May 6, 2010

Why is it that all self-tanners – the countless bottles, sprays and tubes of brown lube I've wreslteld with just to get my glow on over the years – really just, well, suck?

Is it the stinky smell, the orange streakiness, the patchy fading style that has me running for a custom spray tan every time I want just a little bronze-y touch up, which let's face it folks, isn't the most economical way to go?  But it's either that or look like I have a strange skin condition.

Then I finally got my gloved hands on the long awaited debut of the top rated dark tanning lotion  SUMMER GLOW FROM BEAUTISOL (formerly Antidote Skin Care) - which also comes in All Season's Glow for gradual to medium self-tanning. 

And let me tell you, I am a very, very happy ever-so-slightly-but-oh-so-naturally sun-kissed mama. HOORAY!

It smoothed on without a hitch, smelling terrific along the way, developing slowly and the effect is a day hanging out in the sun in the Spring.  It's not an over-the-top obviously fake tan.  It looks really, well, REAL.

I'm totally sold. LOVIN IT!

Beautisol offers a bunch of other goodies to make your journey into satisfying self-tanning nice and smooth: Exfoliators, Accessories, Beauty Kits, Wedding Packages and even a CLUB SOL that you can join for discounts, free shipping and lots of other goodies.

Here's a bit about the technology below.

Summer Glow™ is a pasty person’s answer to a deep, dark tan without the sun. The best part is, it doesn’t smell funky while the color is developing! Our innovative SMELL RIGHT fragrance technology actually encapsulates the unpleasant processing odor by up to 80%. A dark guide color provides you with an immediate bronzing effect and also allows you to see exactly where you applied the product and where you missed, greatly reducing any potential streaking or application mishaps.

This luxurious self-tanning lotion is paraben-free and packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that help nourish and hydrate the skin. Summer Glow™ is recommended for all skin colors and tones as it highlights and blends with your own skin’s pigment. Yes, even the fairest of redheads can use this product!

ALSO, the products are paraben-free and PETA certified which is exciting!  

Retail: $39.00

Summer Glow (individual product) -

All Seasons Glow (individual product) -

Go Slough Yourself -

Dark Tanning BeautiKit -

Gradual Tanning BeautiKit -

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