July 20, 2011


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I am a huge Phytomer fan. I just cannot get enough of those minerals from the sea.

For summer, I'm digging into their SUNCARE LINE like crazy. It's broken down into PREPARE, PROTECT and AFTER-SUN care.

Everything is heavenly – the SOOTHING AFTER SUN MASK ( refreshes and repairs with cytoprotectine – protects against premature skin, soothes inflammation and pheohydrane – an intensive moisturizer), SUN SOOTHER AFTER SKIN MILK ( marine extracts, shea butter, chrysanthellum indicum extract – a calming herb), SUN SOLUTION SPF 30 ( with UVA, UVB filters and marine sugar).

I am most surprised about the SUN RADIANCE SELF-TANNING CREAM FOR FACE AND BODY (around $50).  This is one department I always shy away from.  Except for the amazing BEAUTISOL line  which leaves you with stunning color, I've never had a good experience in this area. Knowing Phytomer makes such high quality products, I decided to give it a try and worked the cream into my face yesterday morn.  Odorless and light, it was a no brainer to apply (some have had me streaked, foamed and globbed). And two hours later, I had just the slighted hint of a brown hued (not orange!!) real tan.  Totally subtle, natural and modest. Today I went for more, a bit on the chest, boobs and tum. It's lovely. I'm very impressed.

Everything in the line runs between $40 and $50 for nice size tube and bottles. 


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