Luz De La Riva Celebrates The New Women’s Intimate Beauty Routine

October 3, 2015

It was one small step for the FDA and one giant leap in the fight for women’s sexual health advancement! Last month, Addyi – the first prescription drug to enhance women’s sexual drive – was approved to treat a flagging or absent libido in both sexes. With the heightened awareness around the progressive advancements in women’s sexual health on the rise, Luz De La Riva  is here to celebrate women feeling safe, sexy and secure all the time – staring with their intimate beauty routine!Lulu24WebShadow

Luz de la Riva created her collection of intimate cosmetics with the mission to redefine the world of sensuality and spice up the lives of amazing, explorative women everywhere. Each product in the line honors and empowers sexuality and encourages indulging in the luxury of passion!

Luz De La Riva  is bringing some major sexy to my bedroom antics. As a single mom of two small kids, let’s just say I really look forward to my intimate boyfriend time. This line of gorgeous sexy oils (edible!) and massage creams is adding fun and yum to sexy time.

All of the intimate cosmetics are safe for the skin, clinically tested and do not contain harsh chemicals, (parabens, phthalates, talc, or GMO’s, etc.) to enhance the overall experience.


I am loving them all! Not to mention the packaging is extremely gorgeous, fun and whimsical. The discreet bottles are clean and classy and the super-femme fashion-y illustrations are the perfect touch.

Inspired by natural aphrodisiacs and appealing scents, we set out to create products that are not only multi-functional, but that also flatter one’s erotic tendencies.


Lulu 24K Organic Kissable Massage Oil with 24K Gold Flakes ($39.00)
Available in Forbidden Fruit
Made with edible 24K Gold Flakes and 100% edible
Formulated with natural pheromones

Lulu Organic Kissable Massage Oil ($26.57)
Available in Forbidden Fruit and Dulce de Leche
Formulated with natural pheromones and 100% edible

Stella All Natural Massage Oil ($29.50)
Available in Marrakesh, Wild Orchid and Sweet Chérie
Uses all natural ingredients
Nourishes the skin
Enhances sensual massage through aromatherapy
Olivia All Natural Kissable Arousing Nipple Cream (From $25.90)
Available in Mint Chocolate, Forbidden Fruit and Anise
100% edible, aphrodisiacal flavors
Enriches stimulation when massaged onto the breast

Simone  All Natural Water Based Intimate Moisturizer ($26.75)
Available in Extra Slick Lubricant and Hint of Cool
Water Based Lubricant
Glycerin free and leaves skin feeling smooth and luxurious to the touch
Enhances the most intimate moments

phytomer rosee soin radiance replenishing oil

phytomer-rose-soin-radiance-replenishing-oil-serum-ansikte-oljaBrighten, hydrate and restore your skin’s natural luster with Phytomer Rose Soin – Radiance Replenishing Oil.  ($94)

This lightweight dry oil absorbs into your skin quickly to create a velvety finish without leaving a greasy residue. This facial oil adds a protective barrier over the skin to retain moisture and prevent tight, dry feeling skin.  Loving it as my skin transitions to fall, underneath sunblock (of course!!).

Nourishing algae extracts and botanical oils work together to moisturize skin, promote a healthy, radiant glow, eiminate impurities, add immediate hydration to soften the appearance of fine lines.

With a soothing rose scent (my fave) for an element of aromatherapy to immerse you in a sea of calm. Hell yes!

Key Ingredients:

    • D-TOX Microalgae Oil – helps combat free radicals and eliminate toxins and pollutants that damage your skin cells
  • Rose Oil replenishes skin with soothing protection
  • Gorse Oil – activates the skin’s water channels to increase suppleness
  • Jojoba Oil – strengthens the natural moisture barrier to protect skin against dehydration and improves elasticity.

rosee soin oil

Tackle Transitional Skin With Murad

September 28, 2015

Now that the days are getting shorter and the summer tans are starting to fade, it’s time to tackle the remains of sunny summers past (where did those spots come from?!). The transition can be tough on everyone. Here are my top transition picks from Dr. Murad’s post-summer skin Rx prescription.


 Intensive-C Radiance Peel lifts away sun damage to reveal radiant skin.

Radiance Peel
Brighten, smooth and hydrate to see a radiant glow after just one treatment. Glycolic Acid exfoliates to accelerate turnover of dark damaged cells, removing dullness and improving skin texture. Myrtle Extract supports cellular renewal to boost youthful resilience and elasticity. Vitamin C and Indian Fig protect against free radical damage while enhancing skin clarity and luminosity.  $55
Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum lightens sun and age spots to help you achieve a more even-toned complexion.

Pigment Lighten Serum

Fast-acting treatment featuring Hydroquinone fades dark spots, age spots, and freckles. Our skin-lightening serum also evens out skin tone to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion while helping prevent future pigment formation. $60

Our Hydroquinone serum is suggested for people looking to:
• Fade age spots
• Lighten dark spots
• Even skin tone

Essential-C Night Moisture works overnight to repair and protect your skin from exposure to free radicals.

Essential C

Antioxidant-enriched hydrator featuring a patented technology designed to improve skin while you sleep. Vitamins A, C and E encourage cell turnover to improve skin firmness.$65

novo body fitness – new group class in the valley

As a native valley girl who came of age in the height of “valley girl” notoriety, very little in my adult life can get me to return west of Sepulveda. Oddly, I’ve found myself braving the pilgrimage twice this week to visit and revisit Encino’s latest workout darling, Novo Body Fitness ( ) This one hour of instructor lead group weight lifting class flies by but leaves you feeling the pain for days after.  Think old school weightlifting in a super clean, air conditioned, sweet smelling studio with inspiring music and delicious eye candy and you’ve pretty much nailed Novo Body Fitness.

novo-042 novo-168 novo-1028Started by husband and wife team, Miguel Novo and Stephanie Luciano, this friendly intimate gym with easy parking and loads of class options offers the perfect remedy to pricey private training. Miguel is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his own fitness as well as yours and makes it nearly impossible not to push yourself and just as impossible to injure your self.  He checks in constantly for “joint pain” and is relentless with form and safety.  Having changed his own body and life when he was young through weight lifting and fitness, this lean and toned powerhouse, is the perfect motivator and inspiration to keep you focused and engaged. Try it.  First class is free and you wont be disappointed.

  • written by Meredith Morton

novo-1029 Wide_Studio_Shot

15928 Ventura Blvd. Suite 108
Sherman Oaks, California 91436
818-501-BODY (2639)