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Fleur’s Nutri-Enhancing Oil- BODY

November 25, 2015

Fleur’s Nutri-Enhancing Oil- BODY


Inside this riveting red package is a new-generation dry oil specifically designed to nourish and smooth the body with the resurfacing, anti-oxidant power of pomegranateoil. Three more botanical oils provide extra comfort and care: sesame oil prevents dryness and protects the skin from free-radicals, macadamia nut oil soothes the skin and buriti fruit oil softens the skin and imparts a glowing, golden hue. Its elegant pomegranate-red spray bottle casts a delicate veil over the body and gently perfumes the skin with a bright, sparkling scent of floral and citrus. Lightweight and quickly absorbed by the skin, it leaves a satin-soft finish with no sticky or greasy feeling.  I especially like to use it on my legs for intense après-shave smoothness and an iridescent look.

Fleur’s Nutri-Enhancing Oil – BODY is available for purchase in select spas in the United States and at

Luz De La Riva Celebrates The New Women’s Intimate Beauty Routine

October 3, 2015

It was one small step for the FDA and one giant leap in the fight for women’s sexual health advancement! Last month, Addyi – the first prescription drug to enhance women’s sexual drive – was approved to treat a flagging or absent libido in both sexes. With the heightened awareness around the progressive advancements in women’s sexual health on the rise, Luz De La Riva  is here to celebrate women feeling safe, sexy and secure all the time – staring with their intimate beauty routine!Lulu24WebShadow

Luz de la Riva created her collection of intimate cosmetics with the mission to redefine the world of sensuality and spice up the lives of amazing, explorative women everywhere. Each product in the line honors and empowers sexuality and encourages indulging in the luxury of passion!

Luz De La Riva  is bringing some major sexy to my bedroom antics. As a single mom of two small kids, let’s just say I really look forward to my intimate boyfriend time. This line of gorgeous sexy oils (edible!) and massage creams is adding fun and yum to sexy time.

All of the intimate cosmetics are safe for the skin, clinically tested and do not contain harsh chemicals, (parabens, phthalates, talc, or GMO’s, etc.) to enhance the overall experience.


I am loving them all! Not to mention the packaging is extremely gorgeous, fun and whimsical. The discreet bottles are clean and classy and the super-femme fashion-y illustrations are the perfect touch.

Inspired by natural aphrodisiacs and appealing scents, we set out to create products that are not only multi-functional, but that also flatter one’s erotic tendencies.


Lulu 24K Organic Kissable Massage Oil with 24K Gold Flakes ($39.00)
Available in Forbidden Fruit
Made with edible 24K Gold Flakes and 100% edible
Formulated with natural pheromones

Lulu Organic Kissable Massage Oil ($26.57)
Available in Forbidden Fruit and Dulce de Leche
Formulated with natural pheromones and 100% edible

Stella All Natural Massage Oil ($29.50)
Available in Marrakesh, Wild Orchid and Sweet Chérie
Uses all natural ingredients
Nourishes the skin
Enhances sensual massage through aromatherapy
Olivia All Natural Kissable Arousing Nipple Cream (From $25.90)
Available in Mint Chocolate, Forbidden Fruit and Anise
100% edible, aphrodisiacal flavors
Enriches stimulation when massaged onto the breast

Simone  All Natural Water Based Intimate Moisturizer ($26.75)
Available in Extra Slick Lubricant and Hint of Cool
Water Based Lubricant
Glycerin free and leaves skin feeling smooth and luxurious to the touch
Enhances the most intimate moments

Skincare by SKINN

June 4, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 1.09.21 PMI would say that anything worth doing well is worth procrastinating.  This applies for everything from term papers in college, to parking tickets in the real world and of course skin care. Procrastination in skin care looks a little like this:  Monday night skincare routine, fall asleep in kid’s bed with dirty face.  Tuesday morning skincare routine, wake up in different kid’s bed then exercise.  Tuesday night skincare routine, fall asleep in dog’s bed.  Wednesday morning skincare routine, wake up in kid’s bed then carpool.  Wednesday night skincare routine, “shit I should hang out with my husband and my skin looks hideous!”  So when you rely on last minute quick fixes to undo days of damage, they better be good.

The absolute best for the most reasonable price point were both developed my Dimitri James, world renowned make up artist and life changer.  The first is  DermAppeal ($35.00).  It’s a Thermo-Enzymatic Microdermabrasion treatment with VC5 Crystal Technology that you only need to apply for a minute or so twice a week and it literally transforms your sensitive skin into a face that has been gently exfoliated daily (ha!). It also has this cool minty smell that opens up my constantly clogged sinuses (Jewish girl curse) and makes the entire one minute process feel like a quick trip to the eucalyptus room at your favorite totally over-priced spa.

Part 2 of operation “holy shit why did I not wash my face for days?” is aptly called “Take The Weekend Off.”  It’s a thick gooey creme that immediately absorbs into the skin so you don’t even know it’s there.   It’s completely translucent so you can read your children to bed without scaring them or have sex with your husband without repulsing him.  It’s the ultimate in multi-tasking.  You can literally connect with your kids, save your marriage, get a good night’s sleep,  all while cleaning out impurities in your skin and doing away with fine lines.

You’re welcome.


Written by Meredith Morton

Meredith is a mom of three perfectly behaved and always impeccably dressed boys who never cuss or fight. She prefers exercise to the side effects of lithium. You can follow her on Instagram @meredithmorton but don’t expect too much.

Sun Bum will keep you from looking like a teenager in the 80’s or just 80.

May 5, 2015

I took my kids to the sweltering hot desert this weekend at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Somehow I managed to pack every crayon, walkie-talkie and Pokemon card for my kids but totally forgot sunblock and any kind of hair “primping” product for myself. Fortunately for me, the simple yet totally awesome “Feel Good Spa” at the Ace Hotel carries the Sun Bum line. So, as soon as we arrived, I got myself waxed by a lovely tatted up Jewish girl from San Diego with a San Fernando Valley Girl accent and stocked up on some Sun Bum Beach Formula Shine On ($19.99) lightweight oil for the hair and SPF 50 Original Spray Sunscreen ($15.99) .


I have naturally thick curly hair with a soft texture that thrives in humidity and gets brittle in dry weather. I decided to just condition my hair this weekend and to continually reapply the Sun Bum Shine On. By the time I left the desert, my curls, which would normally be reminiscent of Alphaba’s broom, were their normal soft silky selves. It wasn’t necessarily a “scientific” experiment, but I’m definitely going to have to credit that to Shine On. Or maybe it was the many margaritas poolside and the endless supply of incredibly average beige colored kid food I inhaled.

Shine On

The SPF 50 Original Spray Sunscreen was the first sunscreen that my 11 year old was willing to apply without a fight. Unprompted, he blurted, “this smells good and it doesn’t feel oily.” And apparently it is not too stingy either, because two margaritas in, I accidentally sprayed it near his eyes and was met with very little complaining.

Ultimately, the crayons melted all over the car seat, channel 1 on the walkie talkies was intercepted by some freaky pervert trucker dude, and the Pokemon cards just caused endless grief and hostile negotiations. But, I’m pleased to say, I left the desert with my kids free of sun burns, my legs as white as paste and my curls as soft as a baby’s ass. That’s a pretty good showing for Sun Bum and a darn good weekend overall.


Written by Meredith Morton

Meredith is a mom of three perfectly behaved and always impeccably dressed boys who never cuss or fight. She prefers exercise to the side effects of lithium. You can follow her on Instagram @meredithmorton but don’t expect too much.

The Gift of Relaxation, Mother’s Day Must-Haves from LING Skincare & Spa picks out her top Mother’s Day picks for those on every budget.

April 13, 2015

As a mother of two, grandma of one, Ling Chan is no stranger to Mother’s Day. She loves to spoil her own mother, age 92. Ling Chan, founder of LING Skincare & Spa picks out her top Mother’s Day picks for those on every budget.

$20 and Under:


LING Skincare & Spa Rice Soaps ($15, gives off an aromatic scent with light exfoliation.

$75 and Under:


LING Skincare & Spa Green Tea & Massage Body Oils ($40-70, is the perfect way to relax rather you add a few drops to your bath or apply to your skin. Each scent allows you to give your mother a different journey.

$200 and Under:


LING Skincare & Spa Sleep Deep Wellness Massage ($195, is the perfect gift of relaxation. Our Deep Sleep Wellness Massage uses our Energy Lift Infusion to instantly calm your mind, relax and promote a good night’s sleep.