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Kim Vō Launches Vō Blow; a Concept Salon focused on Quick and Luxurious Treatments at the Montage Beverly Hills

July 10, 2017

Ten minute hair color? YES, PLEASE!!!

As summer kicks into high gear, so do the outdoor activities — beach gatherings, backyard BBQs, pool parties, weekends away. But with all that fun in the sun, our hair pays a major price. Summer conspires against hair color like no other season. The sun, salt water, chlorine and over-washing fade color and dull shine.  With the weather so perfect, who wants to spend the whole day in the salon getting those pesky roots touched up when we could be bouncing around town posting Instagram stories of “rosé all day”?”

Master colorist Kim Vo and his new Vō Blow salon has changed all that. You can now get hair color AND a blow out in the same amount of time it takes you to filter your photo. This express service is literally 10-minute hair color and a 30-minute blow out — game changer!! Oh yeah, and everything is under $50.

Located street-level at the famed Montage Beverly Hills, Vō Blow is the complete package from root to end. Perfect for a lunch break refresh or when you’re tight on time and need a root touch-up before a night out, Vō Blow’s core a la carte services include blowdrys, 10-minute color, glaze treatments, moisture masks, and intensive conditioning treatments —and did I mention everything is under $50?

“My clients have always asked me for an express service to take them in between their salon visits, or to deliver quick color in a pinch,” says Vō, whose famous clients include Britney Spears, Jenny McCarthy, Goldie Hawn and Pamela Anderson. “Our ten-minute color is perfect for both men and women on the go and, as we like to say, Vo Blow Color Go!”

Run, don’t walk, to Vō Blow.


Address225 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
xx Natasha

Rita Hazan // At-Home Hair Color and Treatment

July 5, 2017

Worried about your summer color fading from sun and surf?

Rita Hazan’s products are made to refresh virgin or salon-colored hair. 

True Color Shampoo

Step 1 in Rita’s True Color Revolution. Specially designed for color treated hair, this rich-lathering shampoo gently yet effectively protects hues. Infused with botanical surfactants, it cleans and removes build up without stripping color. Rice proteins and Moringa Seed Extract leave hair squeaky clean and nourished. No build-up, so hair feels weightless. 

True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss

Step 2 in Rita’s True Color Revolution, glossing is the salon secret to keep color vibrant and hair as shiny as the day you got it colored. With 5 shades developed by Rita, this in-shower color-saver enhances shine and brilliance with mess-free application.

True Color Conditioner

Step 3 in Rita’s True Color Revolution. Specially designed for color treated hair, this color-protecting conditioner richly hydrates without weighing hair down. Infused with Japanese Camelia Oil to leave strands feeling silky and manageable. Rita’s fade-­defying complex protects color from UV, environment and heat tools, preventing breakage while providing lustrous sheen.

Safe for all hair types. Sulfate, Sodium Chloride & Paraben Free.

at Sehpora @$26 each

The Velvet Rabbit – By Bronzed Bunny

June 15, 2017


What is the vajacial? Just what you’re thinking – a facial for your lady parts weather it’s a weekend getaway, surprise tinder date or a mellow night with bae, let Bronzed Bunny rejuvenate and brighten your bunny with their signature vajacial treatment called, The Velvet Rabbit.

Shaving is bad.

Ingrown hairs can be caused by a buildup of dead and dry skin. The vajacial is a revitalizing treatment done post Brazilian, sugaring (7 -10 days after for optimal results) where they use luxury product line {Epicuren} to cleanse the skin, exfoliate and a apply our hydrating mineral collagen mask under steam. The results brighten and rejuvenate the bikini area while treating and preventing future ingrown hairs, hyper-pigmentation and dryness.

Prepare for your vajacial with Bronzed Bunny’s other signature treatment, Sugaring is the safest and most gentle form of hair removal; that is even safe for certain skin conditions. They use organic sugar paste made of just water, sugar and lemon. The sugar ball is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, while the sugar seeps into the hair follicle and wraps around the root, the paste is flicked off in the natural hair growth direction eliminating hair breakage and irritation. The sugar itself is a natural humectant which draws moisture into the skin, while naturally exfoliating dead and dry skin.

Over time, sugaring does lead to faster permeant hair reduction and noticeable growth depletion can be seen after just your first two sugaring services.

New UNWASH Shampoo

June 1, 2017

Unwash calls itself a new method to clean hair in a “more civilized way”.  Unwash has everything you need to thoroughly cleanse hair without stripping it of color, keratin or its natural oils.

Free of harsh detergents that strip natural oils, moisture and wreak havoc on hair color, Unwash’s signature Bio-Cleansing Conditioner (perfect for everyday use) and Anti-Residue Cleanse (for a deeper clean) gently remove dirt and surface build up while locking in moisture, protecting color and upholding hair’s natural integrity.

To add even more moisture to hair, the Hydrating Masque restores natural oils. 


Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner

Apply Emulsion Co-Wash Method, this unique formula attracts and removes daily dirt and surface build-up without stripping hair of its healthy, natural oils. Essential moisture is locked in to restore balance and promote healthy, smooth hair. Combined with nourishing oils and extracts, hair is left soft more manageable, free of frizz and full of bounce, body and vibrant natural beauty.

Price: $36




Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse

Rinse away the build-up of styling agents, leave-in products and time. Experience our pH-balanced Anti-Residue Rise, a mild yet effective bio-based cleanser that gently removes the layers of build-up that may be weighing hair down. A reset button for the tresses, it lifts away the bad without stripping away natural oils and moisture to maintain balanced, healthier-looking, more beautiful hair. Free of harsh sulfates and parabens.

Price: $32



Unwash Hydrating Masque

Reset your hair’s moisture balance with this ultra-hydrating and nourishing masque. Applying a systematic approach, restorative natural oils and extracts replenish hair vitality from the inside out. Hair feels softer, smoother and healthier with more body, beauty and shine. Free of sulfates and parabens.

Price: $34


Rossano Ferretti Salon and Parma Product Line

May 4, 2017

Already dreaming about my haircut with Rossano Ferretti at this BH salon. I keep waiting for the right day when I can make it an event, because getting one’s hair cut by him deserves that level of specialness.






Beverly Hills-L.A.345 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Italian-born Rossano Ferretti, with his natural instinct for beauty, has founded more than 20 Salons around the world, from Milan to Madrid, Los Angeles to Mumbai, New York to Paris, London to Rome. The creation of the The Method –Rossano Ferretti’s personal beauty concept –led to a revolution in understanding the style of hair: the“invisible haircut” that falls naturally, enhancing the individual beauty of every client. For more than 20 years, Rossano Ferretti has driven the hairdressing industry with his interpretation of individual beauty. He has changed the way people perceive haircutting and hair salons with his Hairspas, combining the most beautiful worldwide locations and ‘The Method’. Become, in 2008 , the international spokesperson for L’Oreal Professionel Luxury Brands, participated, as a testimonial, in press conferences for the launch of their new best products, in the top country in the world. In 2012, Rossano Ferretti, in collaboration with L’Oreal, developed a format for a worldwide tour, beginning in Shanghai, with a tailor-made seminar inspiring the best hairdressers in the world. This series of seminars will enable Rossano to present his keys to success, all while sharing and teaching his passionate vision of “the next future of luxury experience concept in the hair business”.

And then, there is the Rossano Ferretti Parma product line…

  All products in the Rossano Ferretti Parma collection are made with a high concentration of the finest raw materials from plant and vegetable oils, optimized in durability and stability by a minimum use of the most advanced biopolymers. All products are made in Italy, for you, with love. Benefits include:

Long-lasting effect / Superior Conditioning /Softening Action /Lipid Repair/ Extraordinary Shine