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September 18, 2017

Groomed LA gets us outside – in nature – for the ultimate wellness and healing.

We are talking communing with nature, dropping everything (including our phones – yikes!) and getting quiet. LA life has us frazzled, parenting has us frustrated, and we have taken note.

Please join us as we bring you the ultimate anti-dote to all things high-maintenance.

Groomed LA – Get Outside! is soon to be your ultimate go-to guide for outdoor adventure and getting back to nature. No appointment necessary!

The Luxury Wine Gift You Need To Send This Holiday Season

September 15, 2017


The 2017 HALL & WALT Holiday Gift Guide

From Napa and Sonoma Counties

Listen. There are two things I only ever want as gifts. Ok, three. Massages, candles and wine.

It’s just around the corner. Gift season peeps. And get used to it cuz it aint going away until Jan. 1, 2018. Before you know it you’ll be figuring out what wine goes to whom for Thanksgiving and so on. If you’re a parent, then I’ll meet you at the kitchen island with your besites, scarfing candy corn and washing it down with Pinot just before you hustle out to go trick-or-treating.

Enter HALL & WALT.

This Napa/Sonoma county sourced Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir Holiday Gift Sets are inspired by a pursuit of classic varietal flavors. And we at GLA are all about the pure classic note.

For HALL, known for producing big, bold Cabernets, the sets are all about quintessential Napa Valley Cabernet.

The WALT Pinot Noir brand focuses on wines of a place, with fruit sourced from up and down the California Coast. WALT Single Vineyard Pinot Noir wines allow pinotfiles to be introduced to vineyards that span 1,000 miles as far South as Santa Barbara, all the way up to Willamete Valley in Oregon.

(Road trip anyone? Wine tasting? Whatdaya say? I’m in!)

Check out the stunningly curated gifting options, send them directly to lucky lovers, friends, bosses and co-workers and for the love of the wine gods, order some for yourself. The boxes are stunning (fyi!).

Also, by all means – this wonderful company will work with you to curate and personalize a gift.

Becoming a member will knock down prices too, of course.

Above is a myriad of gift sets perfect for the novice wine drinker to the ultimate Cabernet and Pinot collector.

One stand-out set includes flagship wines from both HALL & WALT in the Heritage Set.

The 2014 Kathryn Hall Cabernet exudes warmth and allure with enticing aromas of sweet dark plum, cocoa powder, and dusty earth. This wine is paired with 2015 Bob’s Ranch Pinot Noir for the set, a single vineyard Pinot Noir that showcases Wild blueberry nuances, crushed rock, and hints of truffle to create this firm, spicy oak structure and focused palate. 

I think I just fainted!

Sets will be available for purchase at both ( ( next month.

Book this page and you are good until 2018!

Family Craft Fun Books from Quarto Knows – Yes, I’m Down With This!

September 13, 2017

Quarto Knows

is your go-to for the  best crafting books on the block. Listen peeps, gift season is swiftly approaching! Get this website in your back pocket!

Quarto is killin’ it with a new batch of all-in-one crafting kits. No, not just for amazing kid prezzies. I am totally IN ON THIS ACTION!

So whether you’re interested in macramé, felting, cross-stitch, or embroidery, these kits have everything you need to get started, including the supplies for two projects.

These boxes are the perfect way to learn something new, or to give to loved ones who are interested in needlework but unsure where to start. (Like moi!)

Currently on our studio desks:

Modern Macramé by Justine Vasquez

10 Simple Projects to Enhance Your Home

ISBN: 9780760355022

becker&mayer! | September 19, 2017

Macramé is making a big comeback, and this kit provides exciting and attractive projects inspired by classic favorites, like an owl hanging, and a market shoulder bag. This is macramé for a new generation, though, and includes modern twists like coasters and a customizable hanging shelf. Includes 10 elegant designs, step-by-step instructions, an introduction on knot tying techniques, and all the supplies needed to create a mini plant hanger and a mini wall hanging.

Macrame is back! The retro art of tying cords into patterns has become the home decor trend of the moment. Modern Macrame brings this easy and fun craft up to date with ten stylish projects featuring bright colors, new materials, and elegant lines.

Complete with all the materials you need to make two projects–a mini plant hanger and a mini wall hanging–this fabulous kit also features an illustrated book with instructions for ten sophisticated projects. A knotting tutorial guides you through classic macrame knots to teach you the basics so you can move on to making your own unique designs.

Create items for your home, like the classic hanging owl, or show off your skills to the world with a mesh shoulder bag. Throughout, each project is accompanied by photographic step-by-step instructions that will make you a macramé expert in no time!

Justine Vasquez is a content marketer who has always had a flair for anything crafty. When she is not working or making new macrame pieces, she is finding new, exciting places to take her boys, baking, and drinking a lot of coffee.

[endif]Felt Friends: Woodland Critters by Aimee Ray

Create 20 Cute Forest Friends
ISBN: 9781631063756

becker&mayer! | September 12, 2017

This unique kit includes a fully-illustrated book of 20 cuddly, felted, animals and plants, plus all the tools and supplies needed to create ten sweet woodland creatures. Each project includes step-by-step instructions along with a photo of the finished product and how to customize each critter. Includes an embroidery needle, a fabric pen, die-cut templates, felt embroidery floss, and stuffing; everything you need to get started.

Felt Friends: Woodland Critters gathers a menagerie of lovable felted animals and plants in one fabulous kit, complete with a detailed guide for crafting twenty projects.

From a fuzzy fox to a winking owl, these adorable projects can become a variety of accessories; hanging ornaments, magnets, finger puppets, broaches, garlands, and more! The fully illustrated book includes an introduction to all the stitches and knots needed for the embroidering and sewing projects, and step-by-step instructions and photos of the final product.

This unique kit comes fully stocked with an embroidery needle and a fabric pen, as well as all the materials and supplies needed to create ten projects: acorn, bear, beaver, deer, frog, hedgehog, leaf, raccoon, robin, and tree. Bring these snuggly critters into your home and your heart with felting!

Timeless Scents with a Twist BIJOU CANDLES

September 2, 2017

We can never have enough candles. When anyone asks me what I want – ever – I say A CANDLE PLEASE! It’s just my thing. But shitty candles are the worst. So I’m always pumped when a new luxury line comes across our desks!

Enter: Bijou, a women-owned, women-run company based in New York City. All candles are made of 100% soy wax, with a high fragrance load, all made and hand-poured in USA.


They are set to reveal their new luxury scents and candle bases September 13th and you will be sure to add these to your holiday lists. At least if you are buying anything for me or any other candle lovahs in the house.

I tried the LENA and I was in shock – it scented my entire home – including covering the stench of my daughter’s hamster, Lady Ginger. It’s incredible and I must try all the scents!!



My Favorite Childhood Vanity Mirror Is Back!

September 1, 2017

Ok so growing up this mirror was life. I was looking for a fun mirror for me and my now tween and thank you Amazon. I LOVE THIS! Ok, full disclosure – my 11 year old nabbed and is doing fake Youtube slime tutorials while looking in it  – but it’s all good.

Super fun and affordable for the holidays as they are UPON US NO JOKE!!

Jerdon’s Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror .

Here’s why it’s one of the most-loved mirrors on the market:

Adjustable magnification, 1x and 5x

Adjustable light settings for daytime, evening, home and office to view yourself in the best light no matter your environment (this can be SCARY!!! office? NO PLEASE!)

Built-in electrical outlet to plug in a curling iron or cell phone charger

LOVE IT!  Has a totally retro 80’s vibe but I don’t even think they are thinking of that when selling it. I do, and it’s so fun.