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The List: Mid-Summer Essentials for Men

July 19, 2017

Recently I switched up my style and daily grooming routine so I have put together a male must have list that will instantly transform the average Joe to a dapper dude. These brands are not only suave and sexy they also are healthy and strategically crafted to make any man appear to be the perfect gentleman. Every man loves a good pair of sunnies, undies, sex, and effective grooming products. After my research these are the best I have personally tried thus far and I highly recommend you go out and get them immediately to impress that special someone or just to better yourself. Since every man loves sex the first product I want to turn you on to (pun intended) is Sex Dust by Moon Juice. This is a lusty blend of adaptogenic superherbs that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative and sexual energy, in and out of the bedroom. I prefer adding to a protein shake with a nut butter but you can add this product to your morning coffee, water or pretty much anything you drink excluding alcohol. The special blend consists of Ho Shou Wu, Organic Cacao, Shilajit, Maca, Organic Schisandra, Cistanche, Epimedium and Organic Stevia leaf.

Every male loves a fresh pair of undies and Related Garments invented the perfect pair of boxer briefs that come with two pairs of matching socks, one being long and the other being footies that are not seen when wearing shoes. Honestly, these are probably the comfiest underwear I have ever worn even beating out the usual go-to Calvin Klein collection. Related Garments states they were built on the principle that every detail counts, even if it goes (mostly) unseen. Men deserve better when it comes to the basics. No longer should we be subjected to dingy, hole-ridden, stretched-out waistband underwear and socks. Considering the fact that your underwear is hugging your most precious package we think your goods deserve what is good. Related has a dual meaning and message, besides the obvious about the founders being brothers, it only seemed logical that socks and underwear should be sold in pairs. Stylish and luxurious sets of socks and underwear make prep work in the morning simple–and leave a lasting impression.

Another thing no man should leave the house without are a nice pair of sunnies. These effortlessly chic and affordable sunglasses are made by Chimi Eyewear  I have the Kiwi colored – out of the nine different colors in three classical models- and wear them every single day. I get compliments on them everywhere I go from the grocery store to running at the park. Chimi Eyewear is based in Stockholm, Sweden but ships worldwide free of charge – that deal is hard to beat. Chimi Eyewear’s colorful shades are made for colorful people. CHIMIs are designed to match every mood and style of colorful peoples lives.

I strongly believe in the importance of a distinguished and diligently dapper gentleman always being consistent with grooming. Three brands I absolutely love and incorporate into my daily regimen are Kiehl’sSonage and Herbivore.  I use the Sonage Patagonia Berry Stem Cell mask which is one of the best face masks on the market and doesn’t burn like most masks while fully hydrating my skin; Herbivore’s gorgeous orange Phoenix facial oil that gives you that sexy confident wrinkle-less glow every man needs and the entire Kiehl’s Age Defender moisturizing line as well as the Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Texturizing Clay for the perfectly flexible hold with an aroma of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus essential oils.  

XX Jonathan Stinson

Dr. Babak Dadvand, Plastic Surgeon

July 12, 2017

Dr. Babak Dadvand,Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, in practice for over two decades is a world famous for transgender surgery. 

I met with him recently and was awed by his wealth of knowledge on the subject M2F/F2M surgeries for transsexuals. I had been wanting to find the go-to plastic surgeon in LA for this and I hit the jack pot. But it’s not only this surgery that defines this pioneer. His is also on the cutting edge of all things breast for both male and females, from gynecomastia (man boobs) to breast augmentation, breast/body lifts, and of course liposuction.


Dr. Dadvand works with some of the newest cosmetic procedures available to date; such as the Kybella (injectable eliminates double chin),  Voluma (creates instant structure in the face), as well as all the tried and true fillers such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and more.

So as we discussed his surgery techniques, I asked him to please address my lips with some filler. Ya see, my lips are challenging. They are wide and not very full. There is too much space between my nose and top lip. My top lip is much thinner than my bottom.

And oh – I loathe a filler-look. I never want my lips to look unnatural. Full yes, but not ‘filler’ full.

I was floored by what happened over the next…I dunno, 45 mins? HE TOOK HIS TIME. And addressed my lips like it was a serious operation. Slowly, meticulously and deeply studying he worked filler into my lips, paused, studied, and continued. The approach was totally personal, with extreme attention to detail and laser focus.

And the result was nothing short of amazing. My lips look incredibly natural and simply more even and full. Nothing crazy. No Bev Hills housewife duck lips.

Please forgive my Mac photo-booth photos that I am taking while sitting here sweating my brains out. Don’t mind my weird face rash either. Paging the best dermatologist please!

Dr. Dadvand’s destination recovery VIP treatment for out-of-town patients is well-known and regarded as one of the best. Patients that come from afar are offered luxury accommodations, medical assistance, room service and more.     

(310) 278-4200
8500 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 615 | Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Organic Pharmacy – Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

June 24, 2017

The ORGANIC PHARMACY has always been a huge fave of mine. Their products are simply top notch.

Stepping into this clean, minimal space brings me great joy. However, it’s smelling and feeling every single on of their products that sends me into bliss.

To put it simply – everything is a pure as it gets. And all I can say is you have to experience it all for yourself.

I recently popped over for their classic Rose Quartz Lymphatic Facial. 

I hadn’t had a treatment there in years and could not wait for a re-fresher. I left glowing and radiant and smelling like the cleanest and purest essential oils. I was reeling!

This is the Rose Quartz Facial: (sounds great, huh?)

Our Ultimate Signature Experience A luxurious treatment to re-energise and renew your skin. Awa

Your treatment begins with Lavender-infused deep breathing exercises, followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and extraction. Three luxurious masks of Rosehip, Seaweed, Honey & Jasmine and Collagen are applied, with intensive hands, arms, feet, face, décolleté and scalp massage* (using our nourishing Hair Serum).

This indulgent treatment leaves you in a completely renewed state, ready to face the world.

Each treatment is as individual as you are.

Treatments and facials  are all customizable

Address: 453 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Phone: (310) 272-7275

What’s all the rage about #Kbeauty?! SMD Cosmetics has the answer

May 9, 2017

We got wind of an amazing skin care line and had to look into this #Kbeauty trend ASAP!  What’s all the hype about? Why is it such a topic of conversation?

The trend is referred to as K-beauty, and it’s all about the ingredients. Celebrity make up artists are using it more and more too. We got to speak with 2 notable celebrity MUAs that shared with me their favorite #Kbeauty product and also gave us some tips on trends to watch for this summer!

Here is Elizabeth Hoel-Chang Celebrity Make Up Artist for the hit TV show This Is Us, on her summer skin care tips and tricks:

“I spritz a spray of rose water on my clean face before I put on my favorite natural Korean skin care products from SMD Cosmetics. I use Khiel’s SPF 50 facial sunscreen everyday under my makeup. I’ve been using SMD Cosmetics religiously since November, and now I’ve completely stopped wearing any foundation, because I don’t need it. The SMD Cleansing Oil is the perfect cleanser because it doesn’t strip my face of all the oil and disrupt my PH balance. It has been a life-saver for breakouts. Usually I’d have 4X the hormonal or summer breakouts using a stripping cleanser. I then apply a dusting of mineral powder on my face, concentrating mainly on my cheek area to correct my rocesa. Simple eyeliner and mascara, and fill in my brows. I apply a bit of bronzer or light pink blush on my cheeks and am on my way. I will sometimes blot my face with a light blotting powder, otherwise just let my face be as it is. Even if my mineral powder wears off over a long day at work, it doesn’t bother me now because my skin has repaired, plumped and become so hydrated from the help of SMD Saromae Snail Serum I also make sure I drink plenty of water and implicate more organic avocadoes in my diet since they are in season and are SO GOOD for your skin!! Along with strawberries, grapes and kale.”

So we did a little bit of digging and found out, SMD Cosmetics produces one of the most popular prestigious skin care lines in South Korea, formulated on over 2,000 years of herbal medicine wisdom! It’s a natural (which I LOVE) premium herbal medicinal-based line that is fairly new to the US.

We heard that SMD products are being used by top celebrity make-up artists, and are also now being sold at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in Hollywood.

We also interviewed celebrity make-up artist and photographer, Troy Jensen, to give us this summers hottest skin care and make-up tips and this is what he had to say:

“I like my “muses” to come to me with radiant glowing clear skin…I love SMD Cosmetics, a K-beauty brand new to the US…some of my clients and I use the Saromae Snail Serum on the skin under make-up for radiance. I ease my clients (Jordan Sparks, Giuliana Rancic, and Mariah Carey to mention a few) into summer make up by first warming up their complexion. I choose a sheer foundation that will give them a warm wash of color. At the moment I’m obsessed with Dior Skin Nude Air Serum foundation. It’s so sheer, it literally looks invisible on the skin. Next I will add a peachy glow to the skin with Two Faced Cosmetics “sweet peach glow” pallet… it has a bronzer, a highlighter and a beautiful peach blush, to give you that instant beach babe look! I even dust a little highlighter and bronzer on the eyes and top of with this seasons IT beauty trend: tinted mascara (I love Benefit Cosmetics “there real mascara” in Beyond Blue. On the lips this summer, shimmer is a big trend and rose gold is really hot. Jouer Cosmetics has created a beautiful rose gold collection for the lips: I love “the long wear lip cream liquid lipstick in rose gold” and I go over it with Jouer’s lip topper in rose gold, focusing on the center of the lip and upper bow of the lip.”

After speaking to Elizabeth and Troy Groomed LA wants in!

I can’t wait to get my INHYUNJIN anti-aging set for myself! #Kbeauty !!! WOOT!!