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New Fire Department Coffee Campaign Aims To Raise Funds for Sons of the Flag

July 1, 2017

Anything FIRE DEPARTMENT is major in this house as my son is OBSESSED!!! Anything COFFEE and GIVING BACK as I am obsessed with both.

So, when I heard that Fire Department Coffee created a campaign aiming to raise funds for Sons of the Flag,I perked up. Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization committed to aid military, first responders, and civilian burn survivors across the nation.

Beginning today, FDC will donate 20% of all online sales to Sons of the Flag. The campaign will run from July 1 through July 16, 2017.

Please watch the campaign video by clicking the image or via YouTube:

Sons of the Flag needs funding to continue care for burn survivors and fund existing treatments and surgeries. The organization is committed to support burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research, technology, and education.

Consumers can contribute to the campaign by visiting

“We can’t allow those suffering to be forgotten,” said Fire Department Coffee Co-Founder Luke Schneider. “We’re committed to do all that we can to make sure every burn victim gets the care, treatment, and funds needed to recover.”

To learn more about Sons of the Flag, please visit:



The A List hosts N:Philanthropy’s Give Back Garden Party

June 29, 2017

The unstoppable A LIST  threw an inspiring “Give Back” garden party, celebrating brands that are conscious and give back. Why can’t all of Hollywood be like this? 

The theme? Brands that GIVE A DAMN! Leading the gathering hosts, N:PHILANTHROPY , a ridiculously rad clothing line which donates 10 percent of net profits to – oh – let’s say children’s cancer research or ya know, a little thing like animal welfare? Yah, and um, what are you doing? Exactly! Get out there and volunteer at Children’s Hospital LA, which was also representing.

And who was there? A bevy of glowing Hollywood lovelies sporting the socially conscious brands of the day.

Adria Arjona — n:Philanthropy tank / FASHIONABLE bag
Adelaide Kane — n:Philanthropy dress / Soludos / FASHIONABLE clutch
Cat Deeley — n:Philanthropy dress / Vince Camuto purse / FASHIONABLE bag
Camilla Belle — 1.state heels / n:Philanthropy tee / FASHIONABLE bag
Emmy Rossum — n:Philanthropy top & leggings / FASHIONABLE necklace / Jimmy Choo bag and Sergio Rossi shoes
Gal Gadot — n:Philanthropy top / Madewell Jeans / FASHIONABLE necklace
Jamie Lynn Sigler — LEC Sandals
Jamie King — n:Philanthropy skirt and top / Jimmy Choo shoes / FASHIONABLE
Jurnee Smollett-Bell — n:Phil tee, madewell jeans
Katherine Schwarzenegger — n:Philanthropy sweater
Kat McPhee — n:Philanthropy top / FASHIONABLE bag / Citizens of Humanity jeans / Alex Birman shoes
Kristen Bell — FASHIONABLE shoes / n:Philanthropy dress (top)
Lizzy Caplan — Madewell overalls / n:Philanthropy top / FASHIONABLE bag
Minka Kelly — n:Philanthropy top
Sarah Wright Olsen — n:Philanthropy dress / soludos shoes / FASHIONABLE bag
Serayah — n:Philanthropy dress / Diesel jacket

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, Sarah Wright Olsen

Kat McPhee

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, Adria Arjona

Jen Rade, Tara Swennen

Yvonne Niami, Alanah Joseph

Adelaide Kane

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Kristen Bell, Gal Gardot, Lizzy Caplan, Yvonne Niami

Jaime King

Jurnee Smollett, Minka Kelly

Camilla Belle

Cat Deeley

Lizzy Caplan

Kristen Bell

Jamie Lynn Sigler

Emmy Rossum

Next up in the give back/conscious brands was the stunning line…

Nyakio Beauty

Where this Kenyan born beauty learned about skincare at the age of 8, which is about the age of her skin. Whatever she’s using, I’m doing.


This line knocks it out the ballpark. These exquisite goods are made by giving jobs to women in need.

“In my experience, poor people are the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Every day, they must innovate in order to survive. They remain poor because they do not have the opportunities to turn their creativity into sustainable income.

– MUHAMMAD YUNUS, AUTHOR OF Creating a World Without Poverty


Their Mission:

We believe that the end to generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves.

Charity is critical. Its importance lies in giving relief to those who are in great destitution from what are often unbearable circumstances. However, giving food, medical care, clothing, and other charity to the poor is just the beginning point to solving the issues of poverty. It is widely known that if we are to end extreme poverty, two things must happen. One, we must create jobs for those lacking opportunity, and two, we must do so for women. This is the gap that FASHIONABLE wants to fill.

To be clear, FASHIONABLE is not a social model of business that gives something away. We believe that the end to generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves. We believe that social businesses whose aim is to alleviate poverty should use their business skills to create job opportunities for the poor, not give them more charity. What we seek to “give” to those living in poverty is opportunity by purchasing goods from them, and helping those businesses grow and employ more.

We believe in doing the manufacturing in the communities we wish to impact, creating jobs along the way.

Our business model is not creating goods in a strong economic country, selling those goods in the West, and then giving charity to developing countries. This still leaves the developing country out of the opportunity for economic growth, and keeps them in a cycle of dependency. We believe in doing the manufacturing in the communities we wish to impact, creating jobs along the way. Although it often creates a unique set of challenges, trade with developing countries is an empowerment model that we are committed to.

Kapulet Beauty

is a subscription based shopping experience where you can buy top of the line cruelty free, high end products at drug store prices. Here you will find every luxury brand at totally affordable prices.

Their Mission:

Kapulet Beauty was founded by a group of animal lovers, beauty gurus, and tech junkies who wanted to offer the world an alternative way to be beautiful. All of our brands are cruelty-free and are chosen because of the positive impact they have provided to the industry. We reward members with accessible pricing to luxury products, invitations to special events, and insider beauty info.

Kapulet works on a membership model, cutting out the middle man and saving you hundreds of dollars. Yearly membership costs only $59.95 and Kapulet confidently offers a thirty day trial period! Additionally, membership grants you access to exclusive beauty tutorials, pop up shops, and more!

When you become a Kapulet, you’re not just joining a beauty club- you’re participating in a beauty revolution.

The Lipstick Lobby

How about this one – EVERY CENT goes to Planned Parenthood. Is there really anything else I need to say? Yah. Didn’t think so.

Their Mission:

Welcome to THE LIPSTICK LOBBY. We are a social justice movement for change, progress and equality. Please join us in a simple way to protest and make a difference: this bold statement lipstick.

Wearing this lipstick is a reminder that small actions can create big waves. It’s a simple way to speak up and speak out against the threats to women’s freedoms and health care posed by the Trump administration. It’s a small thing we can all do right here, right now to create change.

100% of net profits from the sale of our signature shade KISS MY PINK will be donated to Planned Parenthood. And stay tuned…we have new shades and new ways to make a difference in the works.

So pucker up in protest with us. Together we can resist. Together we can make a difference. Together we can #LipstickItToTheMan!


Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care for women, men, and young people, and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. This vital organization serves 2.5 million women and men in the United States who annually visit Planned Parenthood centers for health care services and information. If Trump succeeds with his devastating agenda to repeal the Affordable Care Act, millions of people will lose their health care and Planned Parenthood will lose its federal funding. We refuse to accept this. 

We chowed on Pure Growth Organic snacks which I have been totally mad about, because frankly, half my diet is chowing my kids snacks. Now I can do it and they are actually GOOD! And good for you. Done and done. We sipped Rethink Water (more adorable packaging for kids!) And I stared down the tequila cocktails by Viva XXXII but couldn’t drink because I had to teach a spin class later on. Good news, I took a bottle to go, so, um, hi weekend, are you here yet?



  1. n:Philanthropy
  2. nyakio
  3. Pure Growth Organics
  5. ReThink Water

Safe Catch Elite Tuna

June 1, 2017

I love tuna but I never eat it. You know, it’s mercury ridden. SAFE CATCH ELITE just made tuna ok to eat again.

Not only does Safe Catch test every fish used in its products to ensure that they are low in mercury, the ingredients they use in their new seasoned line of tuna are equally as pure and natural. Spice and herb blends like Cajun, chili lime, citrus pepper, tandoori, and habanero mint are blended with nothing more than a touch of avocado oil. And each can has over 28 grams of protein to keep you fueled and full for hours.

It is NOT your mama’s tuna. Be prepared for a very dark, meaty and hearty fish. It might take a beat to get used to. I’ve been throwing them on my salads at work and they keep me full forever. If you are a tuna junkie – then this is your new safe way to go. The spices and flavorings mean business too!

First, we catch the tuna.

Tuna is traceable from catch to can and they only buy from captains whose fish come from managed and sustainable tuna stocks.

Then, they test each tuna.

Using a proprietary technology, they are able to test every single fish for its mercury content. If it doesn’t meet their purity standards they don’t buy it.  It still may be a good tuna, but it’s not a Safe Catch tuna.

The limit for Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is ten times (10x) stricter than the FDA mercury action limit. The limit for Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna is three times (3x) stricter than the FDA mercury action limit.

Why test every tuna?

These fish seem identical. They are the same size. They swim in the same school. They both like recess and hate math.
Low Mercury Tuna Safe Catch
This fish has very safe mercury levels.
How much mercury can you have? Safe Catch Tuna
This fish has 10 times more mercury.

About 1 of out of 3 tuna tested do not pass our strict purity standards

That’s why Safe Catch tests every fish.

ZOLLI POPS – Sugar Free Candy For Kids THAT CLEAN TEETH!

May 30, 2017

11-year-old entrepreneur and inventor, Alina Morse, and her company Zollipops announced today the release of her latest product extension of the ZolliCandy Brand-Zaffi™ Taffy. Zaffi joins Zollipops and Zolli Drops as apart of Morse’s product portfolio. 

Zaffi is not ordinary taffy. It’s supercharged with Xylitol, Erythritol and other smile friendly natural ingredients, including magic teeth cleaning crystals. Like the brand’s sister products, Zaffi helps neutralize acid, reduce the risk of tooth decay and future development of cavities.

A guilt-free indulgence, Morse’s Zolli products have become the No. 1 selling sugar-free lollipop on She and her cavity-fighting candies have appeared on “Good Morning America” the “Steve Harvey” show, and been listed by Forbes’ as a “Top Ten Emerging Food Trends.” She is also featured as part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Special Edition 2017 book, published by Scholastic.

Morse has partnered with the Special Olympics for their “Special Smiles” program and have committed more than 250,000 healthy lollipops in support of the ADA’s children’s oral health initiative.

Natural Products Expo West ( has grown to become one of the leading trade shows in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry, identifying the bestsellers of today and the trends of tomorrow. More than 60,000 industry professionals and 2,600 exhibitors are expected to convene at this year’s event, representing the entire value chain of healthy products from start to finish.


Zollipops were invented by eleven-year-old Alina Morse and are made in the U.S., by LOL, in Walled Lake, Mich. Zollipops are available at Whole Foods Market, Meijer, HEB, Toys R Us, Exchange, BigY Markets, online at Amazon, Jet, Lucky Vitamin and  Zollipops and its founder Morse have been featured in a wealth of media including: Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, People, Parenting, Forbes Magazine, TIME For Kids, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg, ScholasticABC News, and The Washington Post. For more information, please visit,,

Cauliflower is the new everything! Cali’flour Crusts are here!

May 26, 2017

Cali’flour Foods is making Califlower pizza crusts and let’s just say UM YAY!

I literally saw this on my Instagram feed in an ad and ASAP hit SHOP NOW. Cauliflower is everywhere these days – even in smoothies. It’s taking over bananas for smoothing and flour for baking and these crusts are so good, I just ate the entire package of 6 servings with melted Almond Cheese. I AM LOSING IT. THEY ARE INSANELY DIVINE!!! I’m scared about how quick I will go through them. THEY ARE THAT GOOD.

Store locator

2 crusts are $12.95,made of a proprietary blend of 4 simple ingredients: cauliflower, cheese, eggs, and spices. These 9 inch crusts will come to you precooked and ready to add your favorite toppings.


Nutrition Facts See the recipes page to find great topping ideas!

Each crust counts as 6 Weight Watchers points with both The Original and Smart Points programs!! For Take Shape for Life coaches and clients; a full crust counts as a half a lean and 3 greens.


BACKSTORY of the founder:

23.5 million people suffer from an autoimmune disease. I am one of them.
After being diagnosed with Lupus, I realized I needed to change my habits. However, change is not always easy. I quickly realized that if I was going to have long term health and success I would need to make food that was both healthy and tasty! With that in mind, I set out to create food that could be enjoyed by all. I measured the success of the product by my inflammatory reactions and finally came up with healthy and delicious alternatives to some of my favorites!

It was there that Cali’flour Foods was born.