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You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune For Chic Lenses!

November 17, 2017

I need glasses!! And before I go spend a fortune on designer frames – I am going gaga over this!

Loads of super affordable glasses! (And contacts if you need them)

I am loving so many, it’s hard to choose. And, they are so low price – I don’t have to!

I mean $27???!!! With lenses?

Brands like…

  • Picklez (for kids)
  • Lunettos
  • Covergirl
  • Ann Taylor
  • Hello Kitty has all of these:

  • All the major contact lens brands including Acuvue, Air Optix, Bausch + Lomb, Dailies, Proclear, and much more

Sexy Librarian!

1970’s Tennis Coach! (LOVE!)

Nerd city!

More reasons to check this site out:

USA based with our products shipping from Columbus, OH allowing for same day and overnight shipping capabilities.

House brands – Lunettos for adults and Picklez for kids – are rapidly growing brands at prices found below  most.

Prices start at $9.95 and with frequent sales and special offers.

High quality lenses – from free plastic lenses on up to Transitions are lower in price and pass all FDA/FTC guidelines.

Free shipping on any size order and 365 day free return shipping – don’t like it, no worries, they pay for shipping to you and back to us so there’s absolutely zero risk.

Sister site,, has the lowest prices guaranteed on contact lenses including an unheard of 20% new customer offer and includes the same free 365 day return policy.

They have been selling optical products online since 1996 with millions of customers.

This is a sponsored post

OMI Bottle – the stylish new way to stay healthy and hydrated on-the-go

November 14, 2017

There’s no worse feeling than when you’re going about your busy day at work and the gym and you realize that you forgot your supplements at home… again. Especially with switching your purses and gym bags each day it’s hard to remember to bring everything you need with you. OMI Bottle presents the healthy and stylish solution to this problem. In one chic reusable water bottle, you’ll be able to carry your water and your supplements for the entire week.

OMI Bottle has a full Monday-Sunday pill and supplement dispenser so that you can take them on-the-go – how awesome is that?!

The OMI Bottle comes in three gorgeous metallic colors – Rose Gold, Pearl White and Stone Silver. The bottles are made out of BPA Free tritan plastic making them as good for you as they are for the environment. They’ll fit in your purse or briefcase so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra bags. PLUS they’re stylish enough to take from the gym to the boardroom – OMI Bottle really is the perfect wellness companion!

OMI Bottle launches on Kickstarter today, November 14th at 10 AM EST. Head over to their page and show them some love and support – I know I will! You will be able to pre-order your OMI Bottle at up to 50% off retail pricing and be among the first to receive it when it is available.

These are the top reasons you need OMI Bottle:

  1. Healthy & functional – OMI Bottle’s sliding Monday-Sunday pill dispenser will remind your readers to take their vitamins, medications and supplements while staying hydrated on-the-go.
  2. Sleek design – OMI Bottle’s beautiful metallic color options and unique design makes it the perfect accessory to match any outfit and take anywhere – from the gym to the boardroom.







Q&A with OMI Bottle founder Nadia Adechoubou 

Where did the idea for OMI Bottle come from? 

OMI was born from my frustration of always forgetting to take my key essential supplements for days in a row. I would reach the end of the month and realize that my bottles of supplements were still pretty full. This was happening not because I did not care but rather because my supplements were not always within reach and my busy lifestyle was not helping either. At the same time, I was also going through a period where I was trying to drink more water, therefore I was always making sure I carried a water bottle with me wherever I went.

How are you bringing this idea to life?

This has been about an 18 month process so far and we still have a ways to go in order to bring this product to market and help people achieve their health and wellness goals. The process started with me sketching what I envisioned this product to look like. I wanted this water bottle to be very functional, very useful, beautifully designed and somehow similar to a tech product. I hired an industrial designer which I worked very closely with to communicate my vision. We went through several months of design iterations and today it’s amazing to see how far we have come. I learned a great deal throughout the design process and it has been

a very rewarding experience. While we were going through the design process, I also started researching the materials that we wanted to use and a manufacturer who I could rely on to take on this project. I did a lot of research in order to come up with a shortlist of manufacturers, which I later decided on through a rigorous process and the support of an industrial engineer.

What do you hope to achieve from this Kickstarter campaign?

After 18 months of several design iterations, testing, and refining the OMI Bottle, we are now ready for production and hope to raise the funds necessary to start the tooling, manufacturing and distribution process. Kickstarter is a great platform to create a community that supports your idea and create the buzz we need to surround OMI.

Who is the OMI Bottle designed for?

This bottle is designed for anyone who, like me, struggles to take their supplements or medication each day. Our sleek, minimalist design is perfect for the health conscious male or female.

How will OMI fit into the wellness industry today?

OMI fills a gap that is much needed in the wellness industry today. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the use of supplements to achieve certain wellness goals and I think the OMI Bottle will be able to serve this supplement-taking consumer base through the convenience of our product.


 It’s Black Friday Every day in November…. ONLY 3 weeks LEFT – Now is the to time to get your aprons!!!

November 13, 2017


Black Friday Every day in November….

ONLY 3 weeks LEFT –

Now is the to time to get your aprons, so you can look like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen on Thanksgiving!!!

As November is a month of giving thanks, Hedly and Bennett are saluting the Squad the whole month with four great offers! You can take advantage of one or all of them!

It’s great savings and FREE gifts balled up into one!  

Special reduced bulk pricing

  • Buy 50 aprons, get 5 more — FREE!
  • The newly launched Chef Socks : The perfect stocking stuffer!!  Buy 20 pairs, get 3 FREE!
  • A $5000 purchase gets your team + aprons a marketing promotion on our newsletter or a blog spotlight (45,000 unique visitors a day)! In addition, you will be entered into a sweepstakes for an Instagram post on @hedleyandbennett (over 80k followers)! *

To qualify, payment must be made by end of day on November 30th!

Follow the apron adventures!

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Holiday Gifts For Design Lovers: Books on symbols, graphic design, and hand-lettering for the designer in all of us

November 11, 2017

Thinking in Icons by Felix Sockwell

Designing and Creating Effective Visual Symbols

With: Emily Potts

Foreword by: Steven Heller

ISBN: 9781631593147

Rockport Publishers | October 10, 2017

USD: $24.99 | CAN: $32.99

In Thinking in Icons, artist and designer Felix Sockwell takes readers through the process of creating an icon, covering many styles and visual approaches. Sockwell also offers examples of his collaborations with Stefan Sagmeister, Debbie Millman, and other high-profile designers, and features the work he has done with an impressive roster of blue-chip international brands, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Hasbro, Sony, The New York Times, and Yahoo.

A Designer’s Research Manual, 2nd edition, Updated and Expanded by Jenn Visocky O’Grady and Ken Visocky O’Grady

Succeed in design by knowing your clients and understanding what they really need

ISBN: 9781631592621

Rockport Publishers | July 1, 2017

USD: $24.99 | CAN: $33

A Designer’s Research Manual, an essential in any design library, has been completely revised, with all new case studies, photos and graphics, and updated technical information. Authors Ken and Jenn Vosocky O’Grady present a comprehensive discussion what design research is, why it’s necessary, and how to conduct and apply it. Designers will go beyond simply crafting a logo and learn to create commercial successes.

Written by Hand by Erica Tighe

An Introduction to the Art of Beautiful Handwriting

ISBN: 9781631063862

Rock Point Gift & Stationery | October 3, 2017

USD: $16.99 | CAN: $21.99

The art of beautiful handwriting is being rediscovered by a generation that spends most of the day typing on keyboards and screens. With Written by Hand, anyone can hone, perfect, and beautify their handwriting. Guided practice sheets encourage readers to look deeply at the written word and add flourishes and embellishments to their lines that elevate them from typical or rushed to elegant and purposeful. Learn to love your handwriting again.

Tocca Holiday 2017 – Voyage Collection – Home Scents Perfected

November 5, 2017

Tocca holiday is here!

Tahoe Diffuser

Tahoe – Nutmeg / Vanilla 

Comforting and inviting, the warmth of spices wrapped in vanilla is reminiscent of winter days at the cabin.

4 fl oz / 188 mL


Tahoe Candela

Tahoe – Nutmeg / Vanilla 

Comforting and inviting, the warmth of spices wrapped in vanilla is reminiscent of winter days at the cabin.

10 oz / 287 g

Approximate Burn Time: 60 hours