American Rag Cie Brings China To L.A.

May 21, 2015

Chinese Shop in Shop 1

We recently attended the American Rag Cie “Made in China” Shop in Shop launch, showcasing Chinese designers never before sold outside of China. It was some of the coolest stuff we’ve seen in quite some time. And here’s to not rocking the same H&M Collection dress with the girl standing next to you at the bar! Check out the list, below of cutting-edge Chinese designers and their statement pieces found now at American Rag! continue reading

We’ve got the perfect father’s day present

May 20, 2015


This month marks the five year anniversary of LA-based online grooming destination, The Motley.In celebration of the occasion, they are excited to launch their limited edition anniversary cologne– Palo Santo.

The newest addition to The Motley fragrance collection, Palo Santo takes inspiration from the traditional 5th anniversary gift, wood, featuring notes of palo santo, woodsmoke, suede, hops and palmwood.

As their cologne collection creates a sensory journey across the globe, Palo Santo evokes the spirit of The Motley’s home, Los Angeles. Deep smoky wood notes, with a hint of suede and sweetness, make this fragrance bold and intriguing. The woodsmoke of South American Palo santo burning sticks, common to Los Angeles boticas, cleanses and purifies. Suede adds a warm sensuousness.  Notes of hops and sweet palmwood give a gourmand complexity.


Available now at  in an 8mL roller ball, perfect for laser accurate fragrance delivery to your wrists and neck, plus just the right size for a gym bag or brief case ($55), or in a 2oz spray, if you’re a cologne traditionalist ($105).

exhale mind body spa Fusion Fest on May 19. The popular mind, body spa is opening its doors to the public at 18 locations including Santa Monica and Venice.

May 13, 2015

Fusion Fest

Fitness buffs all over the country are about to experience a day of complimentary workout, swag bags, drinks and more at the 3rd annual exhale mind body spa Fusion Fest on May 19. The popular mind, body spa is opening its doors to the public at 18 locations including Santa Monica and Venice.

The event is in partnership with Women’s Health and will offer an evening of complimentary Core Fusion classes, super swag bags, lite bites and cocktails, along with live DJ’s to power you through the workout while you sweat, shake and melt fat away, as you lengthen and tone your body, and revive and refocus the mind!

Fusion Fest at exhale Santa Monica 101 Wilshire Boulevard

  • 4:15 p.m. – Core Fusion Cardio Express
  • 5:10 p.m. – Core Fusion Barre
  • 7:30 p.m. – Core Fusion Barre

Fusion Fest at exhale Venice: : 245 South Main Street

  • 5:15 p.m. – Core Fusion Barre Express
  • 6:15 p.m.– Core Fusion Yoga
  • 7:30 p.m.– Core Fusion Barre

For additional info or to book your complimentary FusionFest class visit:

How to Book the Best Weekend Getaway for the whole family

May 10, 2015

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Last week I posted on my friend’s wall that I couldn’t support her in Cornelius’ Corepower torture chamber because I would be at a crafting event all weekend.  Astutely, she replied, “In college, I never thought I would ever hear your name and crafting in the same sentence.”  And she’s right.  It’s not my thing.  Nothing sounds worse than weaving or sewing or gluing or pasting.  Except maybe doing it on a stationary bike in a sweaty hot room with DeBarge blasting and my kids whining.  But, there are things I would do for my boys that I would not do for any man in college.  So I agreed to meet my girlfriend and expert crafter, Kelly with her three kids at Karen Kimmel and Stacy Bernstein’s annual Crafting Community event at the Ace hotel in Palm Springs. At first it was an excuse for some bonding time with my oldest and middle son, but it turned into one of the greatest weekends I’ve had in a long time.   Oh, and the kids had fun too.


An outrageously talented team of artists, mothers, and pretty much “mind readers on what would make a mother in her 40’s feel like she was in heaven,”  took over the entire hotel and filled each inch with thought, heart and passion.  From the moment you arrived, you were bombarded with gifts from LA’s coolest “artsy mom shops.”  It was like being a guest on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode. Once you and your kids are done “oohing and awing” over all the cool shit packed tight in your gifted, brand new TOMS Bag (translation: kids fight, punch,  grab,  and steal for gems they must have but will never touch again), you head downstairs to an enormous “Fiesta Dinner” followed by an ice cream party sponsored by the impossibly delicious Salt and Straw. To close out your first night is an epic, cut throat, family Bingo game with over the top prices by Sprinkles Cupcakes, Undefeated, TOMS, Salt and Straw, and tons more.
Saturday morning started with a 7am ride in the pop up Soul Cycle studio overlooking the hotel pool. Angela Davis, whose classes sell out in seconds, was there three times a day guiding us on a perfectly suited 45 minute inspirational ride to physical strength and mental well-being.  I was definitely not in the “instructor as spiritual guide” camp before I met her.  But I have to say, I do agree with her that “I’m too blessed to stress.” At least I was while I was there. She really is THAT good. UNDEFEATED also hosted circuit training classes all day.  There were skateboarding clinics, yoga classes, hip hop classes, underwater photography classes, and I haven’t even MENTIONED a craft yet!!!

The crafts were RIDICULOUS.  Totally over the top, drop dead gorgeous.  This was not your basic “lets make lanyards and sing Kumbaya” crafts.  This was “I’m a serious artist and you and your toddler get to join my world for two days while I run around sweating my ass off to make sure every kid and grown up is happy” kind of craft .  This was real leather jewelry. Weaving that retails for hundreds of dollars. And if only I were high, really really high, I could have joined all the blissful mommies who sat there for hours weaving their way to happiness.

But I wasn’t. So I didn’t.  I did find my own nirvana. It wasn’t necessarily bonding WITH my kids. They pretty much wanted nothing to do with me from the second we arrived. We were more like young toddlers co-playing.  NEAR each other, but not WITH each other. Both groups completely happy and content with what we were doing and only slightly aware of the other person’s presence. There were lots of moments of bliss.  But I think my favorite was spinning on a Saturday night as the sun went down watching my kids wrestling and laughing in the pool below making the perfect amount of noise and not causing any judgement or sideways glance from the host of other like minded parents that know sometimes “fun” is “loud.”  And “wrestling” is the boy equivalent to “cuddling. ”

The weekend was pricy ($2,300.00), but when I looked around at all that was offered, it seems impossible that anyone, except the Ace hotel and my massage therapist,  actually made money.  It was clearly a labor of love and an opportunity to bring families and a community together. I didn’t make it to the Desert Disco, but like my kids consoled me in the morning, “There’s always next year mom.”

I can’t wait!

Written by Meredith Morton

Meredith is a mom of three perfectly behaved and always impeccably dressed boys who never cuss or fight. She prefers exercise to the side effects of lithium. You can follow her on Instagram @meredithmorton but don’t expect too much.


The Best Skincare for a Post Workout Era

May 7, 2015

For many years my skincare regimen existed of passing out in my kid’s beds with whatever make up I managed to put on that morning. Then when I woke in the AM with the kids frightened at what lay before them, I would scrub myself clean with baby wipes, apply sunblock and start the process all over again. Then every few weeks in desperation, I would play “cleaning catch up” with a weekend full of masks, treatments, lasers, you name it. But with all this sweating I had been doing at the Sweat Shoppe, I knew I had to up my game on a more consistent daily basis.


Based on its stellar and outrageously superior education system, I’m pretty much a sucker for anything Finnish. How can a country that treats its teachers like rock stars and believes children should play, explore and tinker for as many hours a day as possible, not produce the most fantastic scientists around. So, when I came across Lumene Skincare, which combines wild Arctic berries indigenous to Finland coupled with the ingenuity of their scientists, I figured, why not.

My first purchase was Lumene’s Bright Touch and Refreshing Cleansing Foam  have to admit that the crazy low price tag of $12.99 gave me pause. Do I really want to wash my face every day with something that cheap? But then I thought, Finland has the BEST educational system in the world and it’s absolutely free. My friends pay nearly $30,000 a year at shitty private schools to have their poor unsuspecting kindergarteners take spelling tests and do bullshit worksheets every night for homework so they can learn how to score well on a test. Maybe you really don’t get what you pay for. So, I gave it a try. Unlike other gentle cleansers I was accustomed to, Lumene’s Bright Touch and Refreshing Cleansing Foam actually cleaned my skin. When I went to dry my face, there wasn’t thick remnants of make up and dirt on my towel. It felt completely clean. Not in a “I just borrowed my preteen’s Noxema and my face may crack open” kind of clean. But soft, supple and clean. Like “I got a facial” clean.

eye cream

Im not one to waste idle time on under eye cream, but when it is also a concealer that brightens your face and requires nothing else to accompany it, then I’m on board. Lumene’s Bright Now 2 in 1 Eye Cream and concealer really does add just the perfect amount of coverage on a hot sweaty day while throwing some vitamin E on that delicate skin to protect you agains those UV rays. It retails for 24.99, which in quality skin care land is equivalent to “free.”

I would say this combination of effectiveness and thriftiness is the perfect post workout skincare regimen for me. I can schlep the durable plastic packaging from the home to the gym and leave it to fry in my hot dirty car without worry about destroying a 200.00 skin product. Which I have. It works well. And I’m supporting the Finnish. Who I love. So there. Its a win win for everyone. Except for those poor Kindergarteners at that those fancy misguided costly private schools.


Written by Meredith Morton

Meredith is a mom of three perfectly behaved and always impeccably dressed boys who never cuss or fight. She prefers exercise to the side effects of lithium. You can follow her on Instagram @meredithmorton but don’t expect too much.