December 6, 2010


From chocolate body scrubs, bath salts, lotions soaps and lip glosses to truffles both vegan and regular, this line of organic, fair trade chocolate treats is so home made you feel like someone personally crafted it for you.

I really didn't think there was anything better that you could do with chocolate than eat it but it turns out that wearing it is pretty intoxicating too. 

COCO-ZEN is a bonanza for freaks like me.

The lotion is now my bedside go to and the dark truffles?  Well, that tin of 8 lasted all of about one day in my house.

Go crazy with your chocolate bad self here.

Even better, order a treat for the chocolate junkie in your life.


How does this sound?


Truffles-To-Share: 12-Piece

No fancy packaging here… just 12 pieces of our large dessert truffles nestled in a recyclable and biodegradable carton made of recycled paper pulp, ready to share with friends and family.

Choose either single flavor or sampler:
– Original Signature Sampler
  (Chai, Mint, Orange & Dk Choc – 3pcs each)
– Summer Berries Sampler
  (Strawberry & Raspberry – 6pcs each)
– Classic Nut Butter Sampler
  (Almond, Hazelnut, Peanut – 4pcs each)

Please Note: Our large dessert truffle "balls" are similar to traditional "French truffles", in which the ganache centers are made with fresh organic heavy cream. While the high cream content makes our truffles a truly rich and decadent treat, it also makes them perishable with a limited shelf life. We recommend shipping our truffles via Priority Mail and refrigerating them within 2-3 days upon receipt if not consumed. If refrigerated, our truffles will remain fresh for up to 10 days.

PRICE:  $25.00 
$29.00 Almond Nut Butter
$28.00 Classic Nut Butter Sampler
$29.00 Hazelnut Butter
$27.00 Summer Berries Sampler (summer only)
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