KIMBERLEE CHALMERS – Personal stylist, fashion consultant, closet revitalizer!

March 14, 2010

And let me tell you, that last part CLOSET REVITALIZER, well, I made the term up, but when KIMBERLEE CHALMERS got into my drawers and closet, my life changed in a matter of hours.  

I've been dying for someone to get into my lack-luster, low meets low wardrobe – frayed Forever 21 say hello to Urban Outfitters - pick it to shreds and throw everything away. Obviously I don't have the emotional strength to part with the tattered t-shirts that I've been holding on to for no good reason for way too long but guess who had no prob making three giant give-a-way bags?  Kim!

I fell in love with Kim's style before I even met her just from taking a peek at her website.  Her overall aesthetic is cool, hip and unstudied.  Being that I'm preggo, what was most important for me was to start dumping old crap and making room for a whole new wardrobe I plan to get once this baby comes out and I am done having kids – fer reals.  I wasn't so worried about my preggo look (this didn't stop her from making a fabulous look book of preggo and post-preggo looks for me, something she offers her clients)  but more concerned about the disaster that is the my closet and over-stuffed drawers. They're not just busting at the seams because they're Ikea.

First off, it didn't take hours. I think it took 40 minutes. We blew through my clothes in no time, got rid of the crap and I was left with a ton of great looks that she showed me how to maximize and accessorize and turn into a multitude of looks that I had never even thought about. 

Kim will also go nuts on your closet, as in re-doing the hangers for maximum functionality, coordinate everything by style, color, season and arrange looks for you so you can get the most out of your wardrobe. Fashion and function.  She will also shop for you, re-gig your style, revamp your look, and create the most awesome look book for you. She means biz and here's the clincher, she only costs….drum roll…$45 PER HOUR!!  Kim is such a total steal, and this rate it's so low priced, I'm scared she's gonna get overbooked and have to raise her prices!!

She really is the shit. She's super sweet, searingly smart at what she does and has a wicked eye.

Here is some of the fashion styling she's done and then you can take a look at the look books she created for me.  

Her service is invaluable if you are in the market for a Spring cleaning.  I cannot recommend her more! 

I'm having her back asap to put even more of the Kimberlee touch on my closets. YAY!

Kim Chalmers

310.963.9474 (c)






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