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Ballancer Pro Exclusively at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery by Dr. Gabriel Chiu

November 17, 2017

The Balancer Pro is a FDA approved “SPACE SUIT” 

Just in time for Thanksgiving!!

The ultimate wait to relieve holiday bloat! You can actually trim inches with proven technology for immediate weight loss and circumference reduction by stimulating the lympatic system and effectively and safely. WE all know about the lymphatic system by now, right?


Ballancer® full body treatments stimulate dermal and subdermal circulation. The increased blood flow and decongestive directional massage that results in lymphatic drainage has numerous benefits: tone and invigorate the skin, speed up removal of fatiguing waste products, slim contours and create a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

The Ballancer® is developed and buit according to the most stringent European, Asian and American medical standards.

How the Ballancer® Works

Ballancer   uses a special inflating compression garment to apply a gentle or firm massage. Each Ballancer® garment contains up to 24 individual air chambers that overlap to apply fluent compression strokes that target every square inch of skin in the treated area with the same precise pressure. This massage motion, with its special direction of flow, increases circulation and gently but thoroughly decongests the problem areas of hips, waist, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. The Ballancer action accelerates the removal of waste products from fat metabolism, reducing the appearance of cellulite (“orange peel skin”), improving skin tone, and reducing volume in areas affected by excess fluid retention. Its gentle, rhythmic action promotes relaxation.


How does the Ballancer® Affect Your Body?


Ballancer® peristaltic massage enhances blood circulation in the skin and the deep layers under it. This brings fresher oxygen to skin cells, and assists in speeding the elimination of toxins.

Ballancer Treatment Benefits


Ballancer® compresses and massages the abdomen, relaxing the abdominal muscles. The massage action is a natural bowel stimulant and can be especially helpful for clients who suffer from constipation.

UPPER BODY BLISS – The ultimate massage


Ballancer® increases the lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system is responsible for removal of waste products from the areas under the skin, and Ballancer® massage speeds up their elimination.


Ballancer® peristaltic massage helps remove toxins from exercise and physical activity, as well as soothing, relaxing and decongesting the muscles, easing aches and pains.


Ballancer® massage increases the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to skin layers. Skin will look firm and toned, and will feel smoother and softer.


Ballancer® treatments reduces bruising and swelling and shortens the recovery time after surgery, liposuction or lipolysis.

  • Treats and reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduces swelling, pain and volume in areas of excess water retention, visibly slimming and toning contours
  • Firms and tones the skin, for a fresh, young look
  • Clients complete their session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated
  • Immediately relieves “heavy legs”

Unique Devices

The manufacturer is specialized in developing and manufacturing of pneumatic compression therapy systems, with patent protected innovative technologies.

  • State of the art design and manufacturing
  • Highest quality, most accurate and precise systems
  • User friendly design for the target market professionals, clients, home and institutional
  • Pioneers – constantly developing new systems according to market needs
  • Unique and innovative features
  • Ballancer® 505, with its unique features and simple use, is ideal for beauty salons, studios and
  • Ballancer® 505 provides these treatment modes: Pre-treatment, Ballancer®, Wave
  • The Pretreatment cycle is a primer for the main

It decongests the trunk first, to maximize the results of the treatment session that follows. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving lower and lower down the limb.

  • Ballancer® applies two treatment modes, according to selection:
    • Wave cycle – long, deep, and slow peristaltic massage
    • Ballancer® cycle – rapid, superficial peristaltic caresses


Address9454 Wilshire Boulevard, Ground Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone(310) 888-8087

The Master Aesthetician Behind Lada Gaga’s Flawless Skin

November 15, 2017

When I first got wind about Joomee Song, I knew one thing – I HAD TO MEET HER. Something told me, this is a woman I need to know, and to share with you all. And wow, was I right. First off, besides running her private studio,, Joomee is a core member of Lady Gaga’s glam team. In other words, if you are wondering how and why Gaga’s skin is the most stunning thing you have laid eyes on, we have Joomee to thank for getting and keeping her on track.

Besides being a straight up aesthetician with over 20 years in the biz, she is also the creator of an incredible lymph-draining, massage technique, called Kaika. In most simple terms it is a signature style of facial massage that uses Shiatsu and acupressure to lift and tone the skin but it really is so much more. Joomee tunes in, reads your face, your energy and what it is calling for – so to speak. She is so tuned it, that it becomes an energetic experience.

Her incredible session combines effective elements of Eastern and Western skin care and of course each treatment is tailored to your needs. She also uses the latest equipment in tandem with carefully hand selected, only botanical products and will guide you through after care to help you sustain your healthy glow.

MY SESSION was phenomenal. I totally melted into Joomee’s hands and energy. I could feel my lymph glands draining as she worked. Days later, I am still glowing. I loved the feeling of the work around my eye sockets. It was deep and profound. And welp, miserable when it came to an end. I wanted her to NEVER STOP using her magic fingers to release my facial tension (which I have tons of). If this isn’t enough, Joomee is a LOVE, like a really, delicious love who you will now want to spend every day with.

Originally from Kobe, Japan, Joomee Song is a Los Angeles-based Esthetician sought out for her modern approach to skincare that combines botanical products, the latest technology, and her unique facial massage technique,KAIKA.

Drawing from her training since 1999 in the US and in Japan including certifications in Kobido, a Japanese facial massage dating back to 1472 that lifts, tones, and detoxifies the skin, and Japanese Facial Symmetry Method, a chiropractic Shiatsu movement to realign facial structure that incorporates acupressure and lymphatic drainage, Joomee developed KAIKA as a way to fuse Eastern and Western skincare philosophies to deliver healthy, glowing skin.

Relaxing and therapeutic, every treatment is tailored to the individual addressing any acne, anti-aging, preventative, reactive, or any other skincare concerns there may be.

Prior to launching her private practice, Joomee was part of some of the West Coast’s most elite medical spas and luxury hotels including Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills Hotels, The Langham Pasadena. She has been featured on Daily Candy, LA times, US Magazine, Extra TV, Access Hollywood,  and The Doctors.


The prices are $175 for 50 minutes  $250 for 75 minutes at the studio. Please contact Joomee directly for pricing inquiries regarding house calls, which she makes.


Signature Services

A dynamic rejuvenating treatment incorporating microcurrent into the KAIKA massage to maximize overall benefits.

Signature KAIKA Facial 50 / 75 minutes

Classic KAIKA Facial 50 / 75 minutes

Micro-Needling, Oxygen Therapy, Radio Frequency skin tighening, Targeted Peels, Gold/Platinum Leaf masks, Stem Cell treatment.

Additional Services: Brow Grooming Waxing



Larchmont Sanctuary Spa  

November 1, 2017

Wow, there’s a little piece of heaven right under our Larchmont noses. How exciting to discover this stunning little sanctuary. With a glorious menu of services, including a copper tub soak (heavennnnn and big enough for two). My tub soak was incredible and I need around ten more hours in it. I had an incredible deep tissue / hot stone massage with a top notch therapist. The spa is stunning, the staff is wonderful and it has the feel of being somewhere far from LA. I felt like I was up in Big Sur or Ojai. This is the perfect little getaway when you need a personal day. And of course, the perfect gift or couples retreat.


Spa Week is bringing back $50 luxe spa deals across the nation on October 16th – including Los Angeles!   

October 12, 2017

Spa Week is bringing back $50 luxe spa deals across the nation on October 16th – including Los Angeles!   

What is Spa Week?  For one week only, top spas across the country offer their most popular and high-end services for only $50 – some normally costing upwards of $500.  

There are hundreds of spas participating but below are select spas taking advantage of FALL’S HOTTEST TRENDS — pumpkin, cranberries, chocolate, 24-Karat Gold treatments and more! 

24-Karat GOLD Red Carpet Foot Facial Manicure and Pedicure Package (Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge in Beverly Hills)

60-minute Signature Scrub Featuring Pumpkin Glow Body Scrub (The Spa at West End in South Carolina)  

60-minute Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-aging Facial (Red and White Spa in New York)

Pumpkin Pie Pedicure and Autumn Spice Paraffin (Eau Spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa in Florida)

A complete list of locations can be found 

ELEVATE YOUR WORKOUT GAME Ballerina body? Count us in.

August 20, 2017

Who would have thunk it? One studio with my two favorite things: Pilates/Reformers and Spinning? Welp, Studio Elevate, that’s who!

We’ve heard the hype about all the juicy classes Studio Elevate has to offer and finally got our booties there.

Walking into this sanctuary you soon realize that this is no ordinary workout place. The chill vibe -meets packed house is totally relaxing and invigorating at the same time. And the amazing playlist grooving in the background only magnifies the utmost relaxing experience. Elevate is truly the stress free place to work your body and chillax your mind.

Their team of inspired instructors rocks classes like, Reform Sculpt – the class we took that works to develop long, lean muscles. They also Reform Strength, Reform & Ride, Strength & Stretch, and Pre/Post Natal Reform and Le Reform Sculpt. The perfect challenge stretch from beginners to advanced students.

Millennial mama, founder Leah Kitching is the definition of living her dream and doing it all. Fitness guru and instructor herself she  got her start teaching pilates and spin at various studios in Los Angeles over the past 10 years before opening her very own.Her mission was simple, to create  a community that could connect mind and body.  Residing in Venice with her husband and adorable two kids, she has been able to find the balance between work and family. Leah opened her studio in 2015 and has been watching her business and clients break barriers ever since.  

Leah believes that, “There is nothing better than when someone comes to class and becomes stronger mentally and physically. I am so grateful to be able to facilitate that change and see my students change both inside and out. “

Studio Elevate opened their doors to create a pop up shop recently by, MiLa Style which has a great selection of outfits to choose from when you get out of class. They also carry some of her favorites including a divine product, Coco La Vie. It is a multi-use product that can be used for skin moisturizer, intimacy oil, makeup remover, hair mask and pregnancy belly oil.

Can’t forget to mention that Elevate also offers daycare options so that their customers can enjoy a workout while their little ones play. Definitely a memorable experience that makes you want to keep coming back for more. Located in Culver City West it is easily accessible from the west side. On the way out stop in next door for a refreshing pineapple, Goji Berry juice, one word- YUM!

Classes available on Class Pass or drop in your first time for only $10

Studio Elevate

12462 West Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066