MODERN FENG SHUI & THE LUNAR CYCLE with Meghan Wallace James

May 26, 2018

Meghan Wallace James Is a modern feng shui consultant. She came to feng shui after working as a project controls engineer and a fashion designer. She Incorporates tarot & reiki into her feng shui modality. and supports clients all over the world with virtual consultations, as well as with her bicoastal In-person practice.

Working with feng shui through the Lunar Cycle will bring an energetic shift to your home, and thus to your life. On the night of the New Moon, sit in quiet contemplation in the center of your home. Feel into your space as an entirety. Ask your home: ‘where do you most need me to infuse love and alignment?’ The answer will come. For many clients lately, it has been the kitchen, closet, or bathroom. Not surprising, for these areas can easily become cluttered and dusty-and also because these areas are linked to wellbeing, beauty and relationship. Let’s use the bathroom as an example below.

NEW MOON It’s time to start fresh with your chosen room. First, embrace the mess. Block a day to ‘move out’ of this room before moving back in. Take an old sheet and lay it in the hallway (to protect the floor). Empty everything out of the bathroom, placing all toiletries, cosmetics, towels, etc. on the sheet. Let the sheer bulk resonate. Your bathroom was holding all of that energy for you! Energy that is likely somewhat damp, moldy, grungy, and/or expired. Thank your home and let it know that you will hold yourself to a higher standard from this moment onward.

Now it’s time to deep clean your bathroom. Even if you are blessed with a cleaning service, today it is your job. Play chants, or eclectic world music, to lift the stagnation from every nook and cranny. Now scrub, scrub, scrub! Scrub the toilet, scrub the shower. Clean inside the medicine cabinet and inside the drawers. Get on your hands and knees and don’t miss a spot. Here’s the kicker-you are not just cleaning your home, you are cleaning your inner world as well. Clean until it becomes a graceful practice of moving meditation. When you are done, open all the windows and sage the bathroom. Sage your body. Next, head back to the sheet holding all of your items. Purge what no longer serves you. If you wouldn’t use it on / in your body, toss it. If something carries a negative emotional trigger (no matter what you paid for it). toss or donate it. Attempt to keep the toilet brush and plunger out of the bathroom; these are unsightly and unsanitary and should live with the other cleaning supplies in the home (items that are similar always live together).

Clean the remaining items: wash the towels in a hot water cycle, take the hair out of your hairbrush, wash the cup holding your toothbrush, wipe down the trash can, rinse and fill the soap dispenser, etc. Move what remains back into the space, with thoughtfu I consideration of your beauty routine -perhaps a fresh placement makes more sense? Aim to cultivate some empty space, a place for fresh energy to land, particularly if you are calling in a relationship. Finish with a shower, and then ideally an Epsom salt soak. You did it. You will sleep well and likely have wild dreams.


WAXING MOON Now that the space has been purged, cleaned and re-aligned, what special touches could you add? What “daily gems” could be upgraded? “Daily gems” are the household items we interact with on a daily basis-hand towels and loofas. They should inspire and uplift us, subconsciously reinforcing, ‘I am abundant.’ Easy, affordable upgrades in the bathroom can make a huge impact on your mood-a new shower curtain, a new bathmat, or a bud vase with a single clipping from your yard. Don’t forget to upgrade your makeup kit. Consider natural cosmetics-fewer products of higher quality. As we approach summer, shop for beauty products that are ultra-hydrating yet light. Is it time to find a signature scent for the balmy summer evenings? Or perhaps a new candle could add fragrance and fire to a very watery part of your home.

FULL MOON This is the easy part: revel in the mini-oasis you have created and reflect: do your morning and evening routines feel more luxurious? Has anything shifted in your life since aligning this room? Do you feel lighter and brighter perhaps? Hopefully you find yourself lounging in the bathtub even longer, dropping in some essential oils, lighting your new candle and using this time for self-care and insight. Marvelous ideas are birthed when we are inspired by what we see and sense.

WANING MOON Now that you are so tuned into your bathroom, and starting to gain the understanding between visual metaphors and energetics, is there another layer of purging that could happen? Do you really need seventeen face creams? Do you really need that storage unit, adding bulk and taking up so much floor space? Do one final purge, before getting ready to move into a new area of the home with the next Lunar Cycle. This work is addictive in the best way possible!

Please contact Meghan to share any changes this technique brought to your life! Email: mw/ 

The Arc’s One Year Anniversary Party! Cocktails, Shopping and Modern Feng Shui with Meghan Wallace James

May 24, 2018

My favorite people are coming together – you must come! The Arc is the most stunning shop for objects for your home and life. It’s owned by the most lovely woman who became my dear friend while working on the brand development and website. Tiffany has curated a selection of items that are as much poetry as they are useful. We will celebrate The Arc’s one year anniversary with another woman who has personally changed my life with her work. Meghan Wallace James, who does a form of Modern Feng Shui that changed my home and so so deeply – my entire life. Come learn, mingle, meet, chill, vibe and shop!!

May 31st from 7-9pm come to the shop to celebrate the one year anniversary of the website and the birth of The Arc.

 Let’s meet there and gather for a  night of cocktails, conversation and reveling in our future.

To mark the occasion, a special guest, Modern Feng Shui consultant Meghan Wallace James. Meghan will be demonstrating her unique approach to space and objects with an in-store installation.

Please RSVP to

The Arc

5121 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027



The Podcast Is LIVE!!!

May 23, 2018





Crystal 101 Class @Varley Pop-UP: Manifest your goals and intentions by combining the power of healing stones with sacred geometry

May 22, 2018

Manifest your goals and intentions by combining the power

of healing stones with sacred geometry.

7pm Wednesday May 30th

Varley x Platform LA


The Crystal Manifest x Varley crystal grid

t h e  r e l a x e r

//the restorative manifest//
this grid attunes to the vibration of peace and tranquility. it assists one with finding relaxation, clarity of mind and focused awareness.
tcm stones// howlite + clear quartz

Each crystal + crystal set offered is hand-picked and hand-crafted for its potency, high quality, and specific healing abilities.
All of the crystals are cleansed and supercharged by a Full Moon before finding themselves in your care.
TCM is intention setting and crystal activation taken to a new level. To strengthen and awaken our relationship with our own manifestation magic within, we work with crystals and sacred geometry to create grids that support and activate your desires and intentions. Each crystal is hand-picked for it’s special potency, high quality and specific healing abilities.

t h e  r e l a x e r

//the restorative manifest//
this grid attunes to the vibration of peace and tranquility. it assists one with finding relaxation, clarity of mind and focused awareness.
tcm stones// howlite + clear quartz

The GLA List – Dr. Bill Dorfman

May 19, 2018

I owe my smile to my parents and Dr. Dorfman.
I had him do my upper teeth with veneers a million years ago after my original teeth were totally destroyed from years of diet soda and teenage bulimia. There was simply no enamel left. I have loved Dr. D ever since, his entire office and oh how I miss my now retired hygienist (who happens to be The Cobrasnake’s mom – fun fact!)
But it’s not just me. Affectionately known as “America’s Dentist,” Dr. Bill Dorfman is widely recognized for creating smiles for many of Hollywood’s brightest stars including some of your favorite celebrities and Instragram muses including Katy PerryMark WahlbergEva Longoria to name a few.
DrDorfman is a world-renowned lecturer and author of the best-selling cosmetic dentistry book, The Smile Guide & the New York Times bestseller Billion Dollar Smile.
The innovative and accomplished doctor is also renowned in his field as an energy-brimming inventor and brilliant entrepreneur who has brought award-winning innovations to the world of dentistry.
If you are in need of excellent cosmetic work or just a kick ass dental office, I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Dorfman and his entire practice.
2080 Century Park E #1601, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 877-510-6802