Sleeping Beauty Secret: Shhh Silk 100% silk pillowcases

May 19, 2016

YES! Say hello to: Shhh Silk – – and their gorgeous range of 100% silk pillowcases. 

Guaranteed to keep your hair from frizzing up & your face from melting off all summer long, Shhh Silk pillowcases & sleeping caps are the elusive beauty secret you’ve been waiting for when it comes to facing the sweltering, sticky, summer elements.ii_153be57a40d6238d

For centuries, silk has been associated with luxury, and sleeping on a Shhh Silk pillowcase offers a multitude of cooling, health and beauty benefits, designed to both enhance your beauty rest routine and elevate the decor of your sleep sanctuary. ($79

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Shhh Silk pillowcase? You wake up looking like this: 


Ok, maybe not but….

  • Skin Hydration – Unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your skin leaving unwanted bed creases on your face, silk naturally hydrates your skin whilst you sleep
  • Bye Bye Humid Hair – Extend that blow out & hydrate that hair by using a Shhh Silk pillow case and for the perfect, no-fuss wake up call
  • Cool Nights – Studies say that keeping your room at a lower temperature while you sleep encourages your body to release melatonin – one of the body’s most crucial anti-aging hormones – and the delicate lustre of Shhh Silk’s pillowcases will keep your face cool throughout the night
  • No Split Ends – Cotton creates friction between your hair and the pillowcase, Shhh Silk is smooth so your hair can easily glide preventing split ends and hair breakage

OBSESSED:  With the mixed marble twin set.

  • Comes with one black marble silk pillowcase and one white New York silk pillowcase.
  • Every silk pillowcase is individually boxed in signature packaging making them the perfect gift.
  • Made using high grade 22 momme 100% pure mulberry silk.
  • Shhh Silk marble pillowcases are made to fit any international standard / queen size pillow (50cm x 70cm).
  • Unique hidden zip closure, ensuring your pillow not only feels good but looks good too!

Fat’s dirty little secret: Lipedema. Meet Dr. David Amron: Leading Body Contouring & Body Proportioning Specialist

May 16, 2016

before-after-01An interesting thing happened on my way to try a new body contouring instrument called SculpSure over at The Roxbury Institute , founded by Dr. David Amron. The institute is the wonderfully stunning new home to expert Beverly Hills cosmetic  surgeons Dr. David Amron, Dr. Jennifer Ahdout and Dr. Jason Emer.

Dr. Amron, the leading world expert in all things liposuction, turned me away.

I immediately loved him for it.

Rarely do you meet doctors who turn you away for a simple, painless, office treatment/procedure. Let’s be honest, these are the no-down-time devices that have become the bread and butter for so many practices. They are painless, some even feel great, are affordable and make patients happy, immediately. You can avoid surgery and get a little bit of the job done. But Dr. Amron did.

After doing a thorough and detailed investigation of my body, he looked at me and said, it’s a waste of time and money. It wouldn’t do anything. Why? It turns out that the extra fat on my body is not your normal, every day fat. Or is it?

It’s stage one Lipedema.


Rarely talked about, the disorder known as Lipedema has affected 17 million in the United States and 370 million worldwide. A vast majority of the individuals affected by this disorder are women.

This chronic disorder affects the legs and arms, causing an abnormal accumulation of fat cells and producing a noticeably disproportionate appearance. This condition not only causes emotional distress but is also very painful and potentially debilitating.

Lipedema is commonly misdiagnosed as weight gain or lymphedema. The diagnosis of lipedema has to be done on a clinical basis. Lipedema is categorized into 3 stages:

  1. Mild
  2. Moderate
  3. Severe or Advanced

This disorder gives the individual a profound “tree-like” disproportion of the legs, where the fat fully encompasses the thighs, knees, calves and ankles. There is commonly a cuffing that occurs around the ankles that does not affect the feet. Lumpiness and cellulite are common characteristics that can occur. When the disorder gets to an advanced stage, there is a definite possibility the arms will also be affected. Pain, tenderness, decreased mobility, numbness, heaviness and easy bruising are symptoms or signs that many patients experience. Early diagnosis and treatment are important as it affects the long-term prognosis.

Lipedema strikes both thin and obese individuals alike, and generally no amount of diet or exercise can cease or prevent it. This disorder typically becomes present in an individual’s teenage years and then becomes progressively worse. However, Dr. David Amron, one of the finest best dermatologic surgeons with a specialty in liposuction, has found success for his patients through his specialized liposuction technique.

This is where things got first depressing, and then uplifting. We looked at my thighs, calves and upper arms which have started to swell over the past few years. We looked deeply at my fat and the way it lives in my body. While I am not grossly overweight and don’t have pain or bruising, I come from a long line of women affected by this and I for certain had it too. My mother, to a severe degree and my sister as well.

before-after-02 before-after-03The good news is that I was in the hands of the world expert. Ok, ok, this was comforting. He discussed his approach and it sounded incredibly tolerable. It’s second on my list after doing all things FACE (stay tuned for my article on the Liquid Lift he gave me – stunning, incredible and a fantastic gift any woman in her 40’s must give to herself!!) and the downtime in minimal.

Most importantly, this was eye-opening. I have struggled with bulges on my legs my whole life.  My now thickening quads and calves really clued me in to something being off. I wonder how many women are suffering, dieting and exercising only to watch their legs get bigger by the year? My world was rocked with this news. It was such a relief. The great news is that I have the opportunity to share this my like-minded readers, like you, who very well may have wondered “what the fuck is wrong with me?!”

The Amron Approach to Treating Lipedema

Using a highly technical and customized method of body contouring, Dr. Amron has established the most effective Lipedema treatment known today. Surgical intervention by liposuction to remove the disproportionate fat storage tissue is the only recognized treatment that can truly alter the course of lipedema. Lymphatic sparing tumescent liposuction under local anesthetic is the recommended approach by Dr. Amron.

Dr. Amron’s Philosophy On Liposuction: Addressing Disproportion Instead of Weight (in his words)

My surgical practice is exclusively dedicated to liposuction procedures. As you might imagine, my approach is very focused and methodical and I take every aspect of my work very seriously. My approach to evaluating potential candidates is stringent and exacting. At the core of my philosophy lays one important fact that every patient must understand: liposuction is not for everyone.

Regardless of how much excess weight a person may carry, body fat itself does not qualify someone as candidate for liposuction. As I often tell my patients, liposuction is about balancing one’s physique and eliminating areas of genetically disproportionate fat storage. It is a medical technique designed to treat excess fatty tissue that does not respond to traditional weight loss methods, such as diet and exercise. When a patient comes to me that does not fit into this category I never hesitate to recommend an alternate course of treatment. It is my adherence to this principle that truly distinguishes myself and my approach to liposuction surgery.

Meet Dr. David M. Amron

Best Liposuction Surgeon Los Angeles

Dr. David Amron is a board-certified, Beverly Hills dermatologic surgeon specializing in a liposuction and body contouring. For the past 20 years Dr. Amron has focused his research and practice on surgical and non-surgical liposuction and body proportioning as well as other integrative therapies relating to weight loss. Over this period of time he has gained invaluable insight into the genetic function and structural proportions of the human form and developed a refined and comprehensive approach to the art of liposculpture. In our current day and age, educated patients recognize the need for a highly tailored and scientific approach to liposuction. That’s why patients come from all over the world to see Beverly Hills liposuction specialist Dr. David M. Amron, and consider him one of the best liposuction surgeons Beverly Hills has to offer.

450 N Roxbury Dr #400, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

LOVE: snapperock uva swimwear for kids (and parents!)

May 13, 2016


With year round LA sun, if you think I’m not obsessed with covering my kids from head to toe with sunscreen, you’re wrong. But my sunscreen fantasies often fail very short. They hate being slathered, run away half the time and it all washes off in the pool anyway. The waterproof stuff is often so yucky and toxic. So why not add one extra layer of protection? Literally!

Enter Snapper Rock ( is the leading children’s swimwear brand with UV50+ protection, blocking 98% of all harmful rays. Just in time for summer!! Snapper Rock has the most adorable, picky-kid approved styles including bikinis, shorts, rash guards and one-pieces.With over 80 styles, colors and prints in the best sun protective swimwear on the market.

My daughter is so ga-ga over the line, the both of us spend way too long looking at every style and option, trying to pick. My son looks so fricken cute in the board shorts, I want to eat him. I took super crappy photos of them last week wearing them, so I’ll spare you my bad photography and offer some pretty styles from the online shop.

Go check it out and grab something cute, it’s a win win for all!

238_21108BW_extra 1319S suit.1 1335 1710 1711 

The New Superfood: Ghee by 4th & Heart, Like Butter but Better!

May 11, 2016

white truffle

Now available in all Whole Foods stores in California

Pure Spreadable Butter is an iconic ingredient and food staple with a history as rich as its taste. It originates in India where it’s called “Ghee” and is used extensively in cooking and to promote health. Replace your everyday butter & oil with 100% Grass-Fed Pure Spreadable Butter.  

Himalayan Pink Salt

Ghee is a delicious superfood with restorative properties that is similar to butter but is better for your health. This pure clarified butter is boiled to perfection eliminating all milk solids making it dairy, casein and lactose free. Ghee is an essential healthy fat and a nutrient powerhouse rich in Butyric Acid, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Omega Fatty Acids and Medium Chain triglycerides among others.

4th & Heart is bringing this ancient Ayurvedic ingredient to the spotlight by crafting ghee in one-of-a-kind gourmet flavors of White Truffle, East Asian Garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt, Madagascar Vanilla and original. I first tasted it at The Echo Park Craft fair then at Erewhon and now I can say, I’ve tried each flavor and it’s sort of like a gathering of your favorite  jeans. It’s hard to know which to use because they are all divine and have such unique distinctive stories to tell. But when you use the right one, you’ve made a choice that makes you feel amazing all day. They add so much depth to whatever you are eating, not to mention health benefits (read on!).

Each one has a superb flavor profile and is a tremendous addition to a variety of dishes and meal preparations, both savory and sweet. From chocolate pudding to walnut bolognese to kale pesto, there are endless uses for ghee.

Ghee is regarded as an essential part of an Ayurvedic diet and has numerous healing properties including:

  • Improved digestion-Packed with butyric acid, a short medium chain fatty acid that speeds up digestion & heals the digestive tract
  • Increased metabolism-When consumed in proper quantities, ghee actually speeds up your metabolism helping you burn fat and lose weight
  • Anti-inflammatory & Lowers cholesterol-Rich in omega fatty acids it lowers cholesterol, boosts heart health and rids body of excess bile
  • Strengthens Immunity & Flexibility-Butyric acid increases killer T cells in the gut boosting immunity & lubricates joints promoting flexibility 
  • Does not break down into free radicals-Unlike most oils, ghee has a very high smoke point & won’t break down while cooking 
  • Gluten and dairy free while derived from grass fed, pasture raised cows

Founder Raquel Gunsagar is a devout Ashtangi and mother of two living in Los Angeles. She puts the utmost value on nutrition and properly nourishing the body and is thrilled to bring her ghee to the community. 4th & Heart has just undergone a re-brand and was formerly Tava Life. 

Health & Metabolic Benefits of Pure Spreadable Butter

Increases Metabolism

Ghee is commonly known as a medium chain fatty acid (MCT). MCTs decrease hunger and increase metabolism. Studies show that when replacing butter with ghee, metabolism increases, and cholesterol remains unaffected. Another benefit of MCTs are improved cognitive function. (Source)

Aids in Digestion
Ghee is also rich in in butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid. Beneficial intestinal bacteria convert fiber into butyric acid and then use that for energy and intestinal wall support. Therefore, this aids in your bodies natural digestive function. (Source)

Ghee is pure and does not contain any hydrogenated oils that can damage your health.

Rich in Vitamins
Ghee is rich in the healthy fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are critical to bone, brain, heart, and immune system function.

Natural Source of Anti-Carcinogen CLA
Ghee from grass-fed cows contains the natural cancer-fighting fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which aids in weight loss and has been shown to slow the progression of some types of cancer and heart disease.

California Garlic

Recipe ideas HERE!

It’s spreadable and tastes like butter!
No need to soften butter for cooking or for spreading on bread! Because it’s shelf stable, ghee/brewed butter is always soft.

Easy to Bake With
No need to soften butter for all those baking recipes. Select equal portions of ghee to butter and use for baking with ease.

100% Lactose-Free
Since all the milk solids are removed through reducing the butter and then filtering the solids out through a sieve ghee becomes a lactose-free product. Therefore people who are lactose intolerant can replace butter or margarine with Tava Life Provisions ghee.

Tava Life Provisions ghee is shelf stable and can remain fresh for up to nine months, even unrefrigerated.

High Temperature Cooking
When you cook with butter the milk fat easily burns. Cooking with pure ghee, aka Pure Spreadable Butter™, you can cook at high temperatures of 250°C (482°F), which is well above typical cooking temperatures of around 200°C (392°F) and above that of most vegetable oils.

It’s so easy Paleo-ish Chocolate Pudding


1 8 oz can of organic coconut cream

1 cup powdered cacao

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup of pitted organic dates

1 tablespoon vanilla bean ghee

  1. Heat coconut cream and vanilla bean ghee just slightly in a small sauce pan until lukewarm
  2. Toss all the ingredients into a Vitamix blender
  3. Serve into small bowls
  4. Refrigerate for five minutes
  5. Serve


May 9, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.14.24 PM

From deep within the Caucasus and Himalayan mountains, Shilajit (pronounced shi-lah-jeet) is a naturally occurring substance that’s rich in beneficial nutrients. Although it’s somewhat unknown today, it is still prominent in many natural health practices, including Ayurveda. This blackish, smooth substance can be found in high concentrations in the Altai Mountains. One of the main constituents of the material is fulvic acid, which has shown some promise in heavy metal protection and brain support.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky resin that oozes from rocks in the mountains in response to heat from the sun. It is often referred to as “rock sweat” and “stone oil” for its tar and sap-like texture. Shilajit is most often a black color, but can range in hue depending on location. The substance is rich in nutrients, like humic acid, A, B, and C vitamins, and trace minerals, and it may be useful for supporting men’s health. While shilajit research is by no means large, there is evidence that its compounds offer many health benefits.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.09.44 PM

What are the Benefits of Shilajit?

Shilajit may support healthy aging, increase the body’s ability to rejuvenate tissue, increase metabolism, boost the immune system, promote digestive health, and even help strengthen bones. Its effects on brain health should also be noted. Research shows that compounds in shilajit may be helpful against Alzheimer’s disease risk. [1] According to some spiritual traditions, shilajit is excellent for cleansing the chakras, or energy centers at various points of the body. [2]

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.09.52 PM

Shilajit contains at least 85 substances and minerals that are essential for the human body, including vitamins A, B, and C, and essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. Due to its mineral content, some research suggests it may be helpful in cases of anemia. [3] It’s incredible as an antioxidant and helps neutralize harmful free-radicals. Its status as a potentantioxidant may explain why shilajit is so beneficial for brain health. Review of the literature on shilajit also shows the substance to be a powerful adaptogen. [4] Perhaps its best feature though is its rich concentration of fulvic acid.

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid–also known as humic acid–is like an octane booster for your body. It is a mixture of a number of different acids and is composed from degraded organic matter. Fulvic acid helps makes nutrients more absorbable, supports brain health, and makes it easier for your body to cleanse itself of chemicals, toxic metals, and harmful compounds that negatively affect your health.

Supplementing With Shilajit

Shilajit can be taken as a standalone supplement, and it’s also sometimes added to herbal formulations to supercharge their effect. In fact, that’s why we’ve added it to several of our products, including Zeotrex, our solution for chemical and toxic metal cleansing.

Have you ever used shilajit? What were your experiences?

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DP, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

Dr. Group’s Bio: 

“Your body already possesses the self healing powers it needs to cure any ailment and disease”

-Dr. Group, The Green Body Cleanse

Dr. Edward Group is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a Naturopathic Practitioner (NP), a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), and a Diplomate in American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM). He has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world the secret to health. He founded the Global Health Healing Center in 1988. Their mission is to bring back good health, positive thinking, happiness and love to the world by providing natural healthcare information and support. He also oversees his own certified organic farm, a manufacturing facility and a supplement company in Houston, Texas. In his over 20 years of practice, Dr. Group has seen it all: cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease and a host of other conditions. He has been able to have a major impact on many lives with his natural products.

Dr. Group’s Link: