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Perfume Crush! Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30

July 6, 2015


Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30: Bursting with the delicate fragrance of Jasmine, this natural and fresh scent captures the feel of Cote d’Azur from Grasse, France . A bouquet of Hyacinth and fruity Orange Blossom combines with exotic Lily of the Valley and tropical Ylang-Ylang for an energetic and sparkling feel, while rich Gaiac Wood and Almond perfectly balance the fragrance. Made from the purest Jasmine flowers, this exquisite scent is spontaneous and delightful (, $320).


We’ve got the perfect father’s day present

May 20, 2015


This month marks the five year anniversary of LA-based online grooming destination, The Motley.In celebration of the occasion, they are excited to launch their limited edition anniversary cologne– Palo Santo.

The newest addition to The Motley fragrance collection, Palo Santo takes inspiration from the traditional 5th anniversary gift, wood, featuring notes of palo santo, woodsmoke, suede, hops and palmwood.

As their cologne collection creates a sensory journey across the globe, Palo Santo evokes the spirit of The Motley’s home, Los Angeles. Deep smoky wood notes, with a hint of suede and sweetness, make this fragrance bold and intriguing. The woodsmoke of South American Palo santo burning sticks, common to Los Angeles boticas, cleanses and purifies. Suede adds a warm sensuousness.  Notes of hops and sweet palmwood give a gourmand complexity.


Available now at  in an 8mL roller ball, perfect for laser accurate fragrance delivery to your wrists and neck, plus just the right size for a gym bag or brief case ($55), or in a 2oz spray, if you’re a cologne traditionalist ($105).


July 19, 2013

Avocado and Cumber Body Cream
Is there such a thing as smelling TOO GOOD?  

Seriously, is it possible for a cream to be so divinely fragrant that it renders me helpless?  Peeps, I'm under a crazy scent spell like no other with Kat Burki's Signature Cream in the Avocado Cream & Cucumber scent ($62).

It's almost, too amazing.

I'm so transported by the scent that it's all I can think about. I am sitting here sniffing my arms all day. Honestly I don't know how to describe something this heavenly.  I was blown about by the Tuberose perfume and now this cream is taking my senses to new levels.

I want to eat it, bathe in it, roll around in it and make furniture out of it. 

Alas, it's simple a nourishing body cream, so I'm gonna have to calm the heck down and just deal with a few dabs a day so I can get on with my life.

I would say give this to your enemies so they will lose their minds in ecstasy.  But then everyone would fall in love with them because they smelled so good. So scratch that idea and treat yourself or someone you love to a whiff of heaven.  

98% Natural/70% Organic

Proprietary Organic Herb Blend, Organic Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe), Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Oil), Glyceryl Stearate, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Octyl Palmitate, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Theobro

Pamper your skin with a silk embrace, in this ultra-rich crème that leaves skin lightly fragranced and moisturized.

  • Organic Herb Blend strengthens skin and builds elasticity, while softening and restoring moisture content.
  • Grapeseed & Tamanu Oils fades stretch marks and appearance of scars through essential fatty acids.
  • Cocoa Butter contains Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E to help reduce scarring and restores moisture.


(side note, the packaging is exquistie and the box top is now upside down on my desk and holding Post It's and Biore Strips)

terveer fragrances – a perfect mom’s day present any time of the year!

May 3, 2013


Gardenia set 

I'm a scent junkie. I put perfume on at least five times a day. Oils are another favorite. I have NO words for this one! From the packaging to the delivery system to the product itself. 


I'm in such awe of it, I'm afraid to use it (yah, makes no sense, I know).  It just feels so special that I want to savor it. I'm mad about the Gardenia that was sent to me to try,  but I HAVE to try the other scents. 

The roll on, the sexy black bottle – everything about this is sleek, sporty, a touch masculine, chic, I'm dying…

Made of concentrated oil in a roll-on vial holding the carefully crafted scent that embodies nature in its most authentic form!

Buy it at Barney's  $185


Style expert Jacqui Stafford’s THE WOW FACTOR – Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget

February 21, 2013


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 20, or weather you have a small budget or a large one, you can look amazing today,” says Jacqui on what she refers to as the “wow factor”, “And its not about being the prettiest woman in the room or the skinniest; it’s about being the woman people want to be around.”

Well ok, cuz I'm none of those!

Style expert Jacqui Stafford has years of experience working with thousands of real women writing for magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, and Lucky and serving as the Executive Style Director at Shape Magazine for 8 years. She totally wow'ed my socks off when we met last week as part of her promo tour for “The Wow! Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Budget,” an easy to follow guide based on her own insider information. The tour is a cross-promo with Coach's fragrance, Coach Love and the two make an awesome pair. Both Jacqui and the fragrance are sassy, fuss-free, sexy, inviting and every woman can totally relate!!  The book is fun, easy to ready and the no-nonsense style tips are really do-able. I'm loving it! 



And, oh! Coach Love is totally romantic. A fully floral yet senusal scent, rich with jasmine and gardenia and hints of soulful patchouli. The heart-shaped logo design by Milton Glazer of the iconic “I Love New York” logo. A very girly and feminine bottle. Adorbs.