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Mermaid Pillows – Cuddly Sensory Pillows With A Positive Message

May 22, 2017

I found a cute gift that’ll give my kids a little something fun to do while their trying to drift off the sleep – which usually takes forever. Not only is it sweet and cute, soft and cuddly, fun to play with, but they have positive messages on one side. LOVE.

The Mermaid Uplifting Pillow Collection . Each pillow features a different inspirational message on the cover, plus colorful sequins on the back that you can “draw” on with the simple swipe of a finger or hand.

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to draw attention to the incredible mental health benefits of these adorable pillows.

For example!

“My 85-year-old mother is living with dementia in a nursing home. While she has shown little interest in anything the past couple years, your BELIEVE pillow is something she can sit and play with for literally hours.” -Lisa B.

“My son has sensory issues and I thought this would be perfect for physical therapy and it has been! We are also using it to draw shapes, letters and numbers to begin teaching that as well!”

I just shared one with a parent who has two sons with sensory issues and he freaked – as in MY KIDS WOULD LOVE THIS!

They are totally affordable ($34 and up) and make excellent gifts!


Black Friday Deals to Kickstart A Healthier Lifestyle!

November 22, 2016



DEAL: Receive $20 off of the Aguagear Filter Pitcher and $15 off replacement filters on Cyber Monday

ABOUT:  Time to switch your Brita out for a new water filtration system.  AguaGear removes 2000% more contaminants than Brita and the filters last 3X longer.  It also removes lead and fluorine, while Brita filters don’t.  If your water filter isn’t removing these contaminants from your water, then your body is. 

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BIB&SOLA: Glassware As Art And Activism

October 19, 2016

“A stylish way of drinking, an elegant way of giving” 

Available at BURKELMAN. Visit

Kira Heuer is doing cool shit. She’s one of those people you ASAP fall in love with upon meeting. She warm, open, funny and downright delightful. Kira is one of those kinds of very special women you feel like you’ve known your whole life. And the fact that she is doing wonderful things for the world fills you with all sorts of warm fuzzies. And then you’ll want to be her BFF. But wait, that’s not all.


Kira is the mastermind behind Bib&Sola, a line of exquisite glassware that offers a conscious alternative to plastic. Bib&Sola (Latin for “drink and comfort”) evolved from Kira’s devotion to saving the world from so much waste, an intense passion about how we drink water and an uncanny eye for art, beauty and aesthetics.

Bib&Sola endeavors to replace plastic bottled water with glass in a manner that is both chic and functional and aspires to create a global community where each and every person takes responsibility and action from an inspired position.”


The handblown drinking vessels and carafes come in a glorious array of colors that look like they’ve been freshly dipped in both rich and muted hues of the color wheel. You’ll hold a glass in your hand and just start spinning it around, marveling at its simple beauty. But it’s not just a sculptural piece to swoon over. It’s much, much more. Besides the fact that holding one in my hand immediately took my experience of drinking water to a whole new level of connection, Bib&Sola is also on a mission to think and live green.

For your holiday gifting, a Bib&Sola set takes the cake. There is not a person on earth who would not drool over it. This is one of those objects of art, environment and wellness that I am most proud to have featured here on Groomed LA as it really is a coming together of so much of what I am about.

Bib&Sola has received a well deserved amount of glorious press and it seems that anyone who comes into contact with it perks up and takes note.


Bib&Sola also is on a mission to curb the exorbitant amount of plastic pollution created by corporations with its #ONEVERYDESK campaign.

“By purchasing our glassware carafe and drinking sets, one would go on each desk creating a beautiful work atmosphere. The corporation would take responsibility for a water filtration system (we have our own suggested water filtration companies and they are incredibly easy to install.) What happens next? …. the great grand Press story along with a work atmosphere that is both health conscious and positively productive.”

They invite corporations from fashion houses to tech giants to curb their waste and “create an atmosphere for innovative and powerful action. ”


  • High annual spending on plastic watter bottle usage
  • High annual contribution to wast and ocean pollution
  • Participation in annual increase of 10% of global water bottle consumption
  • Supporting water corporations privatise our most important natural resources
  • CSR impact
  • Relevant press stories
  • A more mindful and positive work atmosphere
  • Annual save on water bottle budget
  • Social impact in action as you no longer contribute to wast factor
  • Mark your company a bright spot in the green business community

Bib&Sola donates 10 percent of proceeds to organizations that provide clean drinking water around the world.

LA River Corp
Dig Deep
Tree People

Bib&Sola sets can be purchased here. Stock up now and your holiday shopping list just got 100% shorter. Done and done!

INSTAGRAM: bibandsola | TWITTER: @BibandSola | PINTEREST: bibandsola | 

Kira Heuer

Sleeping Beauty Secret: Shhh Silk 100% silk pillowcases

May 19, 2016

YES! Say hello to: Shhh Silk – – and their gorgeous range of 100% silk pillowcases. 

Guaranteed to keep your hair from frizzing up & your face from melting off all summer long, Shhh Silk pillowcases & sleeping caps are the elusive beauty secret you’ve been waiting for when it comes to facing the sweltering, sticky, summer elements.ii_153be57a40d6238d

For centuries, silk has been associated with luxury, and sleeping on a Shhh Silk pillowcase offers a multitude of cooling, health and beauty benefits, designed to both enhance your beauty rest routine and elevate the decor of your sleep sanctuary. ($79

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Shhh Silk pillowcase? You wake up looking like this: 


Ok, maybe not but….

  • Skin Hydration – Unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your skin leaving unwanted bed creases on your face, silk naturally hydrates your skin whilst you sleep
  • Bye Bye Humid Hair – Extend that blow out & hydrate that hair by using a Shhh Silk pillow case and for the perfect, no-fuss wake up call
  • Cool Nights – Studies say that keeping your room at a lower temperature while you sleep encourages your body to release melatonin – one of the body’s most crucial anti-aging hormones – and the delicate lustre of Shhh Silk’s pillowcases will keep your face cool throughout the night
  • No Split Ends – Cotton creates friction between your hair and the pillowcase, Shhh Silk is smooth so your hair can easily glide preventing split ends and hair breakage

OBSESSED:  With the mixed marble twin set.

  • Comes with one black marble silk pillowcase and one white New York silk pillowcase.
  • Every silk pillowcase is individually boxed in signature packaging making them the perfect gift.
  • Made using high grade 22 momme 100% pure mulberry silk.
  • Shhh Silk marble pillowcases are made to fit any international standard / queen size pillow (50cm x 70cm).
  • Unique hidden zip closure, ensuring your pillow not only feels good but looks good too!

SQUIX – For the Germaphobe in you ( you know you are one!)

March 27, 2016

Are you ready for the next-level of monthly innovative subscription box services? 

Get ready for SQUIX ( – an online one-stop shop specializing in germ-fighting products of all kinds. 


It’s not just for card-carrying germaphobes (like myself) but for anyone concerned about the cleanliness of the surfaces they come in contact with every day – at home, at school, at work, on public transportation – everywhere.  

SQUIX offers numerous cool and innovative products from well-known brands and soon-to-be household names.  In addition to regular online shopping, SQUIX also offers the QBox – a monthly subscription service that puts a box of three curated Squix products plus a surprise gift at your doorstep for just $19.98 per month.