Jennifer at RR Aesthetics (Rand Rusher) for Injectables

October 26, 2016


We all know Rand Rusher is The Go To for injectables. Believe me, as someone whose job it is to share all the greatest in the field in LA, he makes it very hard to spread the wealth! Rand’s eye is about proportion and balance and never about going for a “look”. He is way too meta to get caught up in trends or style. Oh, the times I begged for lip filler only for him to roll his eyes and say “please, your lips are fine, missy” but fine we will do a TOUCH. When my au natural friends who made it to 40 without touching their faces finally caved, I sent them to Rand and they never looked back, except to ask me why I didn’t send them sooner.

That being said, his office is staffed with the most highly skilled technicians who have mastered the craft under his watch. So now, when my girls go for touch ups, they don’t even bother trying to get in with Rand (good luck!). We are all happy as clams with whomever we see!

So, I was over the moon for the chance to try out Jennifer for my last Botox touch up. The more RN’s I have in his office in my Groomed LA rolodex (yes, I still use that word) – the more wonderful people I can confidently send you to!

Jennifer is fantastic. And while everyone trains under Rand, they are not clones. Everyone comes with their own special something. It’s a given that her eye is fantastic and what I loved about Jennifer was her attentiveness to my needs, as a patient. She had no agenda, did not swoop in and start telling me what I needed. My “consult” was a healthy back and forth. She was tuned in, open, honest and simply delightful.

Here is a bit more about her. For your next touch up, I can’t recommend her more!

Jennifer Izzarelli is a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Certified Plastic Surgery Nurse and a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

She holds her board certification through the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) and Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board (PSNCB) and is a member of American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses (ASPSN)

Jennifer began her career in aesthetics working at Harbor UCLA hospital in the plastic and reconstructive Surgery department. With a love for cosmetics Jennifer began studying cosmetic injections over four years ago. Her experience and knowledge in the OR has made her transition into the Aesthetic field of cosmetic Injectables seamless. Her ability to visualize underlying facial muscle and bone structure allows her to be precise in the facial enhancement process.

Just as important is Jennifer’s aesthetic eye – it aligns perfectly with RR Aesthetics philosophy of keeping our patients looking natural by enhancing the features they were born with. Jennifer was hand selected to join the RR Aesthetics team in 2014 and is the perfect fit for our team at RR Aesthetics.

Rand Rusher RN 
9735 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

New Spa Alert in Pacific Palisades: SkinxFive by Dr. Ava Shamban

October 23, 2016


When you want to feel rested, you escape to the spa. When you want results, you make an appointment with the dermatologist. If only there was a destination where you could pop in on your lunch break and emerge an hour later feeling relaxed, restored and looking ten year younger. Now there is!

With SkinxFive (skin-times-five), Dr. Ava Shamban — one of L.A.’s most renowned celebrity dermatologists (and a GLA top doc!) — has created just that. Designed to combat the five signs of aging, SkinxFive offers five tech-driven dermatologist-designed treatments for fighting dullness, dehydration, lines, pigmentation and acne-prone skin at every age… all with little or no down time. Think of SkinxFive as Dry Bar for you skin.


I recently tried SkinxFive, based in the Pacific Palisades, and can personally attest — SkinxFive is the real deal. The five treatments offered include The Refresher, The Infuser, The Lineless, The Spotless and The Firminator — plus a selection of customizations and add-ons. In desperate need of a deep-down cleaning and boost for my dull, dry skin, I opted for a customized Refresher (a custom light peel) and Infuser (an infusing microdermabrasian facial). The results were immediate and I emerged 90 minutes later, relaxed and glowing with no rednesss, no need to hide from the world. My skin was plump and dewy and I was recharged and ready to re-enter the day.


With prices starting at $49, run don’t walk.

Protect what you’ve got. Correct what you’ve lost.  Love yourself more.






970 Monument Street, Suite #216
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
424.322.8780screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-7-16-56-pm screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-7-16-58-pm
 xx Natasha B.

I just got the best cut ever! Read on to find out who did it! (Hint: she’s at Ramirez Tran Salon)

October 21, 2016


I did it! I finally did a much needed chop chop and I could not wait to call Erica (you may remember she gave me a Brazilian Blowout a few months back) at Ramirez Tran Salon to hook my shit up! And did she ever!! WOOT! HAPPY AF!!



In 2006, Erica Birdoes made the move to Los Angeles from Arizona to pursue her passion for hair and landed herself to work in some of the top salons in the world such as Fred Segal Beauty and Chris Mcmillan salon.

Ramirez Tran ERICA

Erica’s style can be described as polished yet undone with an effortlessly sexy edge. She is a diverse hair cutter, well rounded in all lengths and hair textures. Anything from classic cuts and styles to more modern shapes and movement. Erica was an educator for PRIVE products for 3 years, traveling around the country teaching women’s cuts as styling as well as men’s hair cutting and barbering trends. She also specializes in Brazilian blow out and custom tailors the smoothing treatment to her clients exact needs. As an artist Erica believes that everything she does from clients in the salon making minor changes or great changes to editorial shoots and fashion shows creating hair pieces and looks is a complete reflection of herself and her aesthetic. She is inspired by classic iconic beauty as well as textures and colors in fashion and nature. She loves to work with the natural texture of hair, never fighting it only enhancing certain elements and tweaking where needed by cutting and smoothing with Brazilian blow out customized every client. Her work shines in editorial, film, runway shows and taste makers from Los Angeles to New York.


Ramirez|Tran Salon

8912 W Olympic Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

310 724 8167

Phone: 310.724.8167


October 20, 2016


I walked into the chic boutique of ALO Yoga studio in Beverly Hills on Tuesday evening to attend the gorgeous launch of YUNI BEAUTY and was blown away. YUNI BEAUTY is a beauty line, inspired by the athleisure movement, offering “mindful beauty for an active life.”  I had the pleasure of getting a first hand tour of each product from Emmanuel Rey, the founder himself, with much in-depth description and yummy sampling!  


My stand out favorites were the SHOWER SHEETS; perfect for a post yoga session or workout wipe down (when your yoga studio has no shower available!) that smell incredibly clean, packed with essential oils AND the WIND-DOWN WONDER, a delicious warming body oil spray I used last night straight out of the bath; the perfect thing to send me off into blissful sleep!


YUNI BEAUTY is a unique beauty and wellness line designed by yogis who have been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years. 

Their products are perfect for those seeking a continuum of beauty rituals in alignment with one’s overall wellness and self care. I’m in!

xx Cristy 

The Hall Center’s Latest Secret Weapon: Body Software Telomax

October 19, 2016


TeloMax, is the latest part of the new Body Software line of natural therapeutic formulas from Dr. Prudence Hall, a practicing gynecologist and founder of The Hall Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Dr. Hall calls this formula “rejuvenation from the inside out.”   That’s because its unique blend of natural ingredients takes anti-aging to its deepest level – the cellular level. 

TeloMax addresses the function of telomeres, an integral part of cell structure that die over time due to aging.   Using telomerase, an enzyme that prevents telomeres from shortening, It repairs cells and restores youthful protein levels.  It is interesting to note that some animals – lobsters, tortoises and whales for example – have this enzyme in abundance in their cells and thus don’t show any significant biological aging.  Humans, however, do not, but research shows that it is possible to activate telomerase within human cells.

When telomeres die, the fascia, muscle and collagen are all affected, diminishing strength and vitality.  Dr. Hall, who developed Body Software as part of a approach to health she calls “mindful medicine,” recommends the formula for anyone experience menopause, bone loss, or simply wanting to feel stronger and more flexible as they age.   It’s also great for skin!

$58 and you can buy it here!

Dr. Prudence Hall, a practicing gynecologist and founder of The Hall Center in Santa Monica, CA, has developed a natural supplement that helps maximize the longevity of telomeres and helps the body retain its resilience while also restoring a more youthful look to the skin.  TeloMax, part of her new Body Software line available exclusively through The Hall Center in Santa Monica, is especially recommended for those experiencing menopause, bone loss or patients who simply want to feel stronger, more flexible and vital as they age.