Clarins Raises Funds for Arthritis Research

October 19, 2017


Throughout the entire month of October, Clarins will be donating funds to arthritis research via each sale of a Tonic Oil Body Treatment. With each purchase of the brands iconic Tonic Oil, formulated with 100% pure plant extracts, a blue bracelet will be gifted in recognition of your contribution to help fight against this disease.

Proceeds will be donated to Fondation Arthritis’, a non-profit whose mission is to help advance early diagnosis, new therapeutic pathways and restore hope for all patients. 

Not only did I suffer arthritis, but I have also had two hip replacements. I understand this pain so intimately.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil: $64

Clarins’ #1 selling body oil — with 100% pure plant extracts including Rosemary, Geranium and Mint — helps firm, tone and improve elasticity, reducing the appearance of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy. Hazelnut Oil softens, smooths and hydrates by locking in moisture. Aromatic natural botanicals promote an overall feeling of well-being. Preservative-free.

How To Talk About THAT Gastro Disorder Without Shame (Hint: It’s IBS)

October 17, 2017

IBS is short for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is a type of gastrointestinal disorder characterized by symptoms including diarrhea, constipation, alternating diarrhea and constipation, abdominal pain, abnormal bowel habits, flatulence and gas, bloating and cramping. Sounds fun right? Well guess what? It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Americans and up to 25% of the world’s population has IBS. In spite of these staggering statistics, medical doctors struggle to find a solution. This serious, and sometimes debilitating disorder negatively impacts so many lives. When I have heard about it from others, I feel so sick for those who suffer. It sounds debilitating. So, the good news is, it no longer has to.

IBS Formula is a dietary supplement that is designed to provide totally natural relief from the various symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  If you have IBS, you’ve probably gotten little or no relief from costly doctor’s visits, prescription drugs with terrible side effects, probiotics, or over-the-counter one-ingredient treatments like peppermint gels and peppermint capsules.

The magic of IBS Formula is in the blend. This supplement combines exciting, antioxidant rich super-foods and clinically proven digestive remedies, to balance the flora within the digestive tract and help with the abnormal intestinal spasms that go along with an irritable bowel. The holistic herbs and plant-based ingredients aid in digestion, detoxify the body, remedy and lubricate the intestines, productively eliminate waste and ease gut discomfort. This proprietary blend is the ideal combination to provide relief for irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Several clinical trials and studies have proven that the natural ingredients in IBS Formula do provide relief for IBS. Additionally, these ingredients can also provide many other important health benefits in addition to just treating IBS when taken daily.

These non-prescription, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free capsules contain:

Psyllium – a soluble fiber, anti gas, anti bloating
Acai – antioxidants and omega fatty acids, fiber
Slippery Elm – coats & soothes digestive tract
Aloe – cleanses, detoxes & heals intestinal tract
Chlorella – energizing superfood, detoxification
Walnut Hulls – antidiarrheal, antifungal, antiviral
Ginger – improves digestion, anti inflammatory
Inulin – prebiotic, becomes healthy micro flora
Hyssop Leaf – anti flatulence, boost absorption
Papaya papain – enzyme metabolizes protein
Lycopene a powerful all natural antioxidant

The founders of IBS Formula had previously suffered from IBS themselves. After fixing their own digestive issues, it was their goal to share their discoveries with a remedy that would balance the intestines and help people live IBS free. According to their customers, they did just that! Based on Amazon Reviews more than 4 out of 5 people report strong relief.

Here are a few Amazon customer reviews:

Review #1:

I waited until I used IBS Formula for 7 days before writing this review. I’m very pleased to report that it exceeded my expectations. It fixed all my irregularity & ‘plumbing’ issues which is great: it does what it says it will do. This product has integrity with the ingredients. What I did not expect was that it would wipe out the onset of a cold. BOOM! I feel healthier and l’m not worried about getting sick during flu season with this formula. I will be purchasing every month. It’s made a significant improvement in my well-being and it’s a small investment to make for good health.

Review #2:

This is the only product I have found that actually gave me relief from the pain and cramping of IBS. I have had several diagnoses running the gambit of intestinal disorders but no relief. This product works, and believe me I have tried them all.

Review #3:

I, too, waited for a length of time (approximately 2 weeks +) before writing this review. All the years I have struggled with an issue of embarrassing diarrhea, never knowing where/when it might be an issue. The last episode I had was so devastating that I had decided to just quit eating everything except some oatmeal, chicken, and green beans etc. I HAD to find the “trigger” foods that were causing my problems. I was also at the point of deciding to pursue a medical appointment with a gastroenterologist and go through ALL the nasty tests they would order. In the pursuit of this info, somehow this advertisement crossed my path and I ordered. I have NOT had any more incidents since I started using it. I am SO happy! Don’t be afraid to try this formula. If it doesn’t work for you, THEN you can try the doctor/testing route. In the meantime, this just MIGHT BE your simple fix!

IBS Formula is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility and certified by the Natural Products Association. A bottle includes a 1-month supply and totals 60 capsules that provide real relief for less than $1/day

If you spent the time and trouble to buy a 1-month supply of each of these individual supplements, it would cost you more than $150/month.

The IBS Formula founders did the work on themselves, and are now passing along their amazing IBS treatment for the low price of $24.95 and always free US Shipping.

Take the step to tackle your IBS now and learn more now by looking into this brand. 

thinkThin® Seasonal Flavas are Here!

October 14, 2017

thinkThin® is bringing back its Protein and Fiber Bar seasonal flavor offerings for a limited time, including top seller, Pumpkin Spice. Alongside the fan-favorite flavor, thinkThin® will also offer Dark Chocolate Peppermint.

As you prob already know, each of thinkThin’s seasonally inspired Protein & Fiber Bars, including Pumpkin Spice, offers 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in an individually wrapped 150-calorie bar. 

Pumpkin Spice – The flavors of pumpkin spice and cinnamon wrapped in creamy white chocolate

Dark Chocolate Peppermint – Rich dark chocolate meets the delightful taste of peppermint

Get them – ANYWHERE and stock up!!!

Spa Week is bringing back $50 luxe spa deals across the nation on October 16th – including Los Angeles!   

October 12, 2017

Spa Week is bringing back $50 luxe spa deals across the nation on October 16th – including Los Angeles!   

What is Spa Week?  For one week only, top spas across the country offer their most popular and high-end services for only $50 – some normally costing upwards of $500.  

There are hundreds of spas participating but below are select spas taking advantage of FALL’S HOTTEST TRENDS — pumpkin, cranberries, chocolate, 24-Karat Gold treatments and more! 

24-Karat GOLD Red Carpet Foot Facial Manicure and Pedicure Package (Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge in Beverly Hills)

60-minute Signature Scrub Featuring Pumpkin Glow Body Scrub (The Spa at West End in South Carolina)  

60-minute Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-aging Facial (Red and White Spa in New York)

Pumpkin Pie Pedicure and Autumn Spice Paraffin (Eau Spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa in Florida)

A complete list of locations can be found 


October 11, 2017


Fall is officially here! Pack up your bikinis, flip flops and bronzer, it’s time to rock chunky sweaters, fur coats and a richer tone of make-up. I recently picked up a few goodies from Gallany and am OBSESSED!  The products are so affordable, it’s easy to stock up! I’m currently crushing on…….


This fierce red looks like a lipstick but feel like a lip balm. Made with Hungarian lilac extract, edelweiss and hyaluronic acid, the lipstick is velvety smooth, calming and hydrating. The perfect pop of color for those cooler fall days. $22


The Crème Satin formulation is an industry favorite — and it’s easy to see why. The color glides on smooth and is the perfect balance between a creme and matte finish. This deep plum color is eye-catching without being obnoxious and adds vibrance to any gray day. $22


I’ve discovered the perfect lipgloss! Infused with vanilla and mint, this must-have ballerina-pink gloss feels like a balm, but packs the shine of a gloss. Plumping moisture spheres inflate on contact infusing moisture to create volume and fullness. Never sticky, this gloss brings life to your lips and is a must-have for every fall make-up kit.  $18

xx, Natasha