Rise Nation has me obsessed with being vertical

July 30, 2015

I’ve talked about Rise Nation when it was just opening – but now it’s official – I’m a climbing addict. Thanks to ClassPass and my working out EVERY FRICKEN DAY somewhere new and amazing, I am at Rise Nation once a week (not enough!!!) This is literally the best 30 minutes of my week. Up. Down. Up. Down. Sweat. Bangin beats. And a sick amount of calories burned.

Fave teachers. I’ve only taken Adam Goldstein (of Flywheel fame, fun, amazing energy, great music), Alex Curtis ( you’ll marvel at her ass for 30 minutes and the time will fly) and Devin, (uncomfortably attractive and hot).


email: climb@rise-nation.com | phone number: (424)343-0082

Rise Nation is the vision of training and movement expert, Jason Walsh. For years, Jason has funneled his expertise into 1:1 personal training to change the bodies, minds and lives of his clients utilizing a “Movement” and progression– based philosophy. At his personal training studio, Rise Movement, Jason and his team train the body to move the way it’s physiologically intended. By utilizing movement progression that is innate to the human body — crawling > walking > running > climbing — Rise Nation delivers a group training experience that culminates with and is primarily focused on CLIMBING.


You thought laser rock was cool – check out this room!!! 


Of course- amazing juice bar outside!!


Summertime Wellness: Look and Feel Your Best with Juice from the Raw Cleanses

July 18, 2015


juice from the rawJuice from the Raw offers three distinct cleanse lines for all levels of experience, with six juices per day for a total of three consecutive days. The cleanses are produced without harmful high pressure pasteurizing (hpp) and are frozen immediately to help keep enzymes and good bacteria alive while helping to preserve vital nutrients.

  • The Whenever Cleanse: A healthy balance of green and fruit juices that are ideal for first timers. This is Juice from the Raw’s best-selling cleanse and is recommended for beginners.
  • The Believer Cleanse: A deep and invigorating cleanse, perfect for those who have previous experience cleansing.
  • The Forever Cleanse: Consists of mostly green juices and is ideal for those who are accustomed to regular cleansing. This line provides a deep detox and is packed with healthy nutrients and enzymes.

I decided to try the Believer Cleanse:

believer-how-toIt arrived with these directions below. Before I started I already cheated by tasting them all. Ok, they are amazing. It’s going to be impossible not to drink all 18 in one day, or prevent my kids from pounding them down. In fact, they have already absconded with 6 and devoured around 3 each in a few hours.

Your Believer Cleanse has been formulated to help detoxify your body with a balance of fresh vegetables and fruits. The order of the cleanse is set to help you function easily throughout the day. Start with your green juice as your breakfast, and end the day with a cashew milk. Drink each portion in 2-3 hour intervals or when you start feeling hungry, the timing is not set in stone. You can have as much water as you like.

Your juices have been sent to you frozen to maintain freshness. Remember your juices are unpasteurized, the enzymes and good bacteria are still alive. We freeze the juices right after they are pressed to keep the nutrients from deteriorating. Please thaw out when you are ready to start juicing. You can keep them frozen up to 6 months, after they thaw it will only last about 3-4 days. You should defrost 6 bottles at a time (one day’s worth at a time) the day before at ROOM TEMP. Generally it takes about 4-6 hours to defrost. When they are mostly thawed but still very cold place in the fridge to start in the morning. (Do not defrost overnight).

First choose 3 days that would be convenient for you to do a cleanse. Doing it during work is recommended, as free time is a killer when you are not eating. The days prior, try to cut out as much coffee and alcohol as you can. No eating fried foods or anything equivalently unhealthy.

Although food is not allowed during the cleanse, an exception is made for 1 raw vegetable a day (any kind you like). You need to add a touch of salt to supplement the sodium the cleanse lacks. Most people think salt is bad for you, but the truth is that TOO much salt is bad for you. When you don’t get any sodium at all, it’s also bad.

Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., Juice from the Raw is a family-owned business that grew from Ouri’s Fruits, a successful fruits and vegetables shop operated by the Galili family since 1976. Renowned for sourcing the highest quality produce worldwide and inspired by the success of their bottled juices sold in store, the Galili family now offers delicious cold-pressed juice cleanses nationwide at juicefromtheraw.com.


YOGASMOGA, the yoga-inspired athletic apparel brand, opens its brand new store at 9458 Dayton Way.

July 17, 2015



YOGASMOGA, the yoga-inspired athletic apparel brand, opens its brand new store at 9458 Dayton Way in the Rodeo Drive District of Beverly Hills.

The 1,700-square-foot location features the brand’s signature yoga-inspired athletic apparel that is made entirely in the United States. Shoppers will find leggings, tees, tanks and more made from eco-conscious dyes and proprietary fabric that resists pilling and provides superior moisture wicking.  The store provides a peaceful respite in which to experience the brand’s spirit of wellness and community. The interior is an ode to Mother Nature, resembling a forest with sleek wooden boning that flows throughout the space.  At the core of the venue, the hardwood melds together in a sculpture that recalls Namaste prayer hands. As part of the Beverly Hills store opening, the company is launching YOGASMOGA Next Door within its stores that provides a dedicated community space featuring yoga classes, partnerships with local juice, coffee and tea merchants and offers customers a moment of tranquility and relaxation.


YOGASMOGA was founded in 2013 by siblings Rishi and Tapasya Bali. With current locations in Greenwich, Connecticut and Brentwood, California, this is YOGASMOGA’s third location in the U.S. The company is headquartered in New York City and poised to continue growing quickly. By the end of 2015, YOGASMOGA anticipates the opening of at least 10 store locations across the country.


Jergens x Rory Beca Exclusive California Girl Kit

July 15, 2015


This summer, the natural looking color experts at Jergens® Skincare are partnering with beloved California designer Rory Beca to bring you a total sun-kissed look with this exclusive California Girl KitWest Coast girls are always noticed for their healthy, perfectly-tanned skin, and now you can capture the essence of the Golden State with gorgeous color and a stylish dress to accent it. For a limited time, purchase the Jergens® Natural Glow®  Sunless Tanning collection—featuring the complete arsenal to prime, color, and extend your most natural looking tan—along with anexclusive Rory Beca dress specially designed with beautifully bronzed skin in mind


This limited edition kit lets you embrace the laid back L.A. lifestyle in an instant, no matter where you call home.

WHERE TO FIND IT: May 2015 at Rorybeca.com



Enter to win! 60 Day Brightening Challenge from Equitance!

July 12, 2015

equitance-brightening-skincare-collection_5  Equitance, the holistic Japanese brightening skincare line backed with over 18 years of research, recently conducted a clinical study to evaluate the brightening benefits of the product. Research confirmed that after 60 days, participants saw brighter skin. As a result of the 60 day study, Equitance is excited to unveil its 60 Day Brightening Challenge to encourage people to experience the brightening power of the Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement.


Why 60 days? The clinical study results, released in June, showed that 100% of subjects reported an improvement in the brightness of their skin after just 60 days, measured through dermatologist grading. Equitance can now confidently claim that the Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement can help build the brightening foundation within skin after only 60 days. In contrast to topical skincare products, supplement effectiveness is often difficult to assess. However, through objective evaluation by dermatologists, the clinical study showed the Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement to be successful in the reduction of the appearance of dark spots, resulting in brighter and more even skin tone in just 60 days.

What is the 60 Day Brightening Challenge? Beginning on July 1, 2015, Equitance is going to offer a free three-day trial of the Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement and a coupon for 50% off 2 full size bottles of Dietary Supplements* (*Retail value $100, 30 day supply x2) to people who sign up for the challenge on the brand’s exclusive landing page. Equitance encourages consumers to take the 60 Day Brightening Challenge to reveal what kind of impact it can have on their skin.


How to Enter:

  • 60 Day Brightening Challenge content will be live on a dedicated landing page at: http://www.equitance-us.com/60-Day-Challenge
  • Sign up for the challenge on the landing page by entering your information. Then you will receive a FREE three day supply of Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement and a coupon for 50% off 2 full size bottles of Dietary Supplements*.
  • Content will also be shared socially across the Equitance Twitter(@equitanceUSA) and Facebook(EQUITANCE) platforms.
  • Share your progress at Day 1 and 60 of the challenge on Equitance Twitter (@equitanceUSA) or Facebook (Equitance) using #60DaysToRadiance.
  • The challenge has a “100% satisfaction guarantee” and if you are not completely satisfied with Skin Radiance Dietary Supplements, Equitance will offer a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. (Purchases made with 60 Day Brightening Challenge promo code only.)

Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement

Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement was designed not only to satisfy the body’s need for nutrition, but also to help skin achieve a natural glow. It provides vitamins and a proprietary blend of key ingredients such as Eggshell membrane powder, Grape seed extract, Yucca extract, and Hesperidin.

About Equitance

In Japan, clear, bright and luminous skin has been prized for centuries. Japanese women take a more holistic approach called “Bihada,” building on the Japanese belief that beautiful skin comes from skincare and the way a woman simply cares for herself – from what she eats and how she treats her body to how she cares for her skin.  Founded in Japan, Equitance, a unique Sunstar brand, captures the essence of this approach with an integrated skin care line that was 18 years in the making. Sunstar was founded in Japan in 1932 and has established a global headquarters organization in Switzerland that serves Oral Care and Health & Beauty care professionals and consumers in 90 countries around the world.

Equitance products are available for purchase on Equitance-us.com where you can find information about the brand’s approach to beauty, including historical facts from Japanese heritage and culture. Also, become a fan of Equitance on Facebook, follow Equitance on Twitter @equitanceUSA, and Google+ Equitance USA for tips on discovering your path to inner health and radiant beauty using an alternative beauty regimen.