June 8, 2017

By now we know the healing and medicinal benefits of CDB. And brands and marketing are catching on. All things CBG are becoming more sophisticated and accessible to everyone. MONK PROVISIONS has debuted an exquisite line of drinking botanicals, infused with all sorts of goodies in the fruits, herbs and flavoring department, as well as the CBD and low-level THC.

Of course I was first taken with the stunning branding and packaging. Yes, I lost my mind over it, even before trying it.

The delicious glass-bottled botanicals come in a variety of divine flavors and all have various ‘prescriptions’.

I finally was able to try one last night. Not knowing how I would respond, I waited for the perfect evening. It says it’s fast acting and mild. I was a little nervous as I had never tried any liquid like this and had no idea what to expect. I for sure do not like feeling ‘out of it’ or ‘out of control’ so I sipped my concoction very slowly. I figured it can’t be more disorienting than a Margarita or glass of wine, and at least this has proven medicinal qualities. The great news (for me) is, I almost felt nothing. The other news (for some) is that I almost felt nothing. The best news is, you can easily monitor your experience because it truly is mild. I felt good, excited to take a walk and go out for dinner, but unaltered in any way. Frankly, I was relieved. If I decide I want to get a little more ‘feeling’ – I would say, try another one. For the most part, it was a yummy fun experience and if you are looking for a summer house warming gift – THIS IS IT.

Monk will surely impress anyone and everyone. Forget the bottle of wine this year and grab the assortment box. I guarantee that whoever receives this gift will be over the moon and them some. It’s perfect for a little dinner party or weekend BBQ.     

Some more info pulled from their gorgeous website.


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