February 10, 2016

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The only scrub you need this winter: Svelta Luxe Coffee and Raw Sugar

February 8, 2016


Svelta Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub $48


  • Smoothing Sugar
  • Toning Coffee
  • Moisturizing Oils
  • Delicious Cardamom Scent

What It Is

SVELTA Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub leaves your skin silky, supple and invigorated with 100% natural, ultra-nourishing botanicals. Our body scrub is perfect for all-over exfoliation, before using SVELTA Tan, for post tan maintenance, or for any time you want soft, glowing skin.

What It Does

Raw Sugar polishes away dead skin without irritating while Olive Oil softens, Coffee tones, and Cardamom adds a delicious, luxe aroma.

What’s Inside

SVELTA LUXE coffee and sugar scrub contains only natural coffee, sugar, oils, and cardamom

REBBL Elixirs

February 4, 2016

REBBL Elixirs are powered with stress fighting adaptogens for an all over glow. Naturally sourced, plant based adaptogens help fight the effects of premature aging and bring the body back into a state of balance, making them a wellness and beauty essential.

Winner of the Best Functional Beverage of 2015 and containing one of the hottest superfoods of 2016, REBBL is changing the dairy and soy free industry with its nutrient dense and equally delicious beverages. Wonderful by themselves and also a great addition to recipes, REBBL Elixirs can be enjoyed in many versatile ways.

Adaptogens, or known colloquially as super-herbs, function to help the body maintain homeostasis and provide optimal health benefits. These super-herbs include Maca Root, Turmeric, Reishi, Ashwagandha, Cat’s Claw, Ginseng, and Eleuthero. Adaptogens help the body better respond to stress, aid cognitive function, maintain stamina and endurance, relax, detoxify, and promote healthy immune function.

REBBL drinks have been formulated so that each blend of super herbs are working at efficacious levels. Both soy and dairy free, all REBBL beverages are made without additives like agave, carrageenan, and natural flavors that are found in many other alternative dairy beverages.

REBBL’s mission is embedded in helping those in need, as it is has partnered with non-profit Not For Sale that works to put an end to human trafficking and slavery. Through ethical sourcing, REBBL’s suppliers invest in the strength and wellbeing of the communities where they operate through providing medical care, housing, and clean water projects.

The drinks come in the following flavors:

REBBL Ashwagandha Chai: Organic spices like cardamom, ginger, and cloves dance with creamy coconut milk and relaxing Ashwagandha to help you relax and recover.
REBBL Maca Mocha: Balancing Maca marries yummy Mocha that helps maintain energy levels and endurance without the crash of coffee.
REBBL Reishi Chocolate: A deliciously detoxifying treat, Reishi helps promote healthy immune function, liver protection, cardiovascular health, and healthy aging… with chocolatey goodness.
REBBL Matcha Latte: Packing the antioxidant power of ten cups of brewed tea, Matcha’s naturally sweet flavor helps maintain a healthy memory and relax the body.
REBBL Maca Cold Brew: Let your love of coffee do more with powerful maca to maintain stamina and endurance levels while restoring balanced energy.
REBBL Turmeric Golden-Milk: Regarded for over 2,000 years as a premier herbal panacea, vibrant turmeric is the star antioxidant in this creamy blend that is brought to life with black pepper fruit extract and honey.



Spicy Saturday at Time Out Los Angeles’ The Chili Bowl

February 3, 2016

Winter in LA is not the most brutal of seasons, but it’s enough to warrant a coat, thick socks and plenty of chili. Join Time Out Los Angeles on Saturday, February 27, for The Chili Bowl, a winter tasting event that pits city staples and newcomers against each other to see who slings the best bowls.


Held at LA River Studios, the event will feature three sessions (11:30-1:30pm, 2-4pm and 4:30-6:30pm); tickets include chili tastings from each featured restaurant and are paired with complimentary beverages. With plenty of variations to choose from—vegetarian, Cincinnati-style, you name it—there’ll be something for every chili-loving Angeleno to enjoy. #chilibowl

This year’s featured contenders for best chili include:

  • Swingers
  • Barney’s Beanery
  • Jinky’s Cafe
  • Nickel Diner
  • Braise & Crumble Cafe
  • Spring St. Bar & Sandwich Shoppe
  • And more!

Important information:

  • All ages event
  • Admission includes 2 complimentary beers courtesy of Tsingtao
  • Check in location: 2800 Division St. Los Angeles, CA 90065
  • Free parking will be available at Sotomayor Learning Academy School (2050 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065) across the street from the venue.
  • All sales are final and non-refundable. You will not be able to change your session after purchasing.
  • Special thanks to our charity partner Best Friends Animal Society

For more information and to book your ticket, visit:


February 2, 2016

Just as my 2016 goals were beginning to wane, the event Ritual Reboot: Self Care with Sonage at LOVE Yoga Venice became the perfect answer to Recharge. Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.36.12 AM   Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.37.09 AM

Thursday, January 21st, I walked into the beautiful yoga studio filled with vibrantly beautiful women, all here to collectively dive into Ritual and Self-Care.

We found our mats laid out for us with lovely, white bouquets of flowers, a rose quartz stone, an Allswell notebook and pencil to journal, and a goodie bag filled with Sonage facial products to take home. The founders of LOVE Yoga, Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon co-led us through a pleasing vinyasa flow that was both mindful and thorough. As we finished the meditation, Lavinia Errico, founder of Equinox fitness clubs guided us seamlessly through our savasana with imagery and visualization. Lavinia shared her story and interesting ways to incorporate ritual into our daily practice, and I found her talk to be sincere and heartfelt.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.36.56 AM

Looking around the room, it was obvious that every woman there had a daily practice of some sort, since we all seemed to be in-the-know of Wellness, but I loved that this workshop did not preach about DO’s and DON’Ts of self care. Ritual is deeply personal and must be created from within. It is reverential, sacred, and unique. My self-care rituals may be wildly different from the girl next to me, and that’s okay. This event was here for us to celebrate and remember ritual, however that looks for each person.

Anisha Khanna, CEO of Sonage, an innovative skincare company, spoke next about how self care equals self respect, and self respect equals self love. She eloquently posed the inner question, “What is Self Care? And what does it mean to you?” Food for thought. I pondered this idea and thought about all the ways we do and don’t take care of ourselves. This is the time to reboot that, to renew our intention of caring for self….Of course, we eat well, exercise, get enough sleep (hopefully)….but I got to thinking about the more subtle forms of self care; What kind of yoga does my body really enjoy? Are the thoughts in my head even remotely kind?

Self- care NEXT LEVEL people.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.37.30 AM

The event concluded with an enlightening talk from Ryan Hanes-Sloan of Moon Juice, where she aptly explained how juicing as daily nourishment and high powered natural remedies can flood the body with live nutrients and enzymes. Delicious juices, chia seed pudding and yummy dried mango treats to-go made detoxing look positively effortless. I’m heading to Moon Juice immediately for the chai milk nut!

I left the Ritual Reboot event floating on air: zen-ed out from the yoga practice, revitalized from the botanical and scientific skincare line from Sonage, and refreshed from the Moon Juice libations…Entirely RE-Booted from the inside out!

XX Cristy Candler

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.36.29 AM