Lunchtime lipo with NO surgery? LIPOSONIX hits LA! Dr. Leif Rogers is now offering this latest non-surgical fat-blaster.

May 20, 2012

any time i hear of a way to zap fat that doesn't require anethesia, cannulas or a aurgery suite – i perk up. then again, i've also tried the Vaser shape (did't seem to do the trick or any trick) and have heard less than wonderful things about Zeltiq. 

so you can imagine my skeptisim when i heard of the lastest fat melting, non-surgical, non-invasive, ultrasound craze – LIPOSONIX .

but given that i have an inch or two here & there that still need to go buh-bye, (thighs!), i figured i'd give it a try as the incredibly skilled, smart, savvy and talented Dr. Leif Rogers is now offering it at his practice… and what can i say, i trust anything this doc is up to. (for more serious fat sculpting, look into his seemingly magical work with SlimLipo - it is no joke, peeps!)

i spent an hour checking this out for myself this week and i'm psyched to see the results in 8 to 12 weeks. it was basically painless, and i just chilled out on a chair while the wonderful PA Valerie just went around my thighs with a few zaps. cannot wait to report! don't have the money, downtime or simply too scared to go under el knife-o yet yearning to get rid of stubborn fat? Liposonix is the wave of the future. and i'll get back to you soon on this!!


Liposonix is a new, state-of-the-art fat removal system that is completely non-invasive. It is FDA approved for the removal of fat deposits in the abdominal area but is proving to be equally effective other areas of the body, such as the thighs.

Liposonix uses focused ultrasound waves to slightly heat and destroy stubborn fat deposits so that they can be removed by the body’s natural metabolic processes without any need for incisions or skin penetration – totally non-invasive. “With the high-frequency ultrasound energy of Liposonix, we can target stubborn areas of fat like no other non-invasive treatment has before,” claims Dr. Leif Rogers.

Liposonix has been used successfully for

  • Outer thighs – commonly known as “saddle bags” which are areas of excessive fat deposits that some people are prone to, no matter how much exercise is done
  • Inner thighs – the area at the top of the thigh which may continue to protrude and prevent the appearance of thin legs – which also can’t be exercised away for many patients
  • Back thighs – which often results in cellulite or “orange peel” appearance, caused by protrusion of fat cells through connective tissue and causes many patients to avoid wearing “short shorts” or bathing suits with no skirt

Liposonix is different from liposuction. It is completely non-surgical, requiring no skin penetration whatsoever so there is never a threat of any type of infection. In addition, Liposonix is virtually painless and has a much faster recovery rate. Most patients are able to return to normal activities – including work – on the same day and resume full exercise regimens within a week.

Though generally painless, some patients experience warming sensations during the procedure and can see slight swelling following the procedure as the body adjusts to remove the “waste” fat cells. Destruction of the unwanted fat cells is permanent. Treatment is intended for small and focused areas of the body.


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