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Bradford Watch Company Timeless Timepieces for all occasions

August 17, 2017

If you need a watch and don’t mind driving yourself crazy trying to pick between two elegant styles, then Bradford Watch Company is for you. Coming in at under $150, the two styles The Taylor and The Claypool are simple, chic and timeless timepieces for both men and women. I love the rose gold in both styles and black and brown straps. These are perfect accessories to wear as a bracelet as far as I’m concerned.

Bradford Watch Company is a new company founded on simplicity, excellence and durability. From the women’s collection, the Taylor, not only a quality watch, it’s also a piece that translates into any outfit and setting. It has a serene simplicity that encourages a spirit of style and adventure. The Claypool from the men’s collection is a classic shape with a lot of character. Its brushed steel case styled type, and the oil-tanned leather band truly speaks to the explorer within.

The “Taylor” is a quality made fashion accessory that translates into any outfit and setting. Bradford makes watches with you in mind. Everyone has a story and your wristwatch is a stylish extension of you; a true testament to time well spent. Launched in spring of 2017, this unisex style watch pairs a comfortable oil-tanned genuine leather, quick-release strap with a minimal yet classically designed face, in a 40mm stainless steel case, available in sleek polished steel or elegant rose gold finishes. In tribute to its namesake, each Taylor watch is a beautiful timepiece that offers the perfect balance of elegance and style. 

The “Claypool” watch is no exception. With a clean, classic shape unlike anything else on the market, the Claypool is made to go with you everywhere, and compliment every occasion. Its unique, classic design packs a lot of character, featuring a comfortable, genuine oil-tanned leather quick-release strap for easy customization, Japanese Quartz movement, and a large mineral glass face framed in a 44mm brushed stainless steel case. With 3ATM water resistance, three-year battery life, and a three-year warranty, this rugged timepiece is built to last. Available in clean polished steel or cool rose gold finishes, it is the perfect grab and the perfect companion to a life of adventure.


Bradford Watch Company was founded on simplicity, excellence, and durability. We believe that everyone has a story and that your wristwatch is a stylish companion and a true testament to time well spent. We’ve designed our watches with purpose, ensuring every element is crafted with care so that you receive a quality product that lasts. And follow @BradfordWatchCo for their latest adventures.

XOthree For Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August 14, 2017

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and the perfect time to introduce you to this amazing new brand that is revolutionizing the maternity-wear industry.

XOthree, is an Australian active wear brand that has just hit the States. This new fitness line for moms is definitely one we are super jazzed about. XOthree has finally found a way to make breastfeeding easier for the active mom – without compromising on style. Nursing bras a huge issue, active or not. And as far as I’m concerned, breastfeeding is active enough, on its own. It’s WORK!

What makes XOthree’s collection stand out is how the designs transcend the traditional idea of maternity wear (dowdy, asexual, blah). With a focus on style and comfort first, XOthree’s clever approach makes the maternity features of each garment virtually invisible.

The designs have reinvented the traditional function of maternity bras and provide easy access for breastfeeding while still giving you the perfect amount of support needed for low to high impact activities.

 A couple of the best sellers below are…



The Foxy Double Bra – If a woman is “top heavy” the movement can be a little overwhelming while working out or breastfeeding. The Foxy is constructed with a sewn cup and magnetic clasps and an extra layer with zip for support. The wide straps over the shoulder will spread the weight of the breast and it won’t be uncomfortable.

The Foxy bra is essentially a double bra, offering extra support with a two layered design. Developed for high impact activity, this bra is well suited to high intensity workouts.

How it works: The Foxy bra has been designed with a front zipper opening and heavy duty interlocking magnetic clasp closures – all of which can be operated one handed.

The overlaying mesh fabric allows a slight peek to the underlying black and white marble print.



The Tilly Jane – features a front zipper and shoulder adjusters so that you can choose how much support you require. Easy for breastfeeding your baby! No matter if you increase of decrease in size, Tilly Jane bra ensures to grow with your ever changing body.


The structure and function of this bra is designed to make the maternity features discrete, working these aspects into the design rather than them being the feature.

How it works: Tilly Jane features a front zipper and shoulder adjusters so that you can choose how much support you require. This can often change throughout the day depending on how full you may be. This feature also ensures to grow with your ever changing body.

Also included in the design is the ring and hook combo at the back to provide extra support

Why do Australians do it so much better, all the time? I would wear these to workout – period, nursing or not!

The List: Mid-Summer Essentials for Men

July 19, 2017

Recently I switched up my style and daily grooming routine so I have put together a male must have list that will instantly transform the average Joe to a dapper dude. These brands are not only suave and sexy they also are healthy and strategically crafted to make any man appear to be the perfect gentleman. Every man loves a good pair of sunnies, undies, sex, and effective grooming products. After my research these are the best I have personally tried thus far and I highly recommend you go out and get them immediately to impress that special someone or just to better yourself. Since every man loves sex the first product I want to turn you on to (pun intended) is Sex Dust by Moon Juice. This is a lusty blend of adaptogenic superherbs that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative and sexual energy, in and out of the bedroom. I prefer adding to a protein shake with a nut butter but you can add this product to your morning coffee, water or pretty much anything you drink excluding alcohol. The special blend consists of Ho Shou Wu, Organic Cacao, Shilajit, Maca, Organic Schisandra, Cistanche, Epimedium and Organic Stevia leaf.

Every male loves a fresh pair of undies and Related Garments invented the perfect pair of boxer briefs that come with two pairs of matching socks, one being long and the other being footies that are not seen when wearing shoes. Honestly, these are probably the comfiest underwear I have ever worn even beating out the usual go-to Calvin Klein collection. Related Garments states they were built on the principle that every detail counts, even if it goes (mostly) unseen. Men deserve better when it comes to the basics. No longer should we be subjected to dingy, hole-ridden, stretched-out waistband underwear and socks. Considering the fact that your underwear is hugging your most precious package we think your goods deserve what is good. Related has a dual meaning and message, besides the obvious about the founders being brothers, it only seemed logical that socks and underwear should be sold in pairs. Stylish and luxurious sets of socks and underwear make prep work in the morning simple–and leave a lasting impression.

Another thing no man should leave the house without are a nice pair of sunnies. These effortlessly chic and affordable sunglasses are made by Chimi Eyewear  I have the Kiwi colored – out of the nine different colors in three classical models- and wear them every single day. I get compliments on them everywhere I go from the grocery store to running at the park. Chimi Eyewear is based in Stockholm, Sweden but ships worldwide free of charge – that deal is hard to beat. Chimi Eyewear’s colorful shades are made for colorful people. CHIMIs are designed to match every mood and style of colorful peoples lives.

I strongly believe in the importance of a distinguished and diligently dapper gentleman always being consistent with grooming. Three brands I absolutely love and incorporate into my daily regimen are Kiehl’sSonage and Herbivore.  I use the Sonage Patagonia Berry Stem Cell mask which is one of the best face masks on the market and doesn’t burn like most masks while fully hydrating my skin; Herbivore’s gorgeous orange Phoenix facial oil that gives you that sexy confident wrinkle-less glow every man needs and the entire Kiehl’s Age Defender moisturizing line as well as the Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Texturizing Clay for the perfectly flexible hold with an aroma of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus essential oils.  

XX Jonathan Stinson

NOMADIC STATE OF MIND: Socially responsible, Vegan, Eco Friendly Footwear And More

June 12, 2017

I am in sandal heaven with my new Nomadic State of Mind (NSM) rope sandal.

Casual. Chic. Fun. GREEN & ECO FRIENDLY. Vegan,.  Hand made.

Almost all of the rope used for their sandals, handbags, yoga mat carrier, and water bottle carrier is all from recycled and reused rope, which is an important step for material conservation as well as job creation and keeping debris out of our landfills.

The new Patriotic JC Sandal is here only for a limited time and is ideal to be worn all summer long – available in men’s and women’s sizes!!

Nomadic State of Mind has over a dozen of different styles for men, women and children – there is a style for everyone.  They are ideal for the beach, lake, pool, walking around the city, or a backyard BBQ; pair them with shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, boyfriend jeans or your favorite bathing suite too!  Beyond comfortable (and no you don’t get rope burn!), Nomadic State of Mind will be your go-to sandal that will last for years and never lose it’s shape!

Personally I love the grey and natural camel ones. They are incredibly comfortable and feel amazing. I love them!!

The ONLY Swimwear Your Family Needs This Summer! Snapper Rock UV50

Snapper Rock is the only brand of swim suits and beach wear that my kids sport all summer. Period. Not only are they quick drying UV50 but they are CUTE beyond cute. And not just the kids stuff but the men and women line’s are amazing too.

The little girl kaftans and jumpers are so great you’ll want to wear them yourself. My 11 year old lives in them and not just around pools or at the beach. She wears the rash top as a top with jeans. Same with my son. They just love the line because it’s also all so comfy. The patterns for boy board shorts are so friggen adorbs.

I mean just LOOK!!

Scoop up a few pieces and you will feel that much better about your kid’s being in the sun all summer.

Why Snapper Rock? – From Founder; Liz Eglinton

As parents we make sure that what our kids like to wear is what we launch.  We ensure that our swimwear has the functionality that parents want – UV protection (blocking 98% of all harmful rays) lightweight, breathable and quick drying without compromising on style.  Designed in New Zealand, where our ozone layer is very thin, we have the expertise in ways we can protect our kids in the sun, without taking away their fun.  We use the latest fabric technology, colors and designs to ensure Snapper Rock continues to lead this market segment.

From baby one piece sunsuits, to cool mix and match swim sets, rash tops, boardies, hats and kaftans, Snapper Rock has your kids covered head to toe.  Our new beachwear range features after-sun kaftans, towelling onezies, swimbags, sundresses’s and accessories.  Choose a set or mix and match our separates to create your own Snapper Rock look.

We love summer and the sun, and we all need Vitamin D, but like all good things its about moderation.  We don’t want to take away anymore of our kids freedom, we want them to enjoy the type of carefree summers we had, we want them to be outside playing, and with Snapper Rock you can relax a little, knowing your kids aren’t the ones getting sunburnt this summer –  Have a rock’n summer