SWEAT. MOVE. GET DOWN. Tracy Anderson style with the new TAVA experience!

February 29, 2016

Tonight, I attended the Tracy Anderson Studio in Brentwood for my first “TA” experience ever. I was an absolute newbie, and I loved not knowing anything about what I was walking into.

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Literally, I walked into a gleaming and gorgeous space that was so well-appointed, my jaw dropped. Marble counters, herringbone wood floors, brass fixtures. The joint was top notch. I filled out the waiver at the front desk and noticed the offering of ear plugs, hair ties, and refreshing lemon water. Nice touch, I thought.

Passing through the main lobby area, as I sipped my complimentary green juice from MoonJuice, I entered the first training room which was outfitted with luxury Pilates reformers. The ladies locker room felt like a high end spa. The main cardio room: a sauna. The room is incredibly heated-like Bikram heated. My face started to redden before I even moved. More lemon water, multi-colored Therabands from the ceiling, and an elaborate sound system all sat waiting to get this party started.

What surprised me the most was how nice everyone was here. I was greeted warmly when I first came in, and I found the other women attending the class smiling and friendly-I even met a few-this was not your typical cut throat dance class. Coming from the competitive dance world of NYC, this was a refreshing change of pace. There is no attitude or snobby vibe here, and I was impressed.

Tracy entered and gave us a quick run down on this brand new class she will be debuted in March. Collaborating with top choreographer, Tony Gonzales, TAVA is a dance cardio high energy workout that incorporates quick dance steps with high energy and style. Warning: this is not for the two-left feet people out there! I am a professional dancer, and even I had to concentrate to retain all the choreography. Still, it was a fun and energetic dance workout that got me sweaty, got me moving. And for sure, I got down.

Tracy Anderson’s TAVA dance cardio class debuts March 1st, 2016

Where: Tracy Anderson Brentwood studio
11918 San Vicente Blvd

XX Cristy

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