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April 19, 2017


OK – you know this!

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation: An estimated 87,110 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017. An estimated 9,730 people will die of melanoma in 2017. The majority of melanomas are caused by the sun. Sun protective apparel is the best way to protect yourself from the sun.

TUTUBLUE, founded by actress Sarah Buxton after a scare with melanoma, has recently expanded to offer even more options for active outdoor enthusiasts to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays while outside.

Buxton launched the brand with an original full-body women’s beach suit offering complete neck-to-ankle 50+ UPF protection in 2016. After appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, Buxton secured a partnership with sun protective clothing pioneer Sun Protection Zone, which has allowed her to expand the collection to include leggings and rash guards for men, women and children just in time for Melanoma Monday on May 1st.

There is so many cute options to choose from! Leggings, wet suits – the works.

In 2015, Buxton noticed a strange spot on her hand just before an audition. After getting it checked out, she was diagnosed with melanoma. The melanoma was successfully surgically removed, but her doctors advised her not to go back in the sun or risk a melanoma recurrence.

As an active native Southern Californian who loves the beach and outdoors, she had a hard time accepting this advice and while still in the hospital recovering from surgery, conceptualized the idea for a full-coverage sun protective suit she could wear outside. She launched the brand with the signature full-body women’s suits in early 2016 on Shark Tank. Although she didn’t get a deal on the show, her phone started ringing with offers from investors and potential partners.

The suits are beautiful, comfortable, fun, functional and provide the ultimate protection from the sun while still being lightweight, breathable and offering fast-drying and cooling properties. While the cuts and construction support athletic activity, the silhouettes are form fitting and flattering.

The surf-friendly long-sleeved one piece is the cornerstone of the collection offering a complete coverage alternative to applying sunscreen. The short one-piece offers a slightly less conservative look and the highly versatile leggings offer stylish sun protection for watersports while transcending seamlessly from the beach to yoga or other fitness and lifestyle activities. Rashguards have been added allowing consumers to mix and max the pieces, and styles are also now available for children and men.

See the full collection and learn more at and follow the brand on Instagram ( and Facebook (

The TUTUBLUE collection from actress Sarah Buxton features a full range of UPF50 activewear for adults and children. The suits are strong, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, quick drying and provide the ultimate protection from the sun. The cut and construction support athletic activity while also creating a flattering silhouette for all shapes and sizes. Perfect for any outdoor activity with long or short exposure to the sun. Made in sunny Los Angeles. 

About Sun Protection Zone

Founded in 2005, Sun Protection Zone develops men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories with 100 percent UVA & UVB protection. The collection includes tee-shirts, long sleeved shirts, rash guards, shorts, hats and arm sleeves. Sun Protection Zone’s goal is to inform and protect consumers from the sun in fashionable ways with great quality and unique design. Sun Protection Zone not only sells sun protective products, but is very involved in the community and charity by spreading the message of sun safety in unique ways. They also work with leading dermatologists to raise awareness of skin cancer and educate their patients about sun protection through product sampling, brochures and other informative publications.

5 Fashion Subscription Boxes You Need To Know About

April 7, 2017

We’ve all been there. We’ve stood in our closets, sighing, wondering why it’s so hard to get dressed every day. Maybe nothing fits, or perhaps we’re bored with what we have. We want to be able to effortlessly pull together a fabulous outfit, but we can’t figure out how. Sometimes, seeing the same articles of clothing over and over make us lose creativity. All we need is a little push to get back on our fashion game. Subscription boxes are some of the best ways to build up a new wardrobe that pushes us to the edges of our comfort zones and lets us express our true sense of style. Opening up a subscription box is like having a birthday party more than just once a year.


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix gives you the benefit of having a personal stylist shop for you while you don’t do a thing. You simply create a profile that gives the stylist an idea of what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend. Five articles of clothing are sent to you every month. If you don’t keep anything, you pay a $20 styling fee. The styling fee is applied to any clothing that you choose to buy.


This fitness apparel company offers subscription boxes for $49.95 to $59.95 a month. Each month’s box contains a curated athleisure outfit that includes two or three pieces. Fabletics’ leggings are thick and provide the perfect amount of compression to give you a perfect silhouette. The tops made by Fabletics are functional. They are ideal to wear for a workout, and they also have unexpected details that transform them into items that you can wear for every casual occasion. You can skip a month at any time, and you don’t pay for the months that you skip.

Elizabeth & Clarke

If you don’t need new clothes every month, a quarterly subscription box might be preferable. Elizabeth & Clarke sends designer-quality shirts and blouses to your doorstep every quarter for $60 a box. This is a great subscription service to help you break out of the habit of buying the same T-shirt in every color.

Golden Tote

Golden Tote gives you the chance to order a monthly box that includes some surprise items and some items that you select. That gives you the chance to experience that thrill that comes with opening an unexpected gift while still staying in control of what you order. It’s an excellent way to gradually broaden your scope of style.


With this monthly subscription box, you can choose from style, fitness, makeup, men’s fitness or intimates categories. Once you decide on a category, you’ll get a box of surprise goodies every month. The fitness and style boxes work like Stitch Fix. You only pay the styling fee if you don’t keep any items. With the other boxes, you pay a set amount up front. However, if you don’t like something that you receive, you can always return it.



Groom “I Dos” For Traveling!

March 30, 2017

We always hear about what the bride should be packing and stressing about for her destination wedding or honeymoon but what about the groom? Luckily, us women have this inherent talent of packing the bags whenever traveling, but guys need to work a bit harder on it. The Art of Shaving and Vilebrequin’s travel items are ideal for the traveling groom as it makes packing easier for him and guarantee optimal travels so he’s “I-Do” ready.


The Art of Shaving Travel Kit: Now in new packaging, The Art of Shaving Travel Kit provides a close and comfortable shave while you’re away. The compact and water-resistant Travel Kit is perfect for the seasoned traveler and comes complete with convenient travel pumps of Pre-Shave Oil (1 oz), Shaving Cream (1.7oz), After-Shave Balm (1 oz), and a Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush.  Your shave will be close and comfortable wherever travel takes you. Available at The Art of Shaving Store locations and at


The Morris Park Collection Razor: The Art of Shaving’s vintage racing inspired Morris Park Collection™* Razor combines smooth handling and bold style to evoke the confidence of a vintage race car. Exclusively designed by The Art of Shaving, each razor features a classic racing color polished to a beautiful finish and accented with chrome details. The Morris Park Collection Razor also comes in Royal Blue and British Racing Green, each for $60. Available at The Art of Shaving Store locations and at

Vilebrequin is further expanding its role as ambassador for the art of living around the beach with a men’s swim line that can be an ideal item for the traveling groom. These swim trunks featuring fun and playful motifs will keep them looking as the most stylish guy while they’re relaxing poolside before the nuptials. Available at Vilebrequin Boutiques and at



NICEPIPES: Shark Tank Born, Legs and Arms WARM!

March 10, 2017

Lisa Binderow, a yoga and fitness instructor, was inspired to create the first pair of pipes on a chilly morning walking to the studio. Her legs were cold in her cropped pants, and she thought others might have the same problem. She designed her first pair of pipes and wore them to the studio, where her students and fellow instructors wanted to know where they could get a pair. Before she knew it, a business was born. 

Nicepipes keep your legs warm where your workout pants don’t, are the ultimate layering piece, offer UV 50 + protection, are soft to the touch and sweat wicking (keeping you cool and dry), offer a 4-way stretch for personalized fit, and provide mild compression which enhances performance and aids recovery. 

Lisa Binderow, NYC wellness enthusiast, fitness & yoga instructor and mom-to-be, premiered her company nicepipes, on Shark Tank. It’s the first line of performance fabric leg and arm warmers for fitness fanatics everywhere.

 The idea behind it?  Teaching yoga & running around the city in cold weather required seriously warm layers; her cropped yoga pants left her shins bare and the wool or acrylic legwarmers of the past just weren’t up to the task.  Lisa thought that if she had this problem, others must too and wanted to find a solution. So, she designed nicepipes – leg & arm warmers made from the same, awesome, sweat-wicking fabric as yoga pants so that she could have the option of wearing them before, during, and after class.  As soon as she wore her pipes around the studios her students and fellow instructors wanted their own pair of pipes…and so a business was born.

An activewear brand made in the USA, nicepipes are made from a sweat-wicking fabric, that offers compression, no slippage, and 50+ UV protection.  Born from a personal need, but one shared by a number of yogis and athletes alike, nicepipes are the first performance enhancing option of leg and arm warmers that are designed for the fit and fashionable.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur as the CEO of nicepipes, Lisa was an employee of YogaWorks, a national yoga studio chain, as a Teacher Director for seven years. Through nicepipes, Lisahas already sold more than 5,000 pipes and shows no signs of stopping.

Lisa Binderow // NYC

Lisa Binderow is the Founder and CEO of nicepipes apparel, the premiere line of performance fabric leg and arm warmers for fitness fanatics everywhere. Binderow made her ABC’s Shark Tank debut on Season 8’s premiere January 13, 2017. Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur as the CEO of nicepipes, Binderow was an employee of YogaWorks, a national yoga studio chain, as a teacher and program director for seven years.

Lisa Binderow on MSNBC:


Jordan Spieth and Kelly Rohrbach show off their skills in the new Under Armour Spieth One golf shoe in Malibu.

February 14, 2017

Last night, Under Armour and Jordan Spieth celebrated the third stop of the Spieth One Global Tour at an intimate event in Malibu, CA. Jordan was joined by actress, model (and avid golfer) Kelly Rohrbach, and his long-time swing coach Cameron McCormick at the iconic Nobu Malibu to honor the global launch of his first signature shoe, the Spieth One.


Kelly and Jordan participated in a Q&A with the beautiful California sunset as the background. The pair discussed Jordan’s recent victory at Pebble Beach this weekend – his first victory wearing the Spieth One – his partnership with Under Armour, and how he worked closely with UA to develop his first signature shoe. Jordan and Kelly also talked about Jordan’s recent trip to Asia for the first two stops of the Spieth One Global Tour in Tokyo and South Korea. While in Asia, Jordan was able to experience the global love for the game of golf as he interacted with fans, media, partners, and students. A highlight reel of the Asia trip can be found here.

To wrap up the event, Jordan’s swing coach Cam McCormick joined the group and gave some insightsinto their relationship on and off the course. He also shared some key tips with the audience and Jordan praised Cam for teaching him how to overcome hurdles and honing his craft over time. Cam then challenged Kelly and Jordan to a little putting game called “Crash the Gate” that Cam uses to help Jordan with short game skill development. Kelly, a former Georgetown University golfer, held her own against the 2-time major champion, sinking all four putts. 

Photo credit:  Under Armour