towards healing and would ultimately form the foundation for the “Cariño Massage” technique.

Cariño is a Spanish word used to express deep caring for someone or something, and it was the “Cariño” that was gifted to Johnny Ray in Central America that restored his body, mind and spirit. This new understanding of healing gave him the faith in himself to start massaging again.

After four challenging years rebuilding his business and fully developing the “Cariño Massage,” Johnny Ray has expanded his private practice into a high-end massage boutique in the heart of West Hollywood. It is here that he keeps the Ancient traditions passed down to him by the blind healer alive by sharing the gift of Cariño with his exclusive client base, and training other licensed, certified massage therapists in his trademark “Cariño” style.

GIVEAWAY: New Denim Line Based in LA : STS Blue

May 3, 2017

Summer Styles Are Getting Cheeky at STS Blue.

STS Blue is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe and to kick off the summer season, STS Blue will be having a “May madness” giveaway, where they will be giving away a pair of shorts every day, all month long.

Not a newsflash: shorts are getting shorter!

What’s hot from STS Blue this summer is cheeky too: short shorts with messy frayed hems, high-rise, super destroyed, exposed button flys, color block, and just in time for Memorial Day, white side slit shorts. To kick off the summer season, STS Blue will be having a “May madness” giveaway, where they will be giving away a pair of shorts every day, all month long.

The STS Blue denim line has become a favorite of Millennials due to the fact that the brand is always on trend with affordable pricing. “We want young girls to be inspired by their peers, so we partnered up with Instagram sensation Ava Lane (@Avaalanee) to design an exclusive style of denim shorts girls will love,” says STS Blue creative director Evelyn Ober. “We love working with girls like Ava. Bringing out their creative power is what STS Blue is all about.”

The Ava Pali Fray short is star studded, literally. STS Blue teamed up with actress, photographer and designer, Ava Lane, who stars in the web series aptly named “Summer Break,” to curate a limited edition design collaboration. The Ava Pali is the newest body out there this spring, the curved hem elongates the leg and ups the cool factor. This short is packed with details: star embroidery, copper hardware, deconstruction and an extreme fray hem. This can be a unique stand out piece in your wardrobe as quantities are very limited. Reserve your size here: 

Other trends in shorts you’ll see this summer include slouch styles, super destroyed, high-rise, low rise, extreme fray hems, special embroidery, and button fly short shorts. Another one to watch for, and continuing in to the fall, is color blocked designs, featuring looks that alternate between light and darker indigo blocks. You’ll see rises from 8 ½”-10 ½” and inseams from 2-2 ½” in washes such as white, black, destroyed, tinted, and dark washes.

Stock up now on the hot new trends, before they are gone and selections become limited. To shop new summer styles and find out how to enter STS Blue’s “May madness” giveaway, follow @STS_Blue on Instagram and visit for contest rules.

To grab your pair of The Ava Pali Frey short before they sell out, because only fifty will be produced, reserve your size here:


About STS Blue:

The STS Blue denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe. They live, breathe and love denim! STS Blue styles are true to size, and are made in a variety of fabrics to execute perfectly authentic washes while maintaining a flattering fit. They offer cotton, polyester, spandex and rayon blends for that comfortable, laid back, and effortlessly chic SoCal look. STS Blue is sold at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Von Maur, as well as online at Styles include skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, and more; all with a friendly price point, averaging $50.

For more information, visit the site at: and follow the latest Cali trends @STS_Blue.


April 13, 2017

The Madison Floral…(I mean, need, want, must have. NOW!)

Once again, The A List explodes with another party of the year, celebrating yet another fantastic designer and with all the eye (and real!) candy a girl could dream of. Last night’s epic, candy themed party for the alice + olivia Eyewear Launch really took the cake (sensing a theme?)

Photo Rony Alwin

Delicious darlings like Kourtney Kardashian, Freida Pinto, Olivia Culpo, Leona Lewis, and Lydia Hearst joined Stacey Bendet, alice + olivia’s CEO and Creative Director, to celebrate the brand’s eyewear debut with an exclusive “Eyewear is Art” party.

Mia Moretti, Stacey Bendet

Stacey Bendet, Kourtney Kardashian, Allie Rizzo, Margot Moe

The Black Mercer (get on my face please)

Kourtney Kardashian, Stacey Bendet

The launch, which was held at Greenhouse at Platform in Los Angeles, was an eye candy art installation with oversized sculptures, interactive vignettes, and models wearing signature alice + olivia looks and sunglasses. 

DJ DUO TO DIE FOR! THE DOLLS – Margot Moe, Mia Moretti – can I just bask in your glow all day?

Margot Moe, Mia Moretti

Margot Moe

Olivia Culpo, Stacey Bendet, Freida Pinto

Partygoers mixed and mingled in the colorful eye candy world of A+O and enjoyed music by The Dolls (DJ Mia Moretti + Margot). Guests were also treated to food by LA staple In-N-Out Burger and sipped on eyewear-themed libations courtesy of SVEDKA, including the Mercer Mule and Melrose Mint.

Guests had fun in the “What are you really thinking?” Bosco booth where clever thought bubbles automatically generated on the photos of the eyewear-clad partygoers with thoughts like, “Whoa, that was close. I almost had to socialize” and “I know you think I’m looking at you, but I’m really trying to see my reflection in your phone case.” 

BWAAHAAAA! I mean, I just can’t – everything about this celebration was pitch perfect divine!  The A list parties are not just parties – they are immersive experiences – multi-media, sensorial and emotional.  Yup, they make you laugh your head off while filling your belly with your favorite forbidden goodies from childhood – and always with a heavy dose of wit, irony, fun and nostalgia. You feel like you are in exactly the right place at the right moment. And the it-girl star gazing is always so, so real. 


Donald Robertson, Stacey Bendet

Taye Hansberry

Bella Harris

Leona Lewis

Freida Pinto, Olivia Culpo

Lydia Hearst

Stacey Bendet, Sydne Summer

Sydne Summer

Full list of attendees included: Adelaide Kane, Alicia Machado, Chandler Kinney, Crystal Reed, Freida Pinto, Kayla Maisonet, Kelli Berglund, Kourtney Kardashian, Leona Lewis, Liana Liberato, Lydia Hearst, Michelle Trachtenberg, Molly Tarlov, Olivia Culpo, and Rose McIver

About alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Eyewear

For her first eyewear collection, Stacey Bendet collaborated with Eponym to design and produce a playful assortment of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Reminiscent of Bendet’s signature oversized statement sunglasses, the “staceface” look, the collection consists of 16 styles of handmade Italian acetate sunglasses in bold shapes including oversized cat eye, square, and 80’s inspired round frames. Swarovski crystals, stainless steel studs and pops of color bring original elements to the fun silhouettes. Most styles come in various colorways with all frames ranging in price from $250 to $525 USD. 

PHOTO CREDIT        Billy Farrell/BFA for alice + olivia

KORRES: The Greek Yoghurt Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

January 18, 2017

YAY! The newest product from KORRES, The Greek Yoghurt Smoothie Priming Moisturizer! This priming moisturiser has just launched at Sephora and is a lightweight priming moisturizer with 26 percent Greek yogurt proteins to visibly plump and strengthen skin for perfectly smooth makeup application and all-day wear.

WHAT: The KORRES Greek Yoghurt Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is the lightweight answer for heavyweight hydration. The weightless, multiaction formula is packed with probiotics, proteins, and minerals to deeply nourish and smooth skin, while also prepping it for flawless makeup application and all-day wear. Formulated with three types of hydrating hyaluronic acid and powerful skin-saving antioxidants and extracts, the blend gives skin inner strength for healthy-looking skin on the surface.  $42.00

 In Greece, this cherished ingredient is used by families and villages for their own unique recipes and beauty remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation. In 2003, KORRES became the world’s first brand to incorporate edible Greek yogurt into a skin care formula.

Another Shape House to sweat your CRAP out! In WeHo on Roberston

December 23, 2016

Another oasis of blood, sweat and tears in WeHo – ok no blood – maybe just sweat and tears of all the muck you are holding in the body. If you don’t sweat – then you NEED TO.
I am a true addict and Shape House has been my medicine. Everything about it – the vibe, people, serenity and of course the SWEAT. 
Read more below about the insane health benefits and stay tune for a GLA sweat party soon. YES, I said SWEAT PARTY!!

When the body’s core temperature is increased, cardiac output is boosted in response. The heart rate rises in order to circulate blood at a faster pace and facilitate sweat production, which helps train and strengthen the cardiac muscles. The metabolic rate is also increased, while diastolic blood pressure drops, leading to improved cardiovascular fitness. Meanwhile, the infrared heat stimulates endorphin release, which helps improve energy and healing, while the removal of lactic acid buildup soothes tense and sore muscles.

Infrared sweating is perfect for people who do not have the time or ability to exercise regularly, as it offers the opportunity to maintain and improve cardiovascular health with relative ease. For those who do even the most rigorous workouts, sweating still represents a perfect option, as it reinforces heart strength and endurance while relieving muscle strain.

When you sweat, you allow your body to flush out all the impurities that are embedded in the dermal layer- from pollutants and dirt to old makeup and chemical residue. You allow your skin to naturally glisten and glow by bringing a fresh blood supply and essential nutrients to the surface, and adding elasticity to collagen structure. Regular sweating can improve the tone, clarity, and texture of the skin, slow the aging process and reduce the effects of sun damage.


During an FAR infrared session, your pores open fully to allow sweating, which carries impurities and dead skin cells away and leaves your skin immaculately fresh. Your sweat also contains small amounts of antibiotics that combat dermal bacteria, which helps reinforce the cleansing process. Meanwhile, nutrient-rich blood is brought to the surface by increased circulation, which allows essential vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps between skin cells and plump up tiny wrinkles, while deterring future collagen breakdown. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars and stretch marks, lesions, and cellulite.

By continually flushing contaminants out of the dermal layer and bringing fresh nutrients and blood to the surface through sweating, you can naturally refresh and revitalize the appearance of your skin.

far infrared

FAR infrared is a radiant form of natural energy. FAR infrared cannot be seen, but can be felt as a nourishing heat that safely penetrates the skin to increase core-body temperature. This results in an intense, detoxifying, health-boosting sweat that helps you look and feel healthier, happier, and brighter.


Our bodies need to detox in order to eliminate elements that are not good for us, so that our systems can function optimally. When you sweat using FAR infrared technology, you enhance your body’s ability to free itself from toxic chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals by cleansing from the inside out.

When you sweat at Shape House, it’s all about you. Sweating is the perfect opportunity to relax,
recharge, and reboot your mind and body, while unplugging from the demands of daily life. Stress can wreak havoc on the physical and psychological systems, often resulting in further anxiety. By sweating, you can break the cycle, regain your balance, and find your way back to your bones.

FAR infrared heat penetrates the sub-dermal layer to warm muscles, which encourages them to relax and expand. The body often retains stress as muscle tension, which then creates further trouble in the form of unsettling soreness, pain, and headaches. By relieving muscle strain, and releasing built-up lactic acid, infrared also helps to ease the associated fatigue and stress. This sort of deep muscle and psychological relaxation has been proven to boost immunity, mood, and energy. Sweating also provides a burst of endorphins, which heighten the sense of wellbeing and clear-headedness that accompanies relaxation.

By dedicating an hour to a FAR infrared sweat, you can quiet inner noise, escape the chaos of modern life, and refuel…all while catching up on your favorite TV show.

Quality deep sleep is essential to physical and mental health. But in our 24/7 society, most of us struggle to get the rest we need on a consistent basis. In fact, roughly a third of Americans are chronically sleep-deprived, a condition that has been linked to obesity, diabetes, mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, and poor cognitive function.

Along with our culture of constant stimulation, we are often subject to routine stress and tension that make it difficult to relax, even in sleep. Toxic build-up can also impair the body’s ability to rest fully, as many of our cellular repair and internal cleansing processes take place during our sleeping hours.

The purifying sweat that results from a FAR infrared session helps to detoxify the mind and body alike by relaxing muscles, eliminating waste, stimulating repair processes, and calming the psyche. After a 55-minute session, sweaters immediately feel refreshed. More importantly, the next three nights following a sweat are full of quality deep sleep, as the body has largely been allowed to catch up on nighttime tasks during the treatment, and the mind has been given a chance to restore and relax. It is not uncommon that people who sweat regularly lessen or stop their intake of sleeping pills. Sweaters who have regular sessions report improvements in restlessness and insomnia, and find that they wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

Address: 653 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: (855) 567-2346