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BRAZILIAN BLOWOUTS! To blow or not to blow? Liz Devin tells us how to find a safe stylist and salon.

July 20, 2012





In case you haven't noticed there has been a ton of buzz about Brazilian Blow Outs and safety. Much to do is going around about the potential dangers of this so-called "toxic-cocktail" – and much of it is talk talk talk.  Several salons are no longer doing them and looking for safer alternatives.  Of course, as someone who loves a B.B. and even had one while pregnant (!) I had to look into this a bit more. 

First off, every single treatment I tried that is considered totally safe, as in formaldehyde-free, did not work. I wont name brand-names, but several of the keratin-like treatments I tried, only worked to slightly smooth the hair, and maybe only 20% and for a day or two.  They did not live up to their claims what-so-ever.  I don't doubt that are good for your hair, but in no way should you go in expected sleek, smooth and straight results. It aint happening. 

I decided to let Liz Devin, one of LA's top stylists and Brazilian Blowout specialists (she works out of the Andy LeCompte Salon in WeHo) weigh in on this. As she is doing them, problem free, and after having her do one on my this past week, I now know why. It's called: Ventilation and a Serious Top Notch Professional only.  The last blow out I had two years ago was at a very fancy shmancy salon, and the woman burned my hair so badly that Liz had to sadly chop it off, send me to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a silk pillowcase and vow not to touch it until it totally grew in. (She also sent me to Denis for an amazing conditioning Keratin Rejuvination Treatment which helped restore it and protect it from breaking further).

Here is what Liz had to say:


When I do Brazilian keratin treatments I use four small fans. I have all of the windows open and the fans blow all the vapor out the windows. I provide masks for my clients as well as myself and my assistant. I also have two large air filters that are specifically for salon chemicals. 

It is your stylist responsibility to keep you, themselves and coworkers safe by knowing what chemicals they are using and taking the necessary precautions. 
When done safely, the treatments can be life changing. When not done safely and properly they can be a disaster.  

Make sure your stylist has taken a class and is certified to do the treatments. Many stylist simply watch a YouTube video and buy the products online. That is not ideal. 

Ask if the salon has windows for proper ventilation. 

Be sure that the treatment is done near open windows and or doors. 

Ask if the stylist has fans to blow the vapor away. 

Ask if the stylist has any air filters specifically for salon chemicals.

These are a few guidelines for you to use in deciding who is doing their best to do Brazilian keratin treatments safely.  

Good luck!  

Liz Devin


So that's that people. Please educate yourself on your stylist. OR, if you were me, just go to Liz and don't waste your time anywhere else. I had the best experience.  The fans were blowing away – I was given a protective clear eye mask – I did not smell one thing – She was quick and amazing and my hair is straight as a bone.  LOVE IT!!






June 25, 2012

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soooo many product and treatments to fill you in on – i don't know where to start.


1. so far, no replacement for the toxic-much-debated Brazilian Blowout. sorry peeps. so far i've tried 4 au-natural-chem-free attempts at hair de-frizzing and they all suck-ass.  so this week, thank you thank you, the brilliant LIZ DEVIN will be putting on her mask and flattening the crap outta my jew-frizz over at ANDY LECOMPTE.

2. the good people at the mucho famoso Dr. Peter Bela Fodor invited me in to try the VASER system – a non-invasive fat removal system. well, if you can wrap your head around this one – we only could do my underarms as it appeared that day that i didn't have enough fat in my mid-section and my thighs house metal hip replacements and we couldn't do the VASER near those.  so after a lovely lie down with the yummy warm massagy thing going back and forth on my arms like the best hot stone massage ever – the bat wings were measured and were 1/4 inch smaller. not bad! you are supposed to do a series of 4 or 5 treatments and this is supposed to be great for mid-section and thigh bulges. i am still freakin out over the LIPOSONIX i tried 6 weeks ago as they seriously is melting fat off my legs. wow. honestly, if you need to get rid of fat that spinning still has'nt touched in years, not up for anything invasive – this is IT. period, the end. it works.


3. a killler, organic, mineral sunscreen to protect your DNA from UVA rays is making me and my kids so happy. SOLEIL ORGANIQUE MINERAL SUNSCREEN MIST ($42). it makes putting sunscreen on fun. the spray is so cool – like a dry mist. absorbs quickly, smells amazing. in fact, we all can't get enough. and it's rated 45, water resistant, hypo allergenic, vegan and gluten free with green tea extract and eco sun complex. to die for.


4. if you're looking for a BRIGHT hot pink summer gloss – this is your baby. Anastasia's SEE AND BE SEEN set ($44) it comes with 2 serious almost neon pink and peachy glosses, a brow gel and duo eye shadow. summer glimmer at it's best.


5. tried a C02 laser two weeks ago. the motherlode of skin resurfacing. holy shizzy.  if you have a down week where you can look like you've been in a hard-core plane crash and have some hypo or hyper-pigmentation, acne scars or fine lines you'd like to see blasting into oblivion, this is the treatment for you. NOT for the faint of heart.  it hurts like a mutha (take the narco!) will frighten the crap outta your spouse, partner or kids, but crap it's totally worth it. i have the skin of a 2 year old. you CANNOT have just anyone do it! it's considered surgery (even though it's not technically, it's in office and you're up) and i only only only recommend DR. LEIF ROGERS and/or his P.A. VALERIE to perform it. not cheap either but if you have skin issues that you've been battling – this is for you.




Frizzy hair and Brazlilians are a no-no. What to do? A Keratin Express with Tina at THE PRIVATE ROOM

March 14, 2012



so the word on the street is: Brazilian Blow Outs* are toxic and then some. (great, i did one pregnant. oy). so what to do about super frizzy, damaged hair? 

keratin, keratin, keratin.

i popped into The Private Room, the adorable little boutique salon in BH where the Tina Dizon, the sweetest, warmest, no BS owner/stylist meet me and my frizz head-on and promised to salvage it sans cancer causing chemicals.

enter the KERATIN EXPRESS treatment. while it would not give me those gorgeous silky straight locks of Brazilian days of yesteryear, it would restore my fried ends and take my hair healthy, more silkier place, and with the infusion of Keratin, from the inside out.  and this it did. my hair is looking 80 percent better now and it's been three weeks since. and while i am still desperate for some silky-frizz-free straightening, Tina assured me the next treatment we will do, now that my damaged hair is more restored, will take me close to the stick straight look those formaldehyde drenched days, but totally chemical free. i've already booked my next appt. i'm also eager for a trim from her as i could tell from my amazing blow dry that she has a fab hand and eye.

while Tina is known for her sought-after for her "Ballet" Extensions, an exclusive application technique that involves detailed artistry and custom prep work and a duo-fusion process she does it all, color, cut and restorative treatments.

KERATIN EXPRESS, will have you silky and restored, starting at $135 

the full on KERATIN starts at $300

9414 Brighton Way

Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills


* Most Brazilian treatments (BKT) contain as much as 2% formaldehyde, and many treatments can contain higher percentages than that. Now there are many Keratin Treatments that are Formaldehyde Free. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic, and used in this application as a volitile liquid (quick drying) component to keep the keratin compound in liquid form, which dries once you have applied it to the hair. Formaldehyde is an acceptable additive in cosmetic use but the FDA doesn’t have to approve cosmetic products as they do drugs.

check out all the fun specials they do! donation saturdays are sure to make you feel extra good about your grooming.


The first Saturday of every month, THE PRIVATE ROOM donates 100% of our retail sales profit, in addition to a portion of the team's gratuities, to a chosen organization.


This month's organization is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Los Angeles in honor of and suggested by
Melanie Cook. 



The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the world's leader in the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis. We are a nonprofit donor-supported organization dedicated to attacking cystic fibrosis from every angle. Our focus is to support the development of new drugs to fight the disease, improve the quality of life for those with CF, and ultimately to find a cure.   

Eco-Certified, Professional Organic Hair Care

Unite Eurotherapy

Environmentally conscious

Professional Haircare 

 Moroccan Oil

No Animal Testing

Certified, Organic Haircare for Men



 Hair Extensions

Ammonia free haircolor

Keratin Complex

by Coppola

 GK Hair 

Unite Moisture 
Shampoo and 

Check out our

page for more information on adding moisture to your hair   


 MOR Candle


Salon by Maxime’s Q KERATIN Treatment

September 9, 2011

I have a love-hate relationship with my baby-fine hair. It’s cursed with cowlicks and random waves and often looks best crammed under a hat. In a town that covets all that's smooth and silky, I am a fuzzy-headed outlyer.

So, I'’ll admit I was a bit skeptical to try the Q Keratin treatment ($100) at the Salon by Maxime <>  in Beverly Hills. I always thought the magic of Keratin was reserved for the Kim Kardashians of the world, and not for people with quirky, “little-kid” hair like me. But, happily I was wrong. This gentle and super-hydrating treatment turns out to be a godsend for people with thinning and more fragile hair. It’s also great for pregnant ladies since its completely formaldehyde-free.

I'm new to L.A. and felt princess-like valet parking my car on North Rodeo Drive and breezing into The Salon by Maxime on a Saturday afternoon, that also just so happened to be my birthday. Despite it's not-so-easy-to-navigate website,  I immediately knew I was in good hands. The environment is beautiful and unpretentious and everyone was incredibly friendly. Maxime, the owner, introduced himself and I was quickly ushered into the chair of Rima Uranga, "“the straightening queen,"” who carefully surveyed my fine, frizzy mane with a slight frown. She explained how LiQWD <> ’s Q Keratin treatment works (it can be applied at varied levels depending on the nature and condition of the hair) and that it relaxes, hydrates and smoothes frizz rather than straightens (the key ingredient is quinoa protein). My waves are one of the few things that I like about my hair, so I was definitely on board. Rima also mentioned that the results are cumulative, so the treatments work to strengthen and improve hair quality over time.

After a fabulous scalp massage, Rima got down to business. She applied the chemical-free solution and gently dried and flat-ironed my hair on a low setting. I felt very “Joan Jett” with my temporarily stick-straight do, but Rima assured me that my waves would be back in a few days, just shinier and frizz-free. I left armed with Maxime’'s “"Color Retention System"” shampoo and conditioner (both are sulfate- and sodium-chloride free and smell amazing) and “Restore,” a light, leave-in conditioner. (Love!) I also sampled LiQWD’s “Q-Keratin Longevity Serum” to help extend the life of my treatment and “The Perfect Wave” for days that I let my hair air-dry. I am officially a fan of the entire LiQWD line that's filled with high-quality ingredients and delivers impressive results.
More than a month later, my hair is still soft and shiny and worthy of leaving the house sans hat.

– Amelia Glynn


::  Amelia Glynn is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed beauty product whore. She loves putting the promise of each new lotion and potion to the test. 

Argyle Spa at the Sunset Tower hotel. Old world Hollywood elegance meets up to the minute services. WOWZA!

August 19, 2011


Who knew the Sunset Tower's ARGYLE SPA was such a cool spot?!  (Not to mention the hotel! Seriously old world Hollywood glam. I am taking my hubby there on our next date night for cocktails on the roof.) 

The spa is actually the home of the Brazilian Blowout and they do everything here from full on med-spa services to Acupuncture to hair, to mani-pedi's, waxing, tanning, and the list goes on!

But what really made me ecstatic was that when you book a massage, along with it, you get an INSANE private session in their fabulous marble Turkish Hammam - literally the most amazing sensual experience I've had in…well…forever. Honestly, you just have to try it to believe it. Press a button and a waterfall runs over your body while you relax in a steam filled room, with water – everywhere. 

My therapist, Arianna, was fantastic. This was not your run of the mill homogenized hotel massage (the spa is not owned by the hotel, but a real spa's spa) but rather a deep and in-tuned session by a very educated and aware therapist. 

After the session, given in a glorious suite (and I mean classy, crisp stunning) you are offered more time to chill and take a bath in their humunggousss tub that fills up with so much water, it's like being in your own pool (compared to my apt tub, that is).  They wont rush you, so take your time and soak it up! 

This makes an amazing gift, if you're in need of a cool prezzie for someone, or even better, why not treat yourself to an end-of-summer detox/get ready-for-fall spa day? You're worth it!

For $120, why not make a day out of it?




At the Argyle, we understand that every person has specific needs and preferences when it comes to receiving massage therapy. Thus, we offer this purely customized massage treatment personalized and tailored just for you. 

Our therapists will take a few minutes to discuss your previous experiences and explore the vast possibilities available to you in order to ensure every minute of your massage is poignant and specific to your needs and desires. Among the leaders in the industry of professional massage therapy, our therapists are adept in a multiple of styles and hand techniques. 
50, 80, 110 minutes – $120/$170/$230


The Argyle Signature Massage is powerfully therapeutic and deeply relaxing. This treatment was masterfully devised to blend the most effective aspects of Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Technique. Throughout the treatment, heated towels, eye pillows, hot pads and warm stones are incorporated. Including reflexology and scalp massage this treatment has it all. Enjoy the offerings of a multitude of massage styles and treatments with this, our most luxurious and indulgent massage. Perfect for the first timer or the seasoned spa veteran. 
80 minutes – $180


Our massage four-hands is the perfect blend of choreographed flow and focus on specific areas. Incorporating both mirrored and individual massage movements, two expert massage therapists combine their prowess and energy to create a bodywork experience unlike any other available. The result is a totally balanced massage that will render you speechless. 
50 minutes – $240 


Please inquire about our Pre and Post-Natal Massages.


Buddha Nose Therapeutic Balms, $25.00
Hot Stones, $40.00
Salt Scrub, $40.00
Sugar Scrub, $40.00
Seaweed Detox Crystal Bath, $40.00
Milk Bath, $40.00
Additional Suite Time, 20 minutes $40.00



Tucked away in our spa, resides a rarity in the western world: A true Turkish bath, referred to as Hammam. A Turkish Hammam is a low steam-heated room which exfoliates and detoxes the body while the mind relaxes. Our Hammam is loved by all who have experienced it, and has become a 'must have experience' for all our jet setter clients while visiting LA. The warmth of the Hammam opens your pores and allows for your body to relax and detoxify – the perfect way to start your spa treatments. 

Upon entering our Hammam, we supply you with our beloved Argyle Signature Sugar Scrub, cool towels and drinking water to rehydrate. This is the best way to start any of your spa treatments so you receive the deepest and full lasting results of the therapy, and leave the Argyle in a completely blissful, rejuvenated state. Your Hammam time is private and only for your personal use. 25 minutes
Single Person Hammam: $25.00, Couples Hammam: $40.00 

After your spa treatment, include one of our Signature Baths to your experience to further detoxify, relax, and refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Salt baths enjoyed immediately after a massage can increase your detoxification by over 60 percent.  

Indulge in one of natures greatest beauty treatments, just like Cleopatra. Milk baths are full of Lactic Acid, a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid found in milk, which has an exfoliating effect on the skin – cleansing it down to it's deepest layers. Our Milk Bath is further enriched in almond oil and a soft vanilla scent. Leaving your skin clean, soft and irresistibly silky smooth. 20 minutes, $40.00 


The ocean is the source of all life, and has powerful therapeutic effects on the mind, body, and spirit. OSEA’s Seaweed Detox Crystal Bath harnesses the healing power of the sea, to restore balance. Rich in sea trace minerals and exotic salts from around the world, this bath helps with detoxification, water retention, AND softens your skin to perfection. Bathe in the Sea of Life. 20 minutes, $40.00


Argyle Salon and Spa Press 

Argyle Salon and Spa Press 


8358 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069-1516
(310) 623-9000
Open Tue 9am-7pm; Wed-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10am-7pm