The WALL Fitness – Stack Class

July 7, 2017


Jason Wimberly, one of my fave spin teachers of all time, debuts  the WALL Fitness, Pop Up Studio, located off Sunset).


No walls? No breakthroughs.

“At THE WALL, we believe you have to go to the limits before you can push yourself past its boundaries. Our one-hour classes combine a unique blend of strength training and indoor cycling that is all about motivating you to achieve the results you seek.”


123 Stack: Core Activation + High Intensity Circuit Training + Indoor Cycling

Our Signature “123 Stack” class is built with a foundation of 10 minutes of core activation, 20 minutes of high intensity circuit training, and 30 minutes of indoor cycling. Each class has its own focus and intention, expertly led by our team of high-quality instructors, each of them dedicated to maximizing your experience. Mindful awareness is the backbone to our curriculum as we believe in improving both mind and body.

123 Stack graphic detailing fitness class with core activation + high intensity circuit training + indoor cycling
Without core strength, the bidy is unable to support the demands of high intensity circuit training.

Digital Tracking: Get ready for a powerful, personalized fitness experience.

Elevated Experience: Paperless check-in, complimentary amenities, and a state-of-the-art fitness tracking system, THE WALL will elevate your fitness experience in every way possible.

Go past your perceived limitations. Join THE WALL. We’re on your side.


Jason Wimberly speaks to “Common ‘Spin-Stakes’ Made By Newbies”

Not enough resistance!

Resistance is your friend! The flywheel on a spin bike typically weighs around 40 lbs, so you can imagine once you get enough speed going, the momentum without resistance is pretty intense. While many studios are fans of super fast jogs and drills, without enough resistance the bike is in charge, and you are just along for the ride. Even thought spin is low impact, without enough resistance it can become rather jarring to your joints, which is obviously not a good thing. Lastly, if you really want to torch calories and burn fat, the best way to maximize your burn is by cranking it to the right.

Get off those handlebars

Form and position is paramount in all exercise, and when you’re locked into a stationary bike, any deviations on position become rather obvious. Always remember that the handlebars are meant for balance, not to lean your weight into. By keeping your grip light, you engage even more of your core when out of the saddle, burning up to 1/3 more calories than doing the same exercise seated.

Pull it back

After teaching upwards of 5000 spin classes, I lost track of how many times I have been asked, “Will this bulk up my thighs?” My answer is always the same, “Not if you’re doing it correctly.” For indoor cycling, our positioning should mimic that of a squat when out of the saddle. Your knee should remain behind the tip of your toe, and your butt should be pulled back over the saddle so that it taps between your thighs. In this position, your glutes become the workhorse, and you avoid any unnecessary pressure on the knee, resulting in a firmer back side, not overdeveloped quads.

Follow the leader

Even if it’s your first time ever, your instructor has likely spent lots of time preparing class to give you the best experience possible. Nothing is more irksome than when someone decides to ride to their own beat. Trust in the process, and accept the challenge of doing something new. If you know you have a former injury and might have to modify, or just may need some extra breaks, we understand. Simply let your instructor know ahead of class, and make sure and take a seat in the back where you won’t distract other riders fighting to stay on the rhythm.

Stay for the stretch

Unless your instructor excuses you early, or you’ve let them know you need to leave early for work or a prior engagement, class is not over until AFTER the stretch. 1) You can afford the 4-5 minutes it will take to cool down, and stretching ensures you can continue riding injury free for years to come. 2) It’s disruptive and just rude to everyone else, so don’t do it.


The WALL Fitness founder Jason Wimberly is a force to be reckoned with. His decade long career as an Instructor means he knows exactly what your body needs, and as a former professional dancer he knows how to make it fun. His heart pumping, sweat drenched classes are truly one of a kind. Wimberly’s ultimate goal, is to create a nurturing environment where you can safely grow to be your best self yet. Some of his celebrity clientele includes Kate Hudson, Selma Blair, Jane Lynch, Leela Goldkuhl and Annabeth Gish.


Bigger is SEXIER – NEW LARGER SIZE GLAMGLOW’s Out of This World Tightening & Firming Treatment

July 5, 2017

From the world’s fastest growing luxury skincare line comes GLAMGLOW’s most disruptive product yet; GRAVITYMUD™ FIRMING TREATMENT is an out of this world instant Tightening & Firming Treatment that helps face, neck and décolleté feel tighter and more lifted for sexy contours. This innovative formula changes color from white to a brilliant chrome while mega-targeted ingredients work together to help skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined.

The mask peels off to leave skin feeling tighter and more lifted for super sexy radiant skin. GRAVITYMUD Powered by: ★ VIZITIGHT with Firming Matrix + Marine Algae Plasma + BioDefine Polymers to provide instantly tighter feeling skin.★ VIZITIGHT with Firming Matrix + Marine Algae Plasma + BioDefine Polymers to provide instantly tighter feeling skin.★ LUNARLIFT boosted with Soy Isoflavone Liposome & Red Algae Extract to help skin feel tighter and more toned.★ COSMIPLEXION with Icelandic Kelp, Hyaluronic Acid & Mineral-Rich Glacial Clay to help skin feel younger and more resilient.★ TEAOXI® Complex with Marshmallow + Licorice Leaf to help skin look and feel firmer.

Vanessa Hudgens, sister Stella and two friends used GLAMGLOW’s Supermud and Gravitymud for a masked meeting of the minds. 
GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment – 50g
February 2017
$69 – Sephora, Nordstrom,

GLAMGLOW’s SUPERMUD® Gets a New Bigger Jar When your skin misbehaves it’s a problem. GLAMGLOW’s SUPERMUD® CLEARING TREATMENT is an Instant PROBLEMSOLVER, designed to detox skin to help address common skin imperfections. This Ultimate SUPERTASKER™ is one of the top selling products in Sephora history and now you get even more Quick Fix Treatment when SUPERMUD® launches in a new, bigger 50g jar. With powerful Activated-X charcoal to help visibly draw out dirt, oil, congestion and impurities SUPERMUD® leaves pores refined and skin looking instantly mattified. A proprietary blend of six different Acids helps brighten and soften the skin while Eucalyptus Leaf Teaoxi® Technology helps skin feel calm and hydrated. Designed for Men & Women of all ages to provide Super Clear, Super Sexy Skin.

★ ACNECIDIC-6™ 4.4% – A proprietary six-acid blend of AHA and BHA acids help de-clog, and minimize pores.★ ACNECIDIC-6™ 4.4% – A proprietary six-acid blend of AHA and BHA acids help de-clog, and minimize pores.★ Activated-X Charcoal – An extreme absorption carbon, attracting toxic substances into its mass.★ K17-Clay™ – Extracts and encapsulates excess sebum oils and environmental toxins.★ TEAOXI™ – Delivers eucalyptol, natural-linalool oil, and powerful flavonoids direct into the formula from real pieces of eucalyptus leaf.

Rita Hazan // At-Home Hair Color and Treatment

Worried about your summer color fading from sun and surf?

Rita Hazan’s products are made to refresh virgin or salon-colored hair. 

True Color Shampoo

Step 1 in Rita’s True Color Revolution. Specially designed for color treated hair, this rich-lathering shampoo gently yet effectively protects hues. Infused with botanical surfactants, it cleans and removes build up without stripping color. Rice proteins and Moringa Seed Extract leave hair squeaky clean and nourished. No build-up, so hair feels weightless. 

True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss

Step 2 in Rita’s True Color Revolution, glossing is the salon secret to keep color vibrant and hair as shiny as the day you got it colored. With 5 shades developed by Rita, this in-shower color-saver enhances shine and brilliance with mess-free application.

True Color Conditioner

Step 3 in Rita’s True Color Revolution. Specially designed for color treated hair, this color-protecting conditioner richly hydrates without weighing hair down. Infused with Japanese Camelia Oil to leave strands feeling silky and manageable. Rita’s fade-­defying complex protects color from UV, environment and heat tools, preventing breakage while providing lustrous sheen.

Safe for all hair types. Sulfate, Sodium Chloride & Paraben Free.

at Sehpora @$26 each

Sephora can’t keep Erborian’s color-matching CC Crème in stock

July 4, 2017


The Korean-French skincare hybrid brand’s high-definition perfecting cream with one-shade fits most color-matching technology instantly creates a luminous soft and flawless looking complexion AND IT WORKS!

Holy Korean skincare! I am so obsessed with this because it’s like magic. I have no idea how it works but when I put it on, my skin looks miraculously stunning. It’s downright freaky.

Complete with SPF 25, this is my new no-brainer-go to.

It is flying off the shelves at so sign up now if it’s out of stock. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts!!



New Fire Department Coffee Campaign Aims To Raise Funds for Sons of the Flag

July 1, 2017

Anything FIRE DEPARTMENT is major in this house as my son is OBSESSED!!! Anything COFFEE and GIVING BACK as I am obsessed with both.

So, when I heard that Fire Department Coffee created a campaign aiming to raise funds for Sons of the Flag,I perked up. Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization committed to aid military, first responders, and civilian burn survivors across the nation.

Beginning today, FDC will donate 20% of all online sales to Sons of the Flag. The campaign will run from July 1 through July 16, 2017.

Please watch the campaign video by clicking the image or via YouTube:

Sons of the Flag needs funding to continue care for burn survivors and fund existing treatments and surgeries. The organization is committed to support burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research, technology, and education.

Consumers can contribute to the campaign by visiting

“We can’t allow those suffering to be forgotten,” said Fire Department Coffee Co-Founder Luke Schneider. “We’re committed to do all that we can to make sure every burn victim gets the care, treatment, and funds needed to recover.”

To learn more about Sons of the Flag, please visit: